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Adjust your computer volume. Make sure the volume on your Mac is turned on or is set to a loud enough volume to hear the Text to Speech method.

Keyboard shortcuts to mouse actions

Choose the text you want your Mac to read to you. You can choose any text on your computer screen regardless of its source, such as a website or document on your hard drive.

Your Mac will read the entire document by default, or you can highlight the text you want spoken with your cursor. Execute the Text to Speech method. Using the combination key you just created, make your Mac read to you.

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  • Use a screen reader or magnifier.

You can stop the Text to Speech method at any time by executing the same combination key. Choose the voice of your Mac. You can select from a variety of different computer voices, including male or female. Choose your preferred voice by going back to System Preferences, click "Speech," then click on the "Text to Speech" tab. Click on the System Voice drop-down menu to select a different voice.

5 Best (TTS) Text To Speech For Mac

Choose a different speaking pace. Mac OS has a large number of high quality voices available from Nuance in many languages and dialects. To access these voices do the following. The additional voices will take some time to download. Each file is around megabytes. If you install voices for different languages it will also download additional files Mac will need to support those languages.

You probably do not want to download more voices than you will use. It can use the high quality Alex voice to create MP3's that you can load onto your iPod. Asked 4 years, 3 months ago.

Have Microsoft Word to Read Word Documents to You

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How to Read PDF out Loud on iPhone | Wondershare PDFelement

How do you speed it up? System Preferences Change Speaking Rate and System Voice if want. ToolLab ToolLab 21 2 2 bronze badges. Welcome to Ask Different and thank you for your answer. If possible, could you edit your answer there's an edit link below it to also include a link to the Read2Text application you use?