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What can be wrong? It's in the Preferences folder in your user Library.

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In Finder, hold the Option key down and click on Go. Library will be listed there. Josabet wrote Look at item "B" in the " Useful things you can do on a call ". Message was edited by: EZ Jim. No red slash. I still can't find the Option key. When I press alt between ctrl and cmd absolutely nothing happens.

Hold the Option key down yes, the one between Control and Command , and while holding the key down click on the Go menu - top of the screen.

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Mar 14, AM in response to pennbank In response to pennbank. Ok, I got to the Library — but there is no such folder as com. Also, entering that name in the search space produced no result. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Josabet Josabet.

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How to Download and install Skype® on Mac® OS X

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Viewed 2k times. I have Retina MBP with At the moment the solution is an OS X restart, but I don't like that solution. Andrew Ferrier 1, 8 8 gold badges 36 36 silver badges 60 60 bronze badges. People used to have that problem with the Mavericks and Skype, but it was addressed with new updates.

Among them are mechanical and hardware problems, which are impossible to fix with software tweaks. If your camera is physically damaged, it needs to be replaced. Instead, examine both the cable and the port and carefully try again. Once connected, the camera should be immediately detected and ready for use. The camera is activated by apps, such as the Photo Booth app. Open Finder , click on the Applications folder and select Photo Booth. As soon as Photo Booth starts, the LED next to the built-in iSight camera should turn on, informing you that the camera is activated.

As you now know, Mac cameras activate automatically. However, the automatic activation process sometimes fails, leaving you without any obvious option how to turn on the camera manually. Make sure that you have the latest version. If the problem still persists, apply the fix described in the previous chapter. Restart your Mac computer and test Skype again. Skype reinstall and the fix above should solve most issues with the iSight camera.

Securing your Mac’s cam & mic

Third-party cameras are a different story, though. There are, however, some third-party camera settings apps that provide access to various camera settings, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, white-balance, exposure time, and others. Webcam Settings is one such app. The iSight camera inside your Mac computer is controlled by firmware, which is a permanent software program that provides the necessary instructions for how the device communicates with computer hardware.

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