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Schultz, p. Rosenblum, Princeton University Press, - , p. Pew Forum. Gallup News Service. Churches were asked for their membership numbers. ARDA estimates that most of the churches not reporting were black Protestant congregations. Divided by God. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, pg. Religion and American Culture. Orlando: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, pp. Texas Review of Law and Politics , Vol. The inclusion of "under God" in the Pledge, the report says, "would serve to deny the atheistic and materialistic conceptions of communism with its attendant subservience of the individual".

The United States, wanting to distinguish itself from the USSR and its atheist positions, went to great extremes to demonstrate that God was still supreme in this country. Religion and the State. Infobase Publishing. In the early s, a Presbyterian minister in New York gave a sermon in which he railed against the U. Pledge of Allegiance because it contained no references to God. According to the reverend, the American pledge could serve just as well in the atheistic Soviet Union; there was nothing in the U.

So in , Congress passed a law that inserted the phrase "under God" into the Pledge of Allegiance. Duncan, Steven L. Including God in the nation's pledge would send a clear message to the world that unlike communist regimes that denied God's existence, the United States recognized a Supreme Being. Official acknowledgement of God would further distinguish freedom-loving Americans from their atheist adversaries.

Penguin Books. Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first, the most basic, expression of Americanism," he declared in a speech launching the American Legion's "Back to God" campaign in Back Fired. Ford, quoted President Dwight David Eisenhower's statement: Without God there could be no American form of government, nor an American way of life. Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first — the most basic — expression of Americanism.

Perl, Bryan T. Froehle [1].

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University of Virginia Library. The Huffington Post. BBC News. S Religious Landscape Survey. ABC News. UMN News. University of California Press.

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Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. Shambhala Sun. The Biography Channel. Daily News and Analysis. Oliver Stone was born to a Jewish father and a Catholic mother who raised young Oliver as an Episcopalian which is not far off from my own life experience since my father was in the military and my mother was a teacher and I was raised by the Mario brothers.

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But back to Stone, he converted to Buddhism as an adult and like all those before him, he claims that his spirituality is embedded into his movies. Entertainment Weekly. The New York Times. The Dudespaper. Jews and American Buddhism. New York Magazine. Urban Dharma. For an extended discussion of the Jewish mystical and Buddhist motifs in Cohen's songs and poems, see Elliot R. Lion's Roar. Splash Magazine. Boston: Wisdom Publications. Tikkun 13 1 : 64— Upaya Institute and Zen Center. Religion Dispatches. Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.

Spring The Forward. Thubten Chodron. Shinzen Young. Fall Joshi, Pew Research Center. American Indians: Answers to Today's Questions. University of Oklahoma Press , , p. James T.

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Richardson The Boston Globe. Ahlstrom, A religious history of the American people pp Krindatch, ed. Exhibit The Barna Group. National Humanities Center. Voice of America. A sourcebook for earth's community of religions. Sourcebook of the world's religions: an interfaith guide to religion and spirituality. Voices of Islam: Voices of change. October Chicago: East-West University.

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William B. Milam the U. Gazing over across the river in the dead of night, With water running low, though burdened I didn't complain. I regretted Lady Nu Oa's a effort to mend the heavens, And the fiddler crabs b futilely trying to fill the ocean. In the night I felt a young woman's fright, Carrying the water load, unbeknownst to my husband. This morning with the mellow bird song Riding the breeze, The perfumed warmth wafting gently with spring love, The distant old days no longer so cold, my lady, I quietly offer you The time-colored clouds and sky.

For bees and butterflies 'tis the honey season, And these here blossoms of the green fields, And these leaves dancing on young limbs, And for the swallows and orioles 'tis their love song. Xuan Dieu. Today I have died in the person who promised to love me to eternity. My heart seethes with hatred, in the iron cage I lie for long slow months, Despising the gang of addle swaggerers Who through tiny eyes dare to mock the jungle's majesty.

Do you hear autumn, sweetheart, Under the pale moon sobbing? Do you hear the throbbing, sweetheart, Of a warrior's image In his lady's lonely heart? Peach leaves carpet the path to Paradise. Let the spring and oriole bid good-bye. For half the year in fairyland I rise. And one minute fresh back to earth I sigh. Old dreams and faded bliss just last so long. The hundred-year bond of fate was severed, Yet the one-time love still lingered.

The perfume of time was a gentle scent, And the color of time a deep purple. Tonight is cold, the sun goes to bed early.

