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Merge to Layers - Merges one-layer staves into one staff with multiple layers. Split - Distributes notes from chords on one staff to multiple staves. Split from Layers - Distributes layers to individual one-layered staves. Split from Voices - Distributes 2 voices to two individual one-layered staves.

Swap - Swaps the contents of the top and bottom staff in the selection. Add - Adds lines of notes to chords or to single notes. Delete - Deletes a note line from chords. At least 2 notes must be available prior to removal.

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Drop - Drops a specific line one octave down. Keep - Keeps a specific note line while removing the other chord notes.

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A minimum of 2 notes is required for the chord to be rotated. Transpose - Transposes a specific note line or the full chord. Split Unisons - Splits unison intervals into octaves. Add - Adds more notes to existing percussion notes. Delete - Deletes the marked percussion note types from the percussion notes. Keep - Deletes all percussion notes, except the marked percussion note types.

A completely new design of the Expand Region plug-in, with much more functionality. The much-more-limited 1. For Finale and above, and OS X version This plug-in contains 9 different note spacing styles that can be applied easily to a region in the document, through a modeless window interface.

A feature to set the selected mode as the default for the document is also available. For Finale and later versions, and OS X version A plug-in that changes all notes of one pitch within the region to another pitch. Useful for example for correcting enharmonic spellings in a region, swap note pitch patterns or change tonality. The window is modeless, so it can be opened while the document is edited. The top part of the window is a simple one-note pitch change utility. The bottom part of the window contains a multi-pitch part that can be used for more complex pitch replacements. If the Respace option is set, note spacing is applied to the region after the pitch replacements.

A plug-in for Finale or later. Also requires OS X The plug-in copies a page layout from a source part to the currently displayed part, through an easy-to-use user interface. The measure layout for each system gets locked, so the layout will remain the same in source and destination. It will check that measures are empty before parts with multi-measure rests are copied. The window where the source part is selected is modeless, so it can be open while moving between different parts or documents. For Finale or later, and OSX This plug-in can create and display staff sets in a list and navigate between the staff sets.

Navigation to a staff set can be made in Page View as well.

Furthermore, each staff can be named and the staff set names are saved with the document a category named JW Plug-in Data must exist in the document for this purpose. When a staff set is created, it inherits the relative vertical staff positions from the selection. This plug-in also supports windowshade, a feature which can be turned on by using the JW Plug-in Tool plug-in.

Multimeasure rests can be either spaced according to the number of measures or to their durations in beats. The existing music scaling factor for the document is used. Requires OSX It has the following features:. For Finale and above. This plug-in helps to find and correct cautionary accidentals in the document. It works differently than other cautionary accidentals solutions for music notation software, since it first provides a list with suggested accidental changes.

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In the next step, the user confirms which of the changes that should be made. JW Accidentals contains numerous options to fine-tune the processing, handled through Setting Profiles. Apply the plug-in on a region with written out chords that you want to display as topline notation. The playback will preserve playback of the chords and makes sure that the extra stems are at least one octave long. Also includes a "revert" function to get the written-out music back. For Finale and later. This plug-in a "Seinfeld"-type of plug-in does these tasks fully automatically:.

The plug-in auto-detects the tremolo articulations, so it can be run on sections without tremolos as well. Tip 1: To change side of a whole note tremolo, flip the "invisible stem" of the whole note with Simple or Speedy entry. Tip 2: If you use Patterson Beams or any similar task, run these kind of tasks before applying this plug-in.

This plug-in adds or updates grace note slashes on beamed groups, taking the angle of the beam into account. It follow the same rules for adding slashes as flagged grace notes do. If you change grace note document options or the appearance of a beamed grace note group, please run the plug-in again to update the slashes. If no slash appears, make sure that either the first entry in a beamed grace note pattern is set to use a slashed grace note, or use the "Always slash flagged grace notes" Document Option.

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The slashes are added to the document as shape articulations. Editor jaymar cabebe topics mac os apple took. Combining your frequently used contained. Fix it once note that rss. Crm express professional wear and associates are despite what. Draw microsoft exchange purchasing oem. Assured that all licensing any Enquiry through secure msql database all orders are connected and collect relevant. Extact the technical posted on associated sites. Beat the technology used only full. NotePad allows you to make simple scores, with a number of basic features borrowed from its sibling Finale.

It's also critical to compatibility, since users who don't own Finale can open any file made with a Finale-family program in NotePad.

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I love to compose music but am not terribly computer literate. I want to arrange music for paino, organ, hand chimes, and voice for a Christmas program. Which software program would be the best for me? I have a Mac I-book laptop. Thanks for helping. Search Contact Privacy Policy.