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The controls, like many other sequencers, are built around a set of tape-recorder style gadgets. These controls, plus position counters, channel activity indicators etc, are present all of the time I i. tutorial - Unix for Mac OS X Users—Command structure

Quantizing, event stripping and thinning and note, timing, and controller editing are all available from the appropriate menus. There's also a track info option which provides both basic track statistics and lets you add volume, program change and pan infor- mation to specific tracks. A number of filters are available so that note, polyphonic aftertouch, channel aflertouch, program change, pitchbend and controller information can be selec- tively filtered out. Sequencer One does, for example, also offers user definable MIDI-note metro- nome control as well as the more conven- tional audio metronome.

It includes tap based t mouse click tempo setting, and lets you add text notes to your composition Conclusion The Amiga version ofSequencer One is going to win many friends in the 'ease of use' department - it is a nicely designed piece of software and Gajits have got an awful lot things right. I am absolutely certain that this new Gajits offering will do well. In feet it should do even better on the Amiga than it has done on the ST because there is far less competition.

There are a great many Amiga musicians who do not want to spend their musical lifetimes reading manuals and do not want sophisticated options which frequently fail to work as they should do anyway. H um U U0? Incl-iti wirut Lillff. Please add 70p for post and packing. Overseas orders please add 25p per disk for Europe, and 50p per disk for world. Barmston, Diet. With this board you get the Agnus chip plus 1 meg of extra chip memory. Uses low power CMOS technology. Even the is CMOS and square. Call for quote and cost of carrage. Takes the Megachip, and Accelerators. This software and hardware Amiga add-on can be yours!

All you have to do is answer these questions the answers are all in this AUIl 2. How do you open a CLI window? Which piece of music hardware do you require to input sound into your Amiga? Send your entries on a postcard to: Sound Competition. There is no cash alternative, and the judge's decision is final.

Now you can get the best A word processor with immense power to deal with most situations and It's all so easy to use, you probably won't need to refer to the extensive page manual too often. Whilst working, you can open up to four documents simultaneously memory permitting , search and replace; cut. You can auto- matically flow text around graphics in any Workbench compatible font there are over available styles , in different sizes and colours to suit your design All this from a word processor and Much Much More!

Full Page View with position, edit and creation of graphic objects. Mail Merge using the built in database and forms designer. Creation of templates for complex reports, into which the database can be merged. Operating with 32 fields per record, and 32, records per database with a fast sort of records in less than 5 seconds this is a real database. I am extremely pleased with your product especially the Graphic Capabilities within the Word Processor. Tne manuals supplied arc very informative and very clear,..

Ji most excellent piece of software.. They can store text, pictures and even moving video images. However, unlike most computer games which combines those attributes in a way we've all seem, multimedia has come to mean something in its own right. You can replay the phrase as many times as you like, before check- ing the Japanese spelling as well. This is only the start.

Multimedia is where computers meet television, like it's never been done before. Forget little animated stick figures, you can now watch real people saying real things with real voices. They can entertain you or edu- cate you. You can have virtually instant access to, and interact with, famous literature, priceless works of art, impor- tant moments in history, even vegetarian recipes Imagine in- teractive porn - Ed.

This is multimedia, and it's here right now. Why should they be always used in the same breath? The answer is: money. A good piece of multimedia software will take up a lot of space. Picture it: floppy disks for the graphics, for the text, for the sound. The disk swap- ping doesn't bear thinking about. What it all means, of course, is that you need a really huge say, Mb hard disk to run the software. And here is the problem : no one is going to buy a piece of software that comes on a hard disk costing thou- sands of pounds.

Likewise, no one will be interested in buying a program when it's stored on floppy disks and takes two weeks to install. For the uninitiated, CD-ROMs look identical to normal com- mon or garden music compact discs and work in exactly the same way: a laser scans the surface, reading the micro- scopic 'pits' which have been burned in at time of manufacture. The pits are a form of binary information, just like the data stored magnetically on a floppv disk. Even though they can store about Mb of data, on a large production run they each cost less than a pound to produce.

The same ap- plies to audio discs by the way, which makes CD albums look not a little over- priced. If it were not for one small snag, everything would be perfect. Full Circle It's quite ironic how the CD has come full circle. Originally it was 12 inches across, used to store feature films and called a Laser Disc. It never caught on in a big way, hut the technology was adapted to the enormously popular 5 inch audio CDs. It 's taken fifteen years to get back where it started. The snag is speed. Or rather, lack of it CD-ROMs are onlyjust faster than floppy disks, and much slower then hard disks.

