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A laptop user bookmarks a page "within feet of this location. A website designer could specify the relationships between her pages using xlink; when bookmarked, a user could navigate the site from the bookmark without loading the site. Mainly, my largest issue now is that I always keep a very close watch on my bookmarks, and when editing them, I find the two-pane navigation helpful, but ineffective.

The reason I need two panes is because when moving bookmarks from a temp folder to its final location, I need to see both folders at once - I hate having to drag and drop while waiting for auto-scrolling. If the two panes would both be expandable to view folders and bookmarks it would be much more useful! Right now the left pane is useless to me, because I can already see the folder structure in the right pane.

My bookmarks file has been organized and reorganized for almost four years now, and at k I don't have time to clean it out all of the time.

With the new changes, how do I download or export entire collections? It used to be easy.

I would love a field on each bookmark to either show the last date I edited it, or the last date I visited that address. Then I could see which bookmarks I have not seen in a long time, and then delete those as I obviously don't need them. That would be an amazing feature! I use the bookmarks synchronizer extension all of the time, so I still need to have that ability.

I have a large number of bookmarks that point to a mirror server. If that server goes down or its domain changes this has happened more than once , I can open my bookmarks file in an ASCII editor and globally change the domain of all affected bookmarks to another mirror.

PLEASE do not change the format of the bookmarks file in a way that will prevent me from doing this without at least adding a global change capability to the Bookmarks Manager. When the user opens the Bookmarks-menu and right-clicks on a Bookmark folder , the "Bookmark current site here" option could appear in the popped up context menu.

Or is "Add Bookmark here" better? This is a very simple suggestion, but I want to record it here anyway, so it won't be forgotten. I used to like the "Add bookmark here"-extension though I don't know if it's still maintained. The user can fill in a new Name, Location, Keyword and Description.

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Something like this is what I'm looking for -- though I would want the Name, Location etc of the current site to be pre-filled in as default values. Two simple functions that would greatly simplify cross-browser synchronization. Visual bookmarks are a screen shot of a bookmarked webpage created the last time it was visited or when the bookmark is created.

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The idea is that visually oriented people --aka designers-- would likely remember a website more by it's design and appearance than the name or current title of the website that they saw for the split second while they click OK on the Add Bookmark Window. Another reason for visual bookmarks is when people are use to a website for it's design and have stopped visiting it regularly for a while, and when they are fumbling through their bookmarks looking for it again it may have changed it's design.

With Visual Bookmarks , a screen capture could be made of the old design to help them realize that what they are looking for well, isn't anymore. To implement it there should be an array of options like file format, screenshot dimensions, history, and update interval. The dimensions of the screenshot would be equivilent to setting the inner part of the window to exactly x or x and taking the inner screenshot from there; assuming they entered x or x, it could be anything.

It is important that they are NOT setting the window size as menu bars etc would be variable between clients and frivilous. A screenshot history option are how many out of date screenshots to keep, perhaps a redesign locator which could compare screen shot similarities to detect a design change, but that is probably FAR to ambitious.

The update interval would be the frequency screenshots are to be updated, set globally and per screenshot. The output of these screenshots would appear perhaps when a bookmark is hovered over or in the Manage Bookmarks Alternatively, the page itself could be saved as an html file instead of an image. I often bookmark pages because they contain some useful snippet of information and not because I plan to visit them repeatedly. Having a saved copy of the page gives the user offline access to the contents on the day the page was bookmarked.

This would be some kind of a simplified archival system. I'd like to also see the possibility of color in bookmarks, so it becomes easy to for instance separate bookmarks for hotel sites from bookmarks from airlines sites in a travel bookmark folder. I would love to see a system that would allow automatic grouping of similar bookmarks, being too lazy to keep my ever growing bookmarks properly categorized.

In another section someone has suggested tagging for categorization. I have situations where a site I visit is both a source of news and a source of reviews for instance. How cool would it be if you typed a bookmark tag into the address bar and it opened, in tabs, all the bookmarks that had that tag? How about mozilla learning how you categorize your bookmarks? Say you have a bookmark folder of all your css design tips.

After a while, mozilla would smarten up, and the next time you bookmark a similar site, it would offer to automatically put that site into your css design tips folder. Could this be done with some bayesian filtering? I rarely resort to search except when I can't find a bookmark. Move, Properties and Rename are currently "grayed out" in bookmark search filtered results. I've found the bookmark, but it's clumsy to manage it.

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Enabling those options, or at least the "Move" option would be a big help in keeping large collections of bookmarks tidy. In general it would be nice to access bookmarks by a search field not in bookmark manager - could even be in the bookmark toolbar, optional. Need a shortcut key to the Bookmarks Manager "Manage Bookmarks Also a means of referencing Bookmarks Manager or a specific webpage on starting up Firefox from the desktop shortcut url as there are many that seem to think a Favorites folder on the system desktop Windows desktop is where to start off from.

Enhanced Bookmark Search Extension could use some improvement in filtering capability AND logic , but should be incorporated into Firefox. If "shortcuts" means virtual bookmarks that point to other bookmarks such that, when the target bookmark is changed, the shortcut is automatically changed too, this is bug At least part of this was a capability in Netscape 4 and should definitely be implemented. The ability to open external programs and documents like Windows shortcuts on the computer would be very useful.

