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For example, the 2 Point Arc tool shortcut: A has three types of input. If you enter a number, that number will be the Bulge distance — how far the arc curves out. If you enter a number followed by the letter R, the arc will have that Radius. And if you enter a number with an S, that number will be the number of arc Segments. Or look at the instructions for the Eraser — using this tool with the Ctrl key softens edges hides and smooths , while the Shift key just hides edges.

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Finally, look at the bottom left corner of the QRC, where the mouse scroll wheel functions are listed. Fewer people know that you can pan the view by holding Shift while dragging with the wheel pressed. And almost nobody until now!

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So learn something new — download the Quick Reference Card. Thanks Bonnie! Very good advice.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Remember Me. Skip to content. I had one on my bulletin board when I first got started, about 15! Can you enlighten me on importing this. Great explanation. If I attempt to delete a Sketchup default shortcut, it appears to work, but when I reload ShetchUp, the default is back again.

But, when I exit and restart SketchUp, it is back again. Any idea why? Or, is there a way to really delete the defaults? You have a great site. Your tips are very important for Sketchup users. And just to share with you a fun story, I have a friend who is a left hand person. And the mouse is on the left side too. Whenever I come to his computer with Sketchup, I feel like his keyboard and mouse are not there on the desk.

Most used SketchUp Shortcuts for Windows – SketchUp Shortcuts PDF

Fortunately, He remains all the shortcuts as default so I still can use them after switch my left-brain and right-brain. If it is a PC I think you have problem with Windows registry. The issue might be caused by an antivirus software which prevent Sketchup to modify registry. You could try to uninstall Sketchup then remove everything in the session Settings above and install it again.

Hope this can help. Thanks for the reply. As always a very helpful and well done tutorial. That hide dialogue is brilliant. Essential with dual screens.

One I use all the time is hide rest of model which was assigned to shift-H but I like the X. Agree shortcuts is the only way to go. Have just installed the 3Dconnexion Spacemouse pro which has capacity for shortcut buttons.

CUSTOM Keyboard Shortcuts in SketchUp

So far so good. Thanks Matt. Great stuff. Hello… Good Day!! Can you send me the list of detailed shortcut keys for sketch up… Thank You and God Bless!! Just sign up for my email list, and you can download it. I got all excited about mastering the shortcuts today. I got several of them set up, used them all day, and the power went out.

For example, I had X set up to toggle X-ray view. I was also not able to import your shortcuts. The Mac version has no Import button on the Shortcuts Pref pane. If I am not able to import your shortcuts could you explain how you created them? Great tutorial Matt, shortcuts are the definitive way to go. I think that list gets dynamically generated on Macs, so you probably need to enter the shortcuts manually and then they will be transferred over to the new version when you update.

I use a USB gaming device with my left hand, a Belkin n52e which fits comfortably in your hand and your fingers has 3 rows of easily progeamable buttons a and a thumb pad I assign all of the views to. I never even touch the keyboard except to enter a dimension. Between the n52e and mouse, I can fly with the drawing. The buttons are easy to program as the can be assigned a single key, a key combination or a macro of several key actions. If you want to go nuts you can toggle the gaming device from a blue Led to a red and green one which allows you to have 3 separate sets of shortcuts but using just 1 works fine for me.

Hands on n52e and mouse and almost never have to look down at the keyboard. Hope this helps. Thanks for sharing, this is a nice tip IMO. I also use shortcuts, mine are a bit different. Native SU …. Your email address will not be published. Spring sale on mind.

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