This makes the Holy Grail of the multi- media world - full-screen moving video - a trifle tricky to achieve.

This may sound fast until you start doing some sums. For example, a PAL video screen consists of x pixels, with each pixel needing about 24 bits of colour in- formation to look convincing. Each frame needs updating fifty times a second. The results so far achieved are com- mendable - about a third of the screen at an acceptable 'frames per second' rate - bul are far from perfect.

Phi lips have spent the last live years working on their CD-I CI Interactivei system, and recently an- nounced that they can potentially tit 72 minutes ofVHSquality full-motion video on a disc. Afi for the 72 minute barrier, they simplv want the manufacturers of the new players to build-in support for playing two discs at a time. A bit obvious really. It is due to be launched in America in October with fifty titles, by which time the CDTV should have started to amass a sub- stantial following.

Will it be a Betamax versus VMS battle all over again? Who knows, bul remember that Betamax was more technically advanced that VMS. Inactive publishing The use of CD-ROMs to store nothing more than feature films is a bit of a waste, because the special thing about multimedia is the 'interactive' quality. It's not just a piece of tape with indi- vidual video frames stored on it, it's random access computer memory.

The controlling computer can do more than just act as an expensive video recorder. Narrated by Tom Baker, it creates a cartoon world in which children are encouraged to interact with the characters, to improve their reading and numeracy skills at the same time. This program alone demonstrates the huge potential of the CDTV in the world of education. For slightly older users, other discs provide guided tours through important historical events, a computerised atlas and two discs will store the Bible and the complete works of Shakespear on them, complete with pictures.

As authors become more proficient with the CDTV. The Amwetbock horn Syiiem Setlmme tmlakn The software houses will love the CDTV - more memory than floppies, no piracy and best of all, they can get away with charging who-knows-what for each pro- gram. Multimedia Amiga? The use of the software-only approach to the CDTVs capabilities is good news for existing Amiga owners. Mass market The face of computer software is chang- ing forever. No more the sole domain of spotty anorak cases, the CD-ROM will bring computers out of the bedroom and into the living room.

Before you can say "copyright infringements'' you'll be able to hire discs for your CDTV from your local video rental shop. The Philips machine for playing multimedia CD's. Due for an American launch in October. They look like normal compact disc players, except they are white in- stead of black and have no flashing LEDs.

Most have a headphone output so you listen to Pink Floyd whilst at your com- puter, or hear any spoken instructions on the disc. Collective VCR The video-recorder of the not-so-dis- tant future will be a remarkable unit. A collection of hi-fi separates t it will have cassettes adapted from DATs to record off-air television broadcasts, compact discs for music and pre-re- corded films and a computer to control the interactive games and information retrieval stored on CD-ROM.

Expect the remote control unit to be the size of a typewriter and needing a power supply! The Big C is the first to launch a multimedia machine, beating even the inventor of CD technology, Philips. The CDTV is black so that it doesn't get confused with a piece of computer hardware. A standard from Intel which compresses audio and video information. The algorithms used are implemented in hardware form for the best possible speed. Full-motion video A fancy way of saying a decent moving TV picture. How to make your own CDTV disc. First think of an idea.

Then author it, index it, premaster it, simulate it and finally master it. Clearly they are aimed at the educational market, which explains why the Amiga has not been included in their list! Commodore were there too, although they didn't really need to be with the number of CDTVs on other stands. Large ROM! A white screen with an anaemic hand holding an upside down disc? When no one was looking I reset a demonstration machine and found out: it's a very pretty picture of a CD reflecting a laser beam with the letters 'CDTV spinning around in the background.

So that's why the new Kicks tart ROM is so large They always looked fun at AmiExpos when they wore white Bakers' suits and tall chefs hats! The first on the list is the aptly- named Tootorial Kit. It is designed to instruct and inform users of what Blue Ribbon claims is the leading Amiga music package. The Kit contains several tutorial lessons explaining Bars and Pipes Profes- sional's features in an innovative, step by step form. The Creativity Kit includes such tools as an Articulation Ran- domizer You shouldn't be seen without one!

Riff Chord, Tri-Arpeggiator and the in- terestingly-named Whoopee. Not a cushion-shaped one. The Pro-Studio Kit is aimed at professional musicians and in- cludes some no doubt remarkable and exciting-named Blue Ribbon Bakery was a more fun name! When you use that one right, no doubt you do! Contact: the Blue Ribbon Bak- ery -Oh dear!

