Make sure your drive is properly formatted

Click to expand the image. Click and hold down the mouse button, on the document you want to move. It will illuminate and a "ghost" image will move with your mouse button. Drag the mouse so that the "ghost" image hovers over the icon representing the external drive in this example, the V: drive. Let go of the mouse button and the file will copy automatically to the external drive. The contents of the external drive will display in the window.

Can't Copy To An External Hard Drive

The task is complete! This is known as a "drag-and-drop" action. Copy and Paste Double-click to open the place where the file you want to copy is located. My Documents, for example. Find the file or folder you would like to copy and right-click on it. A drop-down menu will appear. Choose Copy. The file or folder is now copied and held in the computer's short-term memory.

Double-click on the external drive. The window will change to a display of the contents of the external drive. On the top bar of the window, choose Edit.

Unable to copy files to an external HDD

Alternatively, you may right-click on blank space within the window and a drop-down menu will appear. Choose Paste.

The file or folder will appear inside the window. It is copied. Using the drive with Mac: For Mac you will need to reformat the drive prior to using it. Mac not formatted to display external drives on the desktop. Even if that is the case, the drive will still appear in the left-hand column of the Finder menu under Devices. To do this, shut down or restart your Mac, switch it back on and immediately press these four keys together for at least 20 seconds: Option, Command, P, and R.

It should look as though your Mac has started again; if it has, release the keys when you hear the second startup chime.

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Hopefully, the hard drive has shown up now. Disk Utility is within System Preferences, or you can find it using Spotlight. If it is visible, then click the option to Mount, which should make it visible on the desktop and in the External Drives option in the Finder menu.

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From General tab tick External disks to ensure that from now on it shows on the desktop. How to add cloud storages to Finder You can also mount cloud storage as local drive on your Mac. Repair the failed external drives with First Aid If your drive is having problems, you can try to fix them yourself with First Aid and therefore get access to your files. How to recover data from a crashed drive Thankfully, there is an app for that. Quit all other applications on the Mac, especially those that may be trying to access the external drive e.

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Click on the external drive that you are trying to recover files from. If it has partitions, you will see all of them. To avoid the external drive being accessed during the recovery process, click Extras next to the drive or drive partition or file, then select Remount Volume As Read Only. A padlock will appear, protecting the drive during the process. Now click Rebuild or Recover next to the file s you are trying to recover. Once the scan is finished - it may take some time if the files are large - a list of files will appeal.

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Next, click Mount Found Items as Disk button on the bottom-left below the scan results. Saving to the same drive substantially lowers your chances of recovery. Drag them to another location, such as your desktop or a folder on your Mac. Open the files to ensure they have been recovered properly and safely eject the external drive. A few more tips on getting your files back Macs and third-party apps that look after Macs, such as Disk Drill and iStat Menus come with a S. The external hard drive should show up as Verified. Partitions can get lost within hard drives, temporarily hiding all of the information contained within.

Disk Drill can help to identify and restore this information. Within Disk Drill, you can restore data when a hard drive is damaged or add formatting, which is also something Disk Utility can help with. CleanMyMac X , another useful app available from Setapp, can help you identify external hard drive errors and repair them. If you're moving your Dropbox folder to a new location, you may see errors if any of the following are true:. If you're moving your Dropbox folder, and the selected destination is on removable media such as a removable USB drive or memory card , Dropbox may not be able to create the Dropbox folder.

We strongly recommend choosing a location on an internal drive. If the Dropbox folder is located on removable media, and this media becomes unavailable, you may see problems including:. To resolve this issue, close any applications that are accessing files in your Dropbox folder before attempting to create the Dropbox folder in a new location. You can rebuild your configuration settings by signing out and then back in to the Dropbox account on the Dropbox desktop application. This will restore any settings which may have been changed without affecting or removing your files.