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I've reinstalled Dota and now the client feels slow as well. I can use my iMac to work adobe products and for daily internet stuff.

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But not for Dota. On the console there's a lot of:. Warning: have 6 in use and 3 free per-frame memory stacks outstanding. The oldest stack was created at present , and we're now on present Same issue, would play on low quality with ok frame rates before but now It's just gone to hell. Even after this update. Literally unplayable, especially during team fights.

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What is weird is that my computer's fan would always fire before while playing Dota, and now it doesn't anymore. It's not my fan; I've tested it with other games and it's working fine. Not sure if that helps. MacBook Pro Retina 13" Late 2. Adding to the thread: For me, the frame drop ONLY occurs in online matches, while it doesn't seem to occur in a Bot local game.

Never experienced this issue before on my mac.

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Just in the last days, so i guess it's one of the latest updates done. Same issue on my MacBook Pro inch, It was running well before with fps, but after updating to High Sierra You might want to look at the comment about disabling automatic graphics switching in Add: i am on lowest display settings on a 4gig GPU and high end cpu, so don't give me potato shit.

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  • CS Go, league of legends etc work perfectly at fps. Same issue on: MacbookPro inch 2. I have locked v-sync and fps lock to 60fps but every X minutes I have huge fps spikes at least to dota 2 client to fps even though fps is locked. This results into stuttering for good 5seconds. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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    Ezzie says:. July 29, at am. Pal says:. Timbow says:. April 19, at pm. Joe says:. April 18, at am. April 17, at pm. Drew says:. May 14, at am. April 16, at pm. Olof Ogf says:. Peter says:. April 16, at am. Dred says:. February 11, at pm. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Shop on Amazon. If your portable Mac is slower than expected when you perform graphics-intensive tasks, such as playing games or editing video, open Energy Saver preferences. Depending on your Mac, you may see options that let you improve graphics performance in exchange for shorter battery life.

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