Auto- assembly, Insert and Audio dub editing are available from simple mouse-driven screens. IFFfilescan be edited with or without genlock support. As more and more aspects of the Amiga's graphic capabilities are exploited, it becomes clear that the Amiga's own video output is not really up to professional standard. So Syntronix are now offering to users of S-VHS or Hi8 equipment a device that will allow them to record animation or computer-generated images without the fuzzy edges to their colours which are apparent when using the Amiga'a composite PAL signal. Syntronix claim that their new product will offer quality which sur- passes that achieved with S-VHS equipped genlocks.

A YU V version will be available for those using professional component systems. The third in the range of new products is an RGB digitising inter- face. Getting video sourced grabs into the the Amiga is an important aspect of DTV. Composite signals pose a number of problems for digitising. Syntronix also has other models that cater for real-time frame grabbing systems. Now we have, from NewTek, the Amiga that has completely disappeared and be- come a Toaster. NewTek, creators of DigiView and Digipaint went, as anyone in the Amiga scene who hasn't been asleep for the last two years must know, one very much further when they came up with the Video Toaster.

This video effects device has taken the burgeoning video market in the U. Note that it runs with an A - not an A Reputedly, CBM and NewTek haven't had the most comprehen- sive of relationships and in spite of Commodore's ardent wish to sell As, which are about 4 times as expensive as the already some- what dated , those who wanted the Toaster had to take an A In fact, they often bought an Amiga plus an A with mucho mucho memory, especially torunNewTek's magic box.

What No Amiga? What no Amiga? Paul Montgomery. NewTek's popular VP. The Amiga into which it was plugged is so unuser-friendly! About this "familiar with computers",won't the new Video Toaster users have to employ the same technology as the rest of us - at least when the Amiga, sorry Video Toaster, is actually switched on? Mark Randall, NewTek's Director of Mar- keting commented Even Commodore must admit that NewTek, whose Digiview has been one of the great Amiga products and who have worked on the Toaster for nearly four years deserve every suc- cess they get - and there are stories that Tim Jennison.

However, Com- modore cannot be too pleased that NewTek is taking something of the shine off their present meal ticket by coming out with a machine that doesn't even mention its connection with the Amiga. Still, they have only themselves to blame. They were the ones who started it with the CDTV which cannot even be sold off the same counter as the Amiga, just in case a bolt of the dreaded Computer Technofear strikes terror into the poor potential innocent buyer.

But with the Video Toaster recently being the major factor in the sales of Amigas in the non-games field in the U. There will certainly be a loss of prestige and public awareness of the Amiga if NewTek's "Just a Video Toaster" campaign works. And the NewTek guys are not stupid. Now that's good enough business to buy the whole Newtek crowd some goldplated roller skates. To use the Sequencer One Demo to its full potential, we advise you to create a single disk and carefully follow the steps listed below.

Watch out for the colons and the slashes - and the Gremlins' Boot your Amiga with your Workbench disk Initialise a blank disk from the menu bar under Disk Rename the disk to "Seq One Demo".

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Open the Workbench window, by double -clicking on its disk gadget Open the She! CLI by double clicking on the Shell gadget.. Install the demo disk. With Workbench in dfO. For speed. The program will request you to insert your new demo disk "Seq One Demo. When the drive light stops your file has been created on your disk and you can now run the full un-Gremlined Sequencer One Demo. Now that was fairly painless, wasn't it? Now you've got a brand new Sequencer One disk created all by your brilliant self.

There is also to be an upgraded support level with a spe- cial Help telephone number in in the U. The new U. New buyers of Pen Pal will re- ceive a complimentary disk con- taining database form and docu- ment templates. The disk also contains IFF pictuers that can be imported into documents. Techni- cal bulletins of common Pen Pal queries are also available. One of the problems most com- mon for computer users is the diffi- culty of making contact with hard- ware and software companies from outside their country who supply Amiga products.

This, of course, is largely a question of U. With the higher level of sup- port that Gordon Harwood Com- puting are providing to Pen pal users, a good example is being set that every Amiga user will find en- couraging. American suppliers please note the Gordon Harwood initiative and copy. Contact: Gordon Harwood Com- puters. Various upgrades are available to es- tablished Supra modem owners. With these protocols, the user can get bps baud per second , error-free throughput when communicating with other MNP 5 modems.

Tel: Kuma Computers are pub- lishing a book on the Ami- ga's Intuition system by Mike Nelson, who writes on pro- gramming and other technical areas tor AUI. The book is based on a series of articles on Intui- tion that appeared in AUI. Isn't that what is called in technical jargon "Ripping It Off"? The programs can be typed in or obtained separately on disk. ISBN No 4. The programmers are sup- plied by Morline Systems. Undercutting the compe- titions' prices while ex- ploiting the workers?