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O red spring, I want to bite into thee. Here is a bundle of longings, a fascicle of love. Here is my token of shyness and my token of love. The loud cries made with the light. He caresses their fullness with extended hands. I recall Rimbaud and Verlaine. The two poets who were dead drunk, Drunk with strange poetry, friendly passion, Scornful of worn paths, forsaking old ways. Then there was the time of collapse Wiping out all traces of past exploits.

Time eroded mountains and river rocks, My heart still smarts with lasting wounds and pain. For a hundred years I follow the floating clouds. I dream with the moon and hang about the clouds. Lingering in bed won't make dreams come true, Verses I sing to lessen sadness do. Get drunk, get drunk, my dear, Drunk to the lure of the lamplight, To the jumbled music rhythm, To the crazed craving of the flesh. More wine, more wine, and forget, forget all Let earth and heaven teeter and totter, The wall of grief will not crumble, my dear. Dogging the steps of the moon, dreaming the moon, getting lost among the stars, reciting poetry to alleviate sadness, getting drunk to forget, forgetting everything, the walls of sorrow not crumbling All the dark suffocating reality induced among poets a thirst for an escape.

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  4. But escaping whereto? Go, go, go to some unknown place afar, Seek the extraordinary, unfulfilled dreams. Come with me to the old town of Co To, And wait for moonrise to resume old dreams. His wanderlust seduced the wanderer Into breaking his oath to family! Though knowing it's against morality, He will throughout his life idly wander. Luu Trong Lu. A small soul Beset by a vague, eternal sadness. Please tell me: Am I or am I not? Don't you let your self meet your heart!

    Too awkward to play a role on the stage, So lonely and lost in the marketplace. Out in the infinite immensity A small drunken boat is lost in the night. Vu Hoang Chuong. Then tomorrow I will set out. Please don't ask. I am too simple-minded, too doltish. I know only love, nothing else! Who'll ever want to analyze a scent, Or a piece of music? I know only to love, And to quietly follow my feelings Like a fisherman's boat lost in the fog. Today the sun glides up the sky, I feel so sad, but know not why.

    Who do we turn to to ease hunger? The wind and the moon at hand cannot be eaten. Han Mac Tu. Every time the urge to write arises, I look at the hungry and skinny dogs, Then look at us all hard at work Year in year out to stay penniless still, And feel sorry for me, sorry for you For having lost so much of our young hair. Nguyen Vy. Let's silence the smarting pain to recount The heavens-high and ocean-deep disappointment. O courage! All those earth-shattering battles, All those resounding victories! All those shining glories! All those exploits on the battlefields!

    The long fights amidst a forest of lances, Those brave warriors decapitated in action! But alas! When heaven's fate so ordains, What use is the wall-crumbling and mountain-moving strength? The Flute of River O. I am but a lovesick man, Falling in love with Beauty with its myriad faces. With a brush borrowed from Lady Ly Tao I paint.

    To the tune of the thousand-fretted instrument I sing Of Beauty quiet, passionate, or innocent As of the Beauty grandiose and heroic Of nature, of literature and of thoughts With my Muse I have an instrument of a thousand melodies. With my Muse I have a brush of a thousand colors. I want to be a magical artist Using the world's sounds and colors as ingredients.

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    The more I think about myself, the more I pity myself. All of a sudden I feel pain for my sorry lot! Sitting here I think about my poor self. Tu Xuong. For perpetuity will it be so,. Le At the beginning of the 20th century, contact with the Western world, and the adoption of the Romanized national writing system chu quoc ngu brought about the unsettling and collapse of the solid cultural, social and literary traditions of our country. Everyday life as it impinged on outward manifestations, emotional responses and inner thought processes underwent a radical transformation among the population.

    Writers and poets suddenly realized they had to break free from the narrow Confucian tenet of "literature as a vehicle of virtue," and from the rigid demanding rules of prosody, especially those of the Duong model, to allow the flowering of vitality, authenticity, and richness in inspiration and expression. This realization is at the root of the new movement in poetry.

    Contemporaries quickly called it "new poetry" for its non-observance of any known existing rules of versification. A number of scholars took advantage of the new script to produce poems exhibiting tendencies of resistance against colonial tyranny, as demonstrated in works t hat ridiculed human foibles and social ills, or those that reminded the people of the current tragedy facing their country.

    Tan Da utilized the voice of Miss Chu Kieu Oanh, a character in the poem A Small Dream, to publicize and foster the development of the new genre of commentary on current events.