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The media file is in mp4 extension. Is there a way to rip it? And, if so, how? While you are a regular Mac user, but periodically have to use a PC and vice versa , you indeed need to get your movie and music be available in a variety of formats. One problem is that how do you get an mp3 sound track when you have a mp4 video in hand?


Maybe you just absolutely need to listen to the music on a dedicated music player while on the go, without taking along a big size of video. Or maybe you just want to insert an MP3 file into a project for presentation purpose. One of the most popular program we suggest here is Video Converter for Mac.

Converter video clips to audio mp3 on apple Mac

Plus, it has a group of pre-designated options to make exported file suitable for many devices including iPod, iPad, and mobile players like Android phones, Kindle Fire, PS4. Most conversions can be preformed simply by dropping files into the queue and selecting the output mode from a pop-up button. If you need more control, advanced panels can be toggled. There are no limits or restrictions on Adapter. Please enjoy and please spread the word!

How to convert audio and video files for free

Adapter Converts Video, Audio and Images. DJ-KT Thanks for the fantastic audio converter! Dustin Hamilton First of all, I love your audio converter.

It's all quite intuitive, I love it! Rory I just wanted to thank you for this software's existence - I used to use QuickTime 7 and it was clunky! It's saved me plenty of times.

Convert Video to an Audio Track Directly in Mac OS X

Josh W. That is a truly great product, much better than Switch, which I thought too expensive to pay for. I know it is freeware, but couldn't resist a small donation when I saw how beautifully written the software was. Thank you.

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Jim S. I have been using your product for a couple years now.

How to Convert Video to and from MP4 on a Mac

I just wanted to tell you folks how much I like it. It is absolutely my goto software for any media conversion.


I don't have any money to contribute, but I wanted you guys to know how much I appreciate your software. Thank you very much.

Need an MP4 converter for Mac?

Mathew M. Your software is just making it a breeze. Having struggled with all the major "recommended" freewares available, I can say without a doubt that yours is just the best for the task. Many thanks from France. Arnaud Hi Folks, I just wanted to let you know that your Audioconverter is truly excellent. The GUI is simple and selfexplaining, very clever!

Also thanks for implmenting CBR at kbps. The mp3s sound loud, clear, fresh and have a punchy bass. Heavy recommendation guaranteed :- Ernst M.