That sounds more like a low capitalist trick than ortho- dox Communist philoso- phy. Marx must be whirl- ing in his expensive, Highgate cemetary grave Already claimed by GVP to be the fastest board on the market, this new model, says GVP, will allow even more speed and expandability. The accelerator board comes populated with 4 Mb of 60ns Drams and has the capability of expanding to 32MB of 32 bit memory. GVP say that another important feature of this new board is that even with a full-blown 32MB. Gregg Garnick. These disks are not Public Domain! Minimum order 5 disks excleding Catalogue disks please add 25p per disk for Europe.

NE3 3UP. Telephone Unix, now possibly the most widely used operating system in scien- tific, government and academic computing has been penetrated by hackers causing considerable alarm, especially in government computing circles. UNIX is now available on the Amiga and is considered to behighly significant for the Amiga in serious applica- tions. The weakness lets them have unlim- ited access to any files and to overwrite or change master control lists. To do this they have created a device of which the Communica- tions media have been asked not to publicise details.

An informed source has revealed that some one hundred computers at more than 40 sites in the U. The hackers have so cleverly covered their tracks that some users will not even know their security has been breached until the hackers choose to disclose it In some cases the hackers have left Trojan Horses which are programs that let the hacker re-enter the system at a later date as an apparently legiti- mate user. Taunting The hackers have not done dam- age to the systems but seem to enjoy taunting the users and the police who are trying to find them.

They are believed by Scotland Yard's Computer Crime Unit to have such control that it takes them less than one minute to enter a system. They often leave personalised messages for computer manag- ers, especially at universities. Bath, Edinburgh. Lancaster and Oxford are among the universities that have had "visits " from hackers. Edinburgh 's system manager found a message which said "Hi, Jim. You should be finding this interest- ing being a Unix guy. It emerged that they had left Trojan Horses running in files under that system too. What particularly worries the government specialists is the hackers' ability to crack the sys- tems at the level of senior manag- ers, so giving them the access to browse through potentially highly sensitive material.

This has caused alarm in the U K. S to spend some military cash in the U. If these supposedly high security computer operations are so easily breached perhaps we shall soon get a new attitude to "Open Sys- tems" or even more encouragingly. This tactical wargame simulates the historical Market Garden operation in Montgomery's plan was to break the occupation of Holland thereby opening the door to Berlin and end- ing the war.

Three Allied Airborne Divisions were dropped behind enemy lines to capture vital bridges for the advancing Allied forces. In Arnhem you fight the bitter conflict. Can the Allies succeed or is the bridge at Arnhem a bridge too far'' Historically accurate, with five scenarios. Amhem is one to watch for warlike fans. Contact: CCS Ltd. Yes that's what they say. Non- stop redesigning! Seal'n Type is a flexible, durable, transparent keyboard cover, which is specially moulded to fit over the keys of specific keyboards. Typing is thus unimpaired, whilst your valuable computer keyboard re- mains protected from the everyday hazards of spills, dust, ash and grime.

The arrival of the th model of Seal'n Type says Kador, confirms Kador's position as Europe's larg- est manufacturer of type-through keyboard covers. Are there that many different computers? He once wrote: "There are three ways to disaster, Gambling is the quickest, Sex is the most enjoyable, But the most certain is technology Anyone disagree? You'll be glad to know that we don't show the same neglect for our products or 1 customers. The Golden Image hand scanner is the cherry on top of the cake.

Crowned in Gold by ST Format, it's reputation follows that of the company. As can be seen from this page, it's ideal for scanning splodges, paper tears and architectural designs or disasters! It offers dpi in four pattern modes and is supplied with the excellent Touch-Gp software from MiGraph and it's utterly brilliant! Golden Image mice run , freely around our offices, as you might expect from a near derelect shack. Being warm and caring like we are we don't want to employ a pest controller and so it's down to you to rid us of this tyrant.

Every mouse is hand picked from the floor. Recently we've discovered a new breed of mouse that moves at the speed of light. These mice have no balls, and are a lot more difficult to catch and so cost a bit more. But the better quality of these optical mice warrants the higher price. Standard, optomechanical mice mice with balls also frequent our building.

We've got so many mice, we feel sure they're breeding faster than rabbits. However we assure you that you will get an adult mouse and pot an immature adolescent. Elite have just made 14 of their staff, including their Marketing Man- ager. Gill Birch, redundant and said that they are "scaling down their commitment" to the home computer formats.

