Creamiest Macaroni and Cheese

You can make it all and then put it in the oven when needed. Thanks for choosing one of my recipes! What kind of Mozzarella do you use? Fresh, the harder kind you find shrink wrapped in the store or string Mozzarella?

Hi Katrina, This looks amazing as you have heard before! What can I use instead or can I just leave it out? I am hosting a pasta dinner for our tennis team. How can I make the sauce gluten-free?? Came across this recently and made it for date night with my husband. We used lactose free milk and it was still so good and creamy! Thanks for sharing. Thank you fot sharing this amazing recipe.

My children helped me to cook. It was our first mac and cheese.

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We live in France. We loved it. From now, this recipe belongs to our family best dishes! How do u prevent the cheese from clumping up. I just made this and the cheese seems to clumping together instead of blend with the noodles. Please help. I have found if I keep stirring and putting the cheese ingredients in slowly usually works and not over boiling the sauce. Hope that helps! I am sure it tasted so good for you!

Sounds good now;! I want to make this for thanksgiving but do you think this will travel well? I was going to cook it on the stove on a skillet and then transfer it into an aluminum tray right before I bake it so I can take it to the dinner. Any recommendations or tips? This was so good!

Even if I forgot to add the mozzarella. My SO loved it, and requested this to now be our go to mac and cheese. Is there anything I can substitute for the cornstarch? Do you remove the garlic from the oil? It looks amazing! I made this tonight and everyone loved it! I cooked bacon and asparagus and added it as well. Everyone went back for seconds. I do not own a Le Creuset shallow baking dish, so what size or capacity baking dish should I use? This looks beyond delicious! Made this over the weekend and we loved it. I even brought extras in for my co-workers and they were very pleased.


Um gained a new follower because of this recipe. Made it for xmas and it was super well received. GREAT flavor! I see you say this serves 10, but how much is a serving? How much pasta do you use for this? Thanks so much!! Can you use chicken boulion cubes instead of power. If so how will I be able to incorporate that. Thank you. Thank you for responding so quickly! No need to apologise! Store it in the fridge overnight, then tomorrow be sure to take it out for at least half an hour to an hour to bring it to room temp or close to it before baking in the oven!

I hope that helps! I am making this dish for Thanksgiving tomorrow and would like to know if I can make it this evening and bake tomorrow? Hi Karina, I was converting the grams to ounces for the pasta and it said 33 ounces is that correct? Recipe from Mommy Is Hungry. And girl, this one looks incredible!!

Of course, this looks amazing!!! This recipe is definitely going on my list to try! Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating.

Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Recipes Side pasta White mac and cheese that's ultra creamy and baked with a crispy top of panko bread crumbs. Prep : 20 minutes. Cook : 30 minutes. Calories : kcal. Yields : 8 servings. Ingredients 16 oz pasta type of your choice shells, elbow, etc. US Customary - Metric. Instructions Preheat oven to F. Prepare pasta per package instructions, cooking for minutes less than the recommended time. Drain and set in a large bowl with a towel placed over the top. Slowly add the flour to the melted butter, stirring until smooth.

Thanks, Kirsty. Or you could split it into two if you want to freeze half. Does this mac n cheese save well? I want to make some for dinner tonight and was wondering if I could leave some for lunch tomorrow. Rachel, it would be great the next day! I would reheat it over the stove top or in the oven. Kate, That would definitely work! Just a note, I find that if I refrigerate mac and cheese the night before baking then the pasta soaks up all of the liquid and its more dry.

It will still taste great. Maybe try adding more liquid.

The Hands-Down Best Creamy Mac and Cheese Recipe

Another option would be to freeze then you can make it several days before and bake from frozen. Hope this helps. For those that have made ahead — is the making ahead just the assembly process before the actual oven baking? Also after freezing, what were the results. Did you thaw 1st or bake from frozen. Tips will be helpful.

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I want to make this for a homecoming open house for my daughter and I will be traveling out of the country and need to prep food before I leave. Thanks in advance for the help. I like to assemble then freeze before baking then bake from frozen. I find this makes for the best results. If I leave it out for too long in the fridge before freezing the pasta absorbs all of the liquid and cheese. Let me know if you have any more questions! I followed the directions exactly but the sauce broke when I baked it. Brianna, thanks so much for reporting back!

How to Make a Creamy White Sauce for Mac & Cheese

Then continue stirring and wait until this mixture is hot bubble or almost boiling before adding the rest of the ingredients about 5 minutes. Hope this helps! Medium head? Recipe Rating. Prep Time 20 mins. Cook Time 30 mins. Total Time 50 mins. Course: Side Dish. Cuisine: American.

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  6. Servings: 8. Instructions Preheat oven to and grease a large rectangular baking dish.