How to Connect your Mac to a TV

At this point, everything should be ready for you to use. With all three of these you can:. Another option for watching videos on a Mac is through iTunes. You can buy video content from Apple, or, if you have burned DVD content to your hard drive, when you double click a digital video file on your Mac, the digital video will be played through iTunes. Regardless of how you got the digital video content into iTunes, to play the iTunes video, just navigate to it in the iTunes Movies tab, then click the video you want to watch, and make it full screen.

Again, you can control it with your Apple Remote, or mouse and keyboard. I am personally not a big Mac Front Row user, but Front Row also provides an interface that at the very least lets you watch iTunes movies, play iTunes podcasts and iTunes music.

Make your TV even smarter by connecting it to your MacBook

I hope this Mac Mini TV setup article has been helpful. There are so many things you can do with this approach, I could go on for a long time If you take the Mac Mini TV media center plunge, please share your own comments and experiences. By Alvin Alexander.

Choosing the right cable to connect your MacBook to a TV

Last updated: June 3 A mouse and keyboard. The Mac Mini doesn't come with a mouse and keyboard, and I recommend Apple's Blutooth wireless mouse and keyboard, as you'll likely want those to remotely control your Mac Mini TV at least occasionally. You may also want an external monitor, at least temporarily, for your initial Mac Mini configuration.

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If you take this approach, and want to use an old monitor, you may also need a monitor adapter. So much will vary here depending on the age of your TV, this can become a bit of a rabbit hole. A cable to connect your Mac Mini to your TV. Again, this will vary, but the current Mac Mini comes with an HDMI port that supports video and multichannel audio output. Make sure you by an HDMI cable that is long enough for your home setup.

The computer in the living room: setting up a Mac mini media center

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Mac Mini newest model & LG 43UH6100 (43UH610A) TV 4K 60Hz with FCP

Viewed times. Is there some setting I need to set in order to make this work?

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LG swapped out the main board and suddenly my 4K support from a PC stopped working. It too was fixed with a firmware update. I had forgotten about it until I saw this post! Thanks for sharing as this will definitely help someone else! I just bought a new Mac mini to run as a headless computer, and had the same problem with my LG C8 when I was trying to set it up.

How to Connect a Mac to a TV with HDMI for Full Audio & Video Support

This post saved my bacon. Thank you. Ohhhh man! Thank you so much! Was about to return my LG 43UM Before I turned it on, I only had 30 HZ refresh rate.

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