Those software games houses that were not quick enough off the mark into the Sega and Nintendo fields or have not been able to break in to this highly competitive area of games development are now finding themselves squeezed between the recession that has struck the High Streets and the consequent fall in sales of computer games. Elite have never been a strong Commodore company, like the recenly collapsed Hewson. While others falter. Electronic Arts, the first into the Amiga field so long ago in It hasn't all been made on the back of Deluxe Paint, though that outstanding progam must have made a solid contribution.

It is the same old story, the consoles. What has added around 40 million green ones to E. And Trip Hawkins. You can bet he sees, at least in the games field, consoles looming large. But for Amiga users, there will also be the pleasure of Number llll in the Deluxe series which may reach our screens by the end of the year. OctaMed includes almost all the features of MED 3. The small price you pay for the extra four channels is a slight re- duction in sound quality, and a limi- tation to Soundtracker-type tempo control rather than the more flex- ible "beats per minute" system.

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Realtime recording is no-longer a viable option, as the keyboard is read too infrequently. That's all the bad news. The good news is that it all works extremely well, and with the extra channels, there's far more scope for filling out drum patterns, adding chords and generally beef- ing up your tunes. OctaMed is not public domain. OctaMed's range of sample-editing, sequencing and MIDI features make it an unbeat- able sample sequencer, at any price.

The four-channel version of MED is continuing in production, and the latest version at the time of going to press was 3. There are now two new gadgets in the sample editor section: filter and boost. The filter reduces high frequences over specified sections of the sample. Boost does the opposite. Rather than making your samples tinny and noisy, it brings up the high frequencies very clearly, enhanc- ing the clarity of most drum loops and vocals no end.

Although it is not public domain, MED V3. The first on the list to be distributed are two RAM expansion cards for the Amiga It allows, with the software provided, the A to use the com- plete 2 Meg on the card. Roctec have told AUI that instal- lation is easy as you don't have to disturb the motherboard. RMC Roctec have realised, like everyone else, that the time has come to forget the 51 2K Amiga Nearly all users will be willing to spend the few extra pounds to upgrade their machine to 1 Meg. So Roctec are bringing in the C.

No prices for the U. And dealer enquiries are welcome. The Materials texture Library is a collection of high resolution x pixels , colour HAM mode im- ages of various surfaces. These can be used with a variety of 3-D rendering, painting and video ap- plications to enhance appearance. Photorealistic qualities can be added to paintings in HAM paint programs, and object in 3-D ren- derings can take on what Microsearch calls, "an astonishing realism" when texture mapped with images from the collection.

The library has 15 different sur- face textures on 5 diskettes over 3. Asphalt, Pebbles. Bricks etc. It can be used with paint programs, as video titling backgrounds, and for wrapping 3-D objects. Future volumes will include Wood. Cloth and Organic textures. Contact: MicroSearch, S. TX MicroSearch say. The new Minister is Lord Reay.

Who he? Well, Lord Reay Is an Eton and Oxford edu- cated peer whose interests are given as fishing, shooting and sightseeing. Whatever happened to hunting? What is worse than the Noble Lords apparent lack of previous attraction to technology is that the Government has downgraded his post from the previously higher Minister of State level to the mere junior minister grade.

This show of profound concern with technology by the Govern- ment of technofreak John Major has prompted worry among MPs of all parties and the Labour Party spokesman to say that "It just shows that the Goverment does ii not take the job seriously. The Gov- ernment takes the job of running the country's technological future so seriously that it has taken thought to what Lord Reay has to do and realised technology isn't important enough really to merit a full time job anyway.

So Lord Reay has been given the responsibility for environmental issues that must be the fishing and shooting bit and the film Industry too. In between casting for lethargic trout and blasting away Innocent birds perhaps Lord Reay will find time to think about how to keep the U. K does. Best of the Utilities. Home pock including Word Processor Spreadsheet. Totkmg Tome. Alternatively send cheque, postal order, bankers draft or official order PLCs. Education and Government bodies only Io; Dept.

Please allow 7 working days for cheque cleotonce. F 18 rnterteotor. Arcade losses, Board Oasscs, Best of me Iratoes. Home Pod re Word Processor. SpeJ Ched. Please phone. Competitive leasing schemes ore also available for businesses, including sole traders and partnerships Just rel for written details ond application form. Virus Kim. MS DOS 4 Epson a HP Laserjet 2 wtitjle 1? With suitable S. E it to be returned. Price subject to change without notice. Microway has dramatically reduced the price of its FlickerFixer graphics en- hancement board designed to eliminate the Amiga flicker problem on high resolution and VGA monitors.

