For the technical secondary education diplomas and the Master Craftsmanship. For the Higher Technician Certificate. For the University Diplomas - Bachelor and Master. About guidance. Guidance throughout life. Skills audit. Arrangements for adults. L4S - personalised learning workshops.


Education for people with specific requirements. Family Learning. Entering the labour market. ENAD - National school for adults.

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COIP - Guidance and professional initiation classes. Re-entering the labour market. Initiation and development training. Professional reintegration initiatives.

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Training regulated by the Luxemburg State. Parental assistance. Acquiring Luxembourgish nationality. Functions of social and family assistance. Crafts and trades. Regulated health professions. Agriculture, Agri-food. Construction, Environment, Energy. Communication, Multimedia.

Trade, Sale, Horeca. Personal and professional development.

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Finance, Insurance, Law. Company management, Human resources. Computer science, Telecommunications. Mechanics, Electrical engineering, Automation. Health, Social action. Sciences, Social and human sciences.

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Transport, Handling. Processing of materials and production management. Insertion d'images Sauvegarder, ouvrir et changer une lettre. Imprimer une lettre. These trainings might interest you Welcome to IT world 12 hour s , Sprinkange. Gestion des E-Mails 6 hour s , Sprinkange.

Publipostage Word MsOffice 3 hour s , Sprinkange. Contact the training provider Info Support, Gnad C. Christiane Gnad contact infosupport. Responsibility for the content of this training description lies solely with its author, the training provider Info Support, Gnad C.. Date, place and cost of next course?

Possibility to customise the course? You can change your cookies settings at any time in your browser. OK Learn more about. Microsoft Office, OpenOffice. Allow for file properties to be read and export into a manipulative format with the new XML export format , then other applications can integrate or transform this content. Easy creation of HTML page cataloging folders and file properties to get more than names from your files. Faq Catalogue.

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How Windows supports Macintosh files. A selection of Data Mining and Data Warehouse books. Purchasing information here. Detailed purchasing information. Kalimages Photography indexation. SumInfos Extract, File properties.

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Tracks file modifications. Are you having trouble keeping track of last users that modified a file? BriefAudit can be set up by network admins to set this report document changes history into comment file property for later auditing. MacVolumes Statistics. Navigate files and folders with a Windows interface while issuing commands via a DOS shell. Fom-digests Maths News Reader.

Fom-digest lookup. PrePress Software. Eliminating bulky boxes allows us to provide the software for a lower price, saving natural resources and providing always recent versions available for download. Help files are included within setup and additional documentation on the web site. Two quotes about mathematical and computer experience which inspired our company name Soft Experience. Our experience working within a mathematical theory and in applying it can support our belief that it is consistent. Empirical evidence may also be used to establish the reliability of our computers - something we presuppose when we appeal to their computations.

Michael D. The matter of syntax and semantics of computer programs shows much of the old spirit of the Greek geometry.