Video Guide to getting OS X to trust self-signed SSL Certificates

Click the disclosure triangle for this certificate.

How to use, troubleshoot, and repair your Mac

The private key will appear below the certificate. Double-click the private key. Click the Access Control tab.

Transferring Mac 10.7 Certificate Files

You might be prompted for administrator authentication. Then, click Add to add the item.

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When all the items appear in the list, click Save Changes. If you're prompted for your admin password, enter it and click Modify Keychain. Click the Certificates category. In the Preferred Certificate menu, it should be set to "dns-name-of-server". The intermediate certificates are sent as part of the server hello message in the TLS handshake.

How to Delete an Untrusted Certificate in a Mac

I am having trouble with this SSL thing. I dont know how to fix this. Please this is driving me crazy :.

MacOS sierra Boot error ,Disk utility error 202 and solution

Sounds like a Flash permission problem to me Allyza. Go to Flash privacy settings and make sure tinychat. Hope this helps.

How To Import A Certificate Into Mac OS

Have you tried rebooting? Try opening the Keychain app, and see if it hangs. If it is so, repair permission with Disk Utility and then reboot.

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  4. Click on the "Finder" icon in the Dock. Click on the "Go" menu at the top of the window and select "Utilities". Double-click on "Keychain Access".

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    Select "Certificates" from the list of categories. Warnings Accidentally deleting certificates will result in having to re-enter your credentials for the wireless network or authentication service. Information in this article applies to Mac OS X It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.