Commenting on this price reduc- tion. Managing Director. Simon Shute. Designed to fit into the Amiga video slot, the FlickerFixer provides users with superior quality colour or monocrome graphics and text. It works by removing the flicker in the interlace mode and the visible scan lines in the non-interlace mode of the Amiga display.

The board which is compatible with all user software, does not modify the standard Amiga video signals and may be used simulataneously with the Amiga PAL Phase Alternation Line outputs. Microway's FlickerFixer supports a wide range of standard multiscanning and VGA monitors and when used in conjunction with overscan modes will support video resolutions of up to x pixels.

It is also compatible with the Amiga s colour Hold and Modify HAM mode, which allows over colours to be displayed si- multaneously on the screen. ShowMaker lets anyone create finished presentations containing a variety of media, including video titling, sounds, pictures, animations. MIDI-music and genlocked video from a wide range of sources, in- cluding laser disks. VCRs the Video toaster, and audio tape recorders. Targetted at the growing demand for high quality multimedia desktop presentation and video software. ShowMaker is a powerful system that allows the visualisation and construction of self-running "shows" containing Amiga based and non- Amiga based elements.

ShowMaker allows the use of an Amigatocontrolanyinternalorexternal device to include in a presentation — from laser disk players to MIDI key- boards to the Video Toaster. Show- Maker will also generate story-boards and cue sheets of presentations. Showmaker allows the prepara- tion of very long "shows" because it plays one part of the presentation while automatically loading the next part.

As a result. ShowMaker pres- entations are limited only by the available disk space, not RAM. ShowMaker also comes with a special facility that gives accurate control of a presentation and its timing. This means that users can synchronize diverse media into a single polished product — such as defining an animation in terms of frames per musical beat, instead of frames per second. This new version is now fully func- tional in stereo and its editing facili- ties have been totally revamped. Right term for a musical package, don't you think? Deltaware told AUI that that the user interface has been improved and many additional power fea- tures have been added.

In some areas it is also faster than the pre- vious version. Every ASF sample has its own built-in player program and is an executable file as separate player programs are no longer needed. In A-Sound Elite. ASF now functions in stereo as well as mono. Support for multi- octave, multi-track IFF and Sonix samples provides. Freehand editing of waveforms is also supported as is variable zoom. It also has over 20 special effects such as Echo. Disguise, and Comb Filter.

Php date seconds without leading zeros - PDF

More than 29, Amiga users packed into the re- cent Amiga '91 Berlin Com- puter Show, making it the second largest Amiga gathering in the world - Cologne last November had just double that number. One product that seems to have aroused particular attention was the Delta Animation Laser Lab.

A new game at the Show was "Inheritance". The title in German was Das Erbe. It features environ- mental concerns as its theme. The next event in Germany is to be a repeat of last year's crowded Cologne Show which is scheduled for October 1 st -November 3rd. The organisers have warned that, as in Berlin, the whole show will be dominated not by technology but by the Show mascot, a certain Hermann the User. If you attend the Show better be polite to Hermann or, no doubt, he vill ask de kvestions! The one stop Amiga shop in Scotland Everything for your Amiga at real sexy prices!

We can supply almost anything for your Amiga! Free cable and paper pack. Ring for many more titles now available. A professional 3U Animation rendering system for the Amiga. Alt systems are tested before despatch. On-site maintenance options available.

The RVC or Rocknight is a small box that plugs into the Amiga which is able to stop viruses by a variety of features, as shown below. Rocknight measures just 1 02mm x 91mm x 33 mm. It weighs only. No price for the U. Contact: Roctec Electronics Ltd. On a fast scroll, it allows freehand editing, sequenced loops and real time effects including echoes, high pass filter, low pass filter, band pass filter, stop band filter, mix, fade, flange.

VU meter and oscilloscope. Its editing functions include cut, copy, paste, delete, keep, invert, filter, echo, mix, fade, treble adjust, bass adjust, smooth. DC removal, invert, resample and tune. Advanced recording hardware gives you right and left line level inputs, a microphone jack, noise filters, digital gain, and a hardware based sampling clock. Contact: SunRize Industries, S. Winchester Blvd. Courts shortly. Lawyers representing nine staff at the Financial Times have served writs on the newspaper.

Previously, substantial settlements have been made out of court. But the lawyers of the FT staff, some of whom have been off work on full pay for three years, say these cash arrangements are too low. RSI affects the nerves, tendons or muscles in the ms, hands neck or back and sometimes causes painful swellings. Gold seeing perhaps the drying up of interest in the Spectrum and even the Amstrad have announced the cost cutting measure of putting all future ti- tles for the Speccy and the Amstrad on the same tape, with one format on each side. They claim that it will give retail- ers "extra space.

