There are a few important things to remember:

Turn on parental controls for a child with an existing account on your Mac

Since this is an automatically enabled restriction, you will have to provide access to these websites exclusively. Usually when you blacklist a URL in web filtering, it blocks the access to the website in the browsers as well as the corresponding app.

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  • Turn on parental controls for a child with an existing account on your Mac.
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Filter type 2: If you have chosen Whitelist as the filter type,. Whitelisting blocks the users from accessing any of the websites except the whitelisted ones.

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To whitelist web URLs,. Enter the URLs in the text field and click Add. However, Qustodio is trying to make as much money as possible with this program, so many features like game blocking, location tracking, etc.

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You can also only use the free version on a single device, which limits its applicability. Zift is a top-notch parental control app focused on smartphones. You can see how much your kid is using the phone, what searches they are making, and what apps they are using: If necessary, you can limit screen time and apps as needed, or shut off smartphone internet entirely.

Zift will also send you alerts if it detects particular searches for things like porn, drugs, weapons, and mentions of suicide. A premium option is available, but the basic app is free. Instead of blocking sites, Kidlogger automatically tracks keystrokes and web history, as well as program use and it automatically saves any screenshots taken on the computer.

When installed on a smartphone, the app also automatically logs any phone calls made, by number and by contact name. It is compatible with popular destinations like Instagram and Discord, where parents may want to pay close attention, and updates continue to add more compatibility for the service. Like Qustodio, a free account limits you to one device, while paid versions offer more protection.

Zoodles takes the dramatic step of replacing the entire web-browser with one built around children. Available on a variety of devices and operating systems, Zoodles offers games, books, videos, and access to other age-appropriate content, all customizable by parents.

Zoodles is excellent for younger kids, but remember that older kids will quickly learn to work around it. FoxFilter is designed to provide users with a score of blocking filters based solely on individual keywords and sites i. Playboy , lingerie, nude , while offering solutions for adding trusted sites to a curated list of exempt content. This preference managing is great for blocking a range of websites and is one of the fastest options to get up and running, but inexperienced users may want to stick with the pre-formatted list of warning words.

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Mac OS X : Block Website or Web Service (Edit hosts file)

Posted 13 hours ago — By Ed Oswald. Computing These are the 6 best -- and free -- antivirus apps to help protect your MacBook Malware protection is more important than ever, even if you eschew Windows in favor of Apple's desktop platform.

Get Content Filtering in CloudCare

This tool has a list of keywords which are associated with different categories, such as "drugs" or "porno", and sites containing those offensive phrases will be blocked. However, you can always make exceptions for certain sites by setting up a "Grey List". Worried about who your child is friends with on Facebook or Twitter?

Some of its features include notifying you when there is a newly added "friend" having few to no mutual friends with your child. PureSight is a clever IM and website filter which works on Yahoo! PureSight can overwrite offensive words in incoming and outgoing messages, end a potentially dangerous conversation immediately, while blocking the other party and notifying the parents immediately.

PureSight has a list of offensive words, and constantly tracks IM slangs to weed out crude language used in the conversations it monitors. Parents can even add their own words, which may have escaped the list. SafetyWeb highlights red flags on potentially dangerous actions, such as when your children approves someone suspicious as their friend.

The Best Internet Filters For Mac

It also has a monitoring system that is triggered by topics and keywords that are related to bullying, drugs, alcohol, racism and even eating disorders. SafetyWeb may be pricey, but it is a very convenient tool for you to monitor almost every social networking account your child has, and perhaps bring serious issues to light before it is too late to act. Used by over 12 million students worldwide, NetTrekker is an educational, child-safe search engine highly recommended for school-age children. Unlike other parental controls tools which blocks offensive content, NetTrekker is essentially a search engine entirely built to churn only educational results.

Safe Eyes is a good parental control tool for families with more than one children. Each copy carries a license you can use on three different PCs or Macs, and you can manage up to 10 different profiles with customized settings.