There are some extensions currently that do similar things to this. A strong second on this suggestion. Over the long term, the bookmarks list becomes less useful as it becomes weighed down with the cruft of bookmarks that have lost usefulness for various reasons including:. Eventually it becomes easier to Google for the links anew rather than hunt through the unweildy bookmark list.

Faciliating management of these issues would be very helpful for maintaining a streamlined, functional list. Some possibilities:. Similar to the Live Folders concept mentioned above, but allow bookmarks to be automatically collected based on metadata other than just tags such as server-provided data. Collected into live folders based on their status codes, the user would be able to easily cull dead links and decide whether to update the moved ones. If the client-side metadata such as last access could be shared across workstations i.

Favicons and screenshot previews are helpful visual cues about a bookmark. Extend this concept to other metadata. For instance, maybe the user would want s to be grayed out, and recently-visited links to be bolded. This could also be done through the use of super-imposed mini-icons over the favicon. It would be similar to the shortcut arrow that windows and mac users are familiar with.

Perhaps a tiny X in the bottom right side of the favicon for a bookmark that was a , or a colored star system for the rating, etc. Allow user-defined sorting of the Bookmarks menu. Chronological order quickly becomes non-meaningful in a long list. Allow sorting by title, domain, or date, etc. A pair of persistent no-sort options too, please, on a folder by folder basis. No sort folder contents only, no sort entire folder substructure. I often do not want particular folders sorted, particularly when exporting bookmarks to edit them into a web page.

If you also increased the size of the manager's description form, I could go back to using the bookmarks tools as a handy outliner like I did in Mozilla. A related enhancement: enable separate exporting of bookmarks folder substructures with a templating capability so users and developers can more easily define export formats, and add export to clipboard rather than a file as an option. Fore some ideas on implementation, see the CopyURL-Plus extension, the handiest browser extension on my desktop.

Add support for command-deleting the standard Mac shortcut for "delete selection" of bookmarks and folders in Bookmark Manager. I like to keep my bookmarks mostly sorted alphabetically by Name , per folder. Right now, I need to do this sorting manually! They still appear unsorted in the Bookmarks menu. What I would like to do is make any selection of bookmarks in the Manager, and be able to sort them alphabetically, once and for all, Sorted view or not.

Being able to sort an entire folder without first having to make a rather huge, in some cases selection would also help, but this alone is not enough. Sometimes I keep several sections in a folder using Separators, and I want each section sorted separately. We already do Sorting with View, so it seems simple enough to go the extra mile and save the sort result to disk again. Actually I'm surprised no one has come up with this before, I've wanted it for a long time, and sorting is a basic function of any information management system. In addition to saving the sorting with a view to disk for both the manager and the bookmarks view itself , the ability to apply differing sorting algorithms alphabetically, last visited date etc.

Having a keyword for a bookmark is great. Sometimes however, there are sites for which multiple keywords would make sense, and I can never remember the one that I actually used. It would greatly help if the Keywords field would accept multiple keywords, perhaps separated by a space or a comma. The bookmark would be added automatically to folders titled with each keyword. This would NOT duplicate the bookmark, but just add it to an additional index. Une autre chose que vous pouvez faire est de coller le site web dans downforeveryoneorjustme. Parfois, vous pouvez voir une erreur si vous utilisez un service proxy.

Dans ce cas, vous pouvez essayer de vider votre cache DNS local. Invite de commande — flush DNS. Mais vous pouvez essayer de les remplacer temporairement par un serveur DNS public , tel que ceux de Google. Renommer le dossier plugin temporairement. Nous recevons environ visiteurs par mois avec plus de vues.

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Quite impressed what googlecloud and kinsta can pull of for WordPress hosting! Notification par email des erreurs Si cela fonctionne, vous devrez tester chaque extension une par une. Renommer dossier plugin. Ensuite, vous devez changer votre fichier php. Enfin, vous devrez modifier votre fichier nginx. How can I put the same bookmark in two different folders e. Gluten-free and Dumplings?

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Save the bookmark twice. Then edit the bookmarks and assign them to the desired folders. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 0. Unanswered Questions. Using those I can open two folders at once and see bookmarks in both or more at the same time. I keep many folders open. Is it possible to do that with Quantum? Answer this question Flag as Flag as How do I rename a Firefox bookmark folder? How do I rename a folder on the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips If more than one person uses the same Firefox profile Windows account , make folders for each person so that all of you can find your bookmarks easier.

Make it intuitive. Name the folders using simple names that will help you remember which bookmarks are in which folder. Example: use School Links for sites leading to your school website or other helpful websites a teacher has recommended. Get your bookmarks synchronized. Install Xmarks from Xmarks. This will keep your bookmarks the same on all of the desktops and laptops you use for home, work, or school.

Organize even further! Move folders inside of other folders to build a bookmark folder tree. Warnings Don't stress about organizing all of your bookmarks. If you have a large collection of bookmarks, it may be a tedious task. Spread out your organization project over an extended period of time by organizing only a portion of your collection each day. While each bookmark folder should have a specific purpose, try not to have too many folders. Over-organization could be as problematic as disorganization.

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