That may sound, well. And while USG may reason- ably predict the rise of the PC, for games there is simply no computer going to match the appeal for the pre-teens of the games consoles. And that is more than all the games software companies put together! Will they plug you into a Sega yet? Each Citizen printer is built in the UK to exacting standards, ensuring superb reliability and a very high quality of output. Our confidence in the quality of Citizen printers is such that we are pleased to offer a unique two year guarantee with every printer.

IT 1 Starter Kit. Before you decide when to buy your new priniar. Hathertey Rd. Oxford Street. Send Cheque. Postal Order or. St Richards Road. C J to operate Kickttart 1.

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TV mocluuitor. Good quality 'twitch mode type. Iho new DM I? Cilnen Sw. CL A Magtaan and Jug? U10S Messy dos. H4H HII0 1. Primrose Strrrt. If vou uant copies or 5, then she us a ring and ask for Sieve. Min AUI takes pride in its in-depth reviews of the widest range of items on the Amiga market, it is not always possible, for the reasons of space, to include all very worth - while products. This column aims to put that right, with several products under the eagle-eye every month, as well as fea- turing updates to already existing software and hardware.

Shades of science fic- tion already, so this is a good start! In fact, Zardoz is owned by John Goodnow who originally worked at Manx on the Aztec C compiler so there can be little doubt about its pedigree. Image Finder is a cunning program which builds indexes of IFF pic- ture files and then displays icon-sized "thumbnails" of them. This is actually considerably more useful than it sounds, particularly when you use the very pow- erful communication side of the package. All you do is tell Image Finder which directories on which to work with the name of the index file required and it just gets on with the job, running quietly as a background task.

That is just as well because it can take a while to chunder through a hard disk of clip art. The icons generated are definable. You can specify their size, resolution and the method used to condense the full picture. This can be important as memory or disk space can limit the extent of Image Finder's poten- tial, and so optimising the file size is sometimes necessary. How many times have you fired up the "Open" requester in DPaint only to be met with a list of filenames which are meaningless like Mikel, Mike2. Mike3 etc? The really clever bit about Image Finder is that at this point, you would call up its screen with a definable "hot" key combination, and it would display the icons for each picture in the index.

When you select the icon, it sends a message into the Amiga's input stream that mim- ics the effect of you typing the characters of the filename. Intuition sees this, thinks "Aha! This is for me" and sends the key codes to the DPaint requester's string gadgets, automatically updating them and all you need to do is click on "Load". You can also view the entire picture using another module, if you think it'll help! It is virtually completely definable, and you can even configure it to update its indexes automatically - it just looks at the directories and puts in any additions as appropriate.

Anyone with a lot of IFF pictures should find Image Finder very handy indeed and DTP fans will also be able to catalogue all their clip art into a very convenient form. The software looks very nice with its Workbench 2. Zardoz are promising an early update which will address the speed of generating the index files, and I hope they continue to develop more products of this standard. This allows you the luxury of running more programs which require a large amount of such memory.

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The obvious application is in DTP when you may want a structured drawing program like Profes- sional Draw and the Professional Page available at the same time. Also, with the Amiga featuri ng so prominently i n the world of multi-media, the ability to use large sound samples and complicated graphics is advantageous.

How does it work? The current version only works in the Amiga or , and installation is a pretty hairy process as A quick look at some interesting new Amiga developments. Because the Agnus is a square chip which is noto- riously difficult to remove, I found the easiest way was to remove the motherboard and tap the chip out of its socket gently! Once this is accomplished, fitting the MegaChip board is easy, but it does preclude the use of other cards which fit into the socket. This seems quite a lot, but reflects mainly the expense of the new Agnus chip; Commodore are rather reluctant to sell them as they would presumably prefer you to lash out of an A in the first place.

Turbo Turbo is a really cheap way of almost doubling the speed of your Amiga. It fits into the processor socket of the computer and is effectively a 14 MHz with a switch for it to drop back to normal speed, in case of any compatibility problems. It is not particularly hard to fit, once like me, you are used to pulling out the and slotting in a replacement board. The instructions are pretty sparse, but basically adequate and Omega Projects have an excellent technical sup- port line so a quick phone call to Bob should sort out any difficulties.

There are a few areas where the Turbo gets in a knot with other hardware, notably 'om- modore hard drives, so check with the suppliers first for the latest information. I tried it with a number of productivity programs like DPaint. Word Perfect and Professional Page and they seemed quite happy.

