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BTW, anyone who responds to this thread needs to include their city; otherwise their information has no value. So I just got my MBP back from repair. It arrived at the store at am on Wed. I couldn't pick it up because I had to wait for the store to test it before I could get it.

It was ready 5pm on Friday nite. Don't get me wrong, 1 week for a depot level repair is really, really good for consumer service. I just find it crazy it took 2. I called every day to check status. For the record.

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The right rear Thunderbolt 3 port was non-functional and the "c" key on the keyboard had started working only every 10th time or so. I haven't bought AppleCare yet I typically wait until 11 months into a purchase just to spread the costs out a bit. I did try to purchase in store, but the only way I can purchase now is by calling the online store due to the change in AppleCare plans.

Got the dead iMac into the Apple Store today thanks to the level 2 phone guy who made an appointment appear. Experience similar to Hap's, so far.

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Time waiting for Genius: 15 minutes. Time for polite and competent Genius to diagnose: less than 10 minutes. Diagnosis: "Yep, it's dead. Looks like a logic board failure. We don't have that one in stock and have to order the parts. I watched him order a logic board and a power supply. No promise on when the parts will arrive, but the Genius expected it to happen this week.

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That's a big improvement over sitting on my butt waiting for a Genius appointment for the rest of this week. My experience has almost exclusively been with iOS devices. I can almost always get an appointment same day or next day. When I arrive, I typically sit at a table for minutes waiting for someone to come help me. Then it takes them less than 10 minutes to diagnose the problem.

READ THIS BEFORE: booking an Apple Genius Bar appointment

Took two or three days. The new normal? That's been normal at the Kansas City store for a decade. It started out with long waits from day one. Totally this. I have to wait over a week for an Internet hookup to a new place. I've found that if I can't find an appointment within a reasonable window, just showing up to the store and asking nicely for a walk-in appointment usually works. Usually there are cancellations or no-shows or whatever, and even if they aren't, if you sound desperate enough, they try their best to fit you in. You may have to wander around the mall for an hour or so while your new appointment starts, but it's still better than waiting a week, and then waiting in-store 20 minutes any way because they're behind schedule.

I don't remember being able to get same-day appointments in LA in the last five years. The Apple Store overall is way less useful than it was in the early days. Apple stores aren't large enough to be their sales and service method at the same time in our modern Apple ecosystem. The genius bar was fine when it was just Macs needing service, but the iPhone is so overwhelmingly popular that it has scaled way past what the Genius Bar can do. They'd have to double or triple the size of the bars in many stores to actually make a dent in the wait times. I can think of three Apple Stores in the Greater Montreal Area and there's close to zero chance you will be able to book a same day Genius Bar appointment at any of them.

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None of the Apple stores in the area are quick on the appointment front. I'm lucky enough to have 3 options within about the same driving time, but the fastest I've ever gotten an appointment was 2 days out. Typical wait time's usually 4 days.

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Oakbrook, Schaumburg, Naperville IL. My experience is that after Christmas things slow down substantially through summer. It might also be your area.

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  • I checked my local one and the wait wasn't that bad. Unfortunately, I no longer had the means of testing it having sent my own MagSafe MBP off to its new home a couple of weeks back. Unfortunately, this simple procedure requires at least from a policy standpoint the intervention of a Genius so it goes and I was offered an appointment 90 minutes out. Less than ideal but workable. They took my phone number so we were free to roam the mall. I roamed as far as a Caribou coffee stand, then, properly provisioned, I set up camp on a couch near the Apple Store entrance so I could poach WiFi.

    Genius was friendly and efficient. I like the fact that once I introduced my something mother as the owner all questions were directed at her and she was allowed to explain things in her own voice. We were given the hoice of a retail packaged power supply So it seems that walk-in appointments, for certain definitions of walk-in, are still possible at some Apple Stores some of the time.

    Seattle area stores have been booked out a week to 10 days whenever I've needed them in the last few years, and uncomfortably full of people the rare times I've been there. You can get a business account which allows for same day appointments, but it sounds like it costs too much for the benefit unless you're really in a bad spot.

    Anyone with experience with this, I'd love to hear otherwise. My personal MacBook Pro recently died and I had to wait a week for a 10 minute diagnosis that the GPU was dead again and they didn't have replacement parts any longer. I was hoping to sell that machine to help fund a replacement. Epilogue: After getting an email from Apple right around the store's closing time last night that my iMac was ready, I got it back this morning with a new logic board.

    Haven't plugged it in yet as I haven't gone home, but the tech who did the job came out to deliver the machine to me, and he promised it had passed all tests. Had I not leaned hard on the level 2 phone guy when I tried to make an appointment, I'd still have a dead iMac at home and a Genius Bar appointment sometime in the next few days. The service was great once the process got started, but it shouldn't take that long to start. Apple needs to improve Genius Bar capacity, at least in the markets where week-long waits are normal.

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    I did feel good enough about the resolution that I ordered a new close-out 15" MBP today, to replace the two Jurassic MBPs and hanging around my house. Adorama had a killer closeout deal on a high-end config 2. Not sure why that particular config was so much cheaper than most other new units including others at Adorama , but I jumped on it.

    Note that unless you're hoping to get a free replacement you don't have to go to an Apple store. Any Apple approved repair place will run exactly the same diagnosis and in my experience they can tell you how likely it is you'll get a replacement for free. The nearest Apple store to me is 40 miles away but there's a Simply Mac store nearby where I get diagnoses done. I've never had to wait more than a half hour there. I was at the Toronto Eaton Centre location today. I showed up 5 minutes before they opened, and there was a guy at the front signing people up for walk-in appointments.

    I was third in line, and got an appointment for ten minutes after opening time. Total time from signing up for an appointment to seeing a Genius: 15 minutes. The Genius who was helping me said that most of their appointments these days are walkin, because for most people, it's an emergency. Coincidentally, I overheard another Genius saying they frequently get celebrities at that location, especially musicians, who are like "I have 3 hours until my show starts, and my MacBook is dead". Join our weekly newsletter to build up your confidence and capabilities in solving everyday technology problemss.

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