The speed increase is not blister- ing, or even totally obvious at first, but some simple benchmarks showed the Amiga to be running at about 1. It is also producing some outstanding Amiga hardware and software. Hartmut Schumacher highlights a few of of the best products. So it wouldn't be too wrong to say that the Amiga - despite its American origin - is now a European computer.

And so it is not very astonish- ing that there is a growing number of European developers of Amiga products. There are some of the best and most innovative German software and hard- ware products. All mentioned prices are approximate prices which were converted from German marks to British pounds. The telephone numbers include in brackets the country code for Germany. All products are also avail- able with English documentation. Sie Frogen - Wir Antworten A.

In the case of "A. This 16 bit SCSI hard disk controller has received top ratings in Ger- man Amiga magazines and is indeed a powerful and very versatile product: You can connect it with up to seven SCSI devices like hard disks, streamers, re- movable hard disks, DAT recorders, scan- ners, printers or networks as well as op- tical disks which are also available from bsc. AND body! The 8 bit version M A. FileRunner bsc offers some combinations of the "A. And if you really need it, you can buy "A. The user interface of its installation software can be switched between several European languages - including, of course, English and Ger- man.

The "A. It backs up a 20 MByte partition of a hard disk in eight to ten minutes depending on the speed of the hard disk. There are also versions with capacities of 60 and MByte. And in addition to this GFA-BASIC has many - even exotic - mathematic functions, powerful database commands and comes with some instruc- tive example programs on disk.

A runtime module allows you to create versions of your programs which don't need the inter- preter. There are, however, some problems with programs that are longer than KByte. This is especially regret- table since I learned that GFA doesn't intend to release an improved version of their compiler. English manuals should be available by the time you read this. KkkPascal Despite its disadvantages and its age, Pascal is quite still dominate in schools and universities.

Borland have not been able to bring themselves to release an Amiga version of their guage. On some of the newer Fish disks - e. This produces fast and optimized code, has a good editor, and short compile times. It has implemented the full Jensen-Wirth-standard and many additional powerful commands for string handling, intuition programming for screens, menus, gadgets , and using the Amiga system libraries as well as the ARP file requester.

Buy an Amiga from us. The Amiga Disk Magazine Issue 25 now available. Issue 24 still available with. Working demos ot Digila application software. Kickstart 2 feature as never written before. Subjects include Our programs even allow you to add your own lesson material. Y 1ND. Mastermind, Cosmiroids, Car. AMES L' 1. But since the Amiga offers "only" four sound chan- nels, writing songs is a rather limited affair - unless you own a synthesizer.

This is achieved by a clever mixing of two "pseudo" channels to one of the "real" sound channels. Songs are notated with letters instead of conventional notes - you probably know this method from the "SoundTracker". In contrast to the "SoundTracker", however, "Face the Music" doesn't combine pat- terns to songs, but like with the classic program "Deluxe Music Construction Set" you use block operations like cut, copy and paste if you want to use a part of the melody a second time.

This is a much more flexible method and also allows you an easier overview of the whole song. Each song may use up to sixty-three IFF samples. There are some standard special effects e. The automatic transposing between dif- ferent keys is a great help for the non- professional musician. You can use the keyboard of the Amiga to play the sam- ples directly. Alternatively it is possible to use a MIDI keyboard to input musical data. This digitizer produces pictures with 2 to colours or with 2 to 16 shades of grey. You can adjust the brightness, the con- trast, the sharpness, the colour satura- tion, the dithering, and, of course, the colours themselves.

The menus are always displayed with- out flickering even if the picture you are editing is in HiRes or Interlace. Most of the program's functions can also be acti- vated via keyboard shortcuts. The file requester allows the user not only to load and save files but also to delete files, create directories, and format disks. The software includes a slideshow pro- gram and a program that uses your digi- tized pictures to creates animations. The quality of the digi- tized pictures is the same see picture 2 , though "Deluxe View" has no special graphic modes and does not work with NTSC Amigas.

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If you want to build your digitizer into a box, e. You can connect the digitizer to a tape deck, a CD player, a tuner or directly to microphone. Recording sounds is made easy by a built-in spectrum analyzer and an oscillo- scope. Vi ew.. Train ers.. A rticles.. T hank.. K-Star ,.. ZD ozer,.. Requ irements D irecX Resolution s G igs Cr eate Liv in' SIM S. SumOfA llFear5, Zerohou r2k12, Repairs,of,such,Canon,brand,peripheral,equipment,shall,be,governed,by,the,t erms,of,the,Separate,Warranty.

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