VLC 3.0’s Visual Overhaul

Click on your Chromecast to switch to it. On a Mac, the same Renderer option can be found under the Playback option. Something VLC users have been requesting for a long time. In this article we explain how to get it working Read More , so if this feature is important to you be sure to check out that article. While this takes a toll on your CPU and battery life, it enables smoother 4K and 8K playback even on a low-powered device. Devices like iPhone already let you shoot video in the H. And while VLC always had great codec support for H.

Now, HEVC videos are hardware-accelerated. Most are great, but some are downright incredible. Here are 10 of our favorites. Read More are all the rage right now. VLC can now play a degree video by default, across all platforms.

Alternatives to VLC: overview of the best multimedia players with file management

You can now watch degree videos on your phone, in VR mode, without the need for an active internet connection. Along with support for degree videos, VLC also now supports 3D audio with viewpoint change. When watching a degree video, on the desktop, you can use your mouse to move around. To zoom in or out, just use the pinch gesture. HDR improves color accuracy, letting you view colors which are closer to real life.

HDR also brings better contrast ratio. This enables much brighter whites and much darker blacks. It's not a gadget that you upgrade often, so you want something future-proof. So, what do you get? The 9. So does 0. With VLC 3.

VLC for iOS update turns Apple Watch into remote control, media browser

Your email address will not be published. My biggest beef with VLC is that it's lagged behind in audio. I even wrote to them but they didn't reply. All I've wanted is for VLC to be able to step back and forth frame by frame and audio scrubbing. Been waiting since and since it hasn't been implemented, I've moved on to better players. Unfortunately, it doesn't get as much attention as VLC. One problem I've been using MediaMonkey for years.

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It works, but it is also a 'heavy' program. I would switch to VLC if the darn thing could support adding lyrics manually. A pity. Rob Nightingale. Top Deals. Tap on those buttons repeatedly until the voice matches the on-screen text. Another great tip for people using the Android app to listen to video or audio is to alter the speed of the media. It is a fun trick to skim through university lectures. With Playback Speed controls one can easily play between 0.

That means you can play any media file 4 times slower or faster. Access digital media at a slow speed if you cannot understand it. Jump to higher speeds like 2x or 4x to save some time. There is so much control in this option that you can play specific speeds like 1. To access the playback speed option, click on Options … on the screen interface. It is only available when any video or audio is open. After tapping on options, click on the little human running icon as shown in the screenshot below. The checkbox will denote whether the speed setting is saved or not. VLC clearly distinguishes between audio and video player interfaces.

There are two interfaces for each one of them. The video player will only list videos whereas the audio player will only list your MP3s. It is very simple to switch between the interface. Switching between video and audio player interface is available within the same app. Anyways, when you go to the audio player interface, the songs are listed in different tabs—artists, albums and songs.

If your MP3 files are tagged properly with the ID3 tags, then songs will automatically be categorized. When they have proper tags, the lists in the artists, albums and genres tabs will be automatically populated and grouped. The songs tab will just display all the music files that you have, alphabetically. There is another way to group songs and that is by using Playlists. It can help us group songs according to our preference. That means, songs with different artists, albums and genres can be put into a single list.

Think of it as your favorite playlist with the best songs for the right mood. Then choose the Add to playlist option. You can either create a new list or add it to an existing playlist. When playlists are accessed, the songs are played sequentially. The feature of sorting them is not available. Your playlist can loop on forever or stop at the end. We can also set a sleep timer to stop the playlist after a certain time has passed. You can define the exact hours, minutes and seconds for the timer.

After the time has passed, the playlist will stop playing. It will certainly save some time. There might be a minor difference in how widgets are added to the home screen. But it is usually a long press in one of the empty areas of the screen.

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Then tapping on Add Widgets will show all the possible widgets, alphabetically. Depending on your preference, choose any one of them. The only difference between these two is cosmetics. Otherwise, both have the same functionality. Once the widget is placed on an empty area of the home screen, you can do these things—launch the whole player by tapping on the icon, play a song immediately or stop it, switch between different tracks forward and backward of the current playlist.

The main benefit of this feature is to give you access to your songs quickly. Just hit play and a song will begin instantly. One of the exciting things about VLC is the ability to navigate to other apps while the media is still playing. This works well if the media is an audio file.

Set up VLC for VLC Remote

You can check your Facebook while the VLC app plays your favorite playlist in the background. But what if it is a video and you want to continue to watch it? One way is to use the Pop-Up Player trick. When the Background or popup mode is activated, you have three options—Stop, Play videos in background and Play videos in Picture-in-Picture mode. The first option is obvious to everyone. The second one is for those who just want the audio to continue playing. The third one allows video to move to the side in a smaller window and it continues there.

There are two ways to activate the so-called PiP mode. One is to use the more options … button from the video player interface. There should be a currently playing media on the screen for this option to appear. When you tap on it, the video will immediately move to the bottom right. You can tap and drag on the smaller video to any location. Press the home button and full Android app interface will no longer take over your screen. Only the small video display will exist. Open any other app and it will stay there over other apps.

To get rid of it, push it to the bottom of the display and it will disappear. Choose the third option from this screen Play videos in Picture-in-picture mode. Now, all the videos will shift to PiP or Background mode when you navigate away from the app. It is a known fact that people are using VLC for Android on their phones. Phones are meant to receive calls. Phone calls have audio. It will certainly interfere with your music playback. Your music will stop when your phone is ringing.

But what happens after you disconnect the call? Do you want the music to continue? Well, most of us do. We even avoid phone calls when our favorite song is on. Make sure that it is checked. Also, a headset is essential for musical playback. The headset options give you control to automatically play songs when it is inserted. It also gives us the ability to pause your music when it is connected. The remote-control features to control the volume and switch between songs are also present.

This option, if activated, will continue your media from the previous position. It is useful for continuing movies and long audiobooks from the same point.

The best alternatives to the VLC media player - 1&1 IONOS

VLC will automatically choose the folders where your media files are located. You can customize the selection that it has done it for you. Media library folders. Under it, you browse your Internal and External memory and all the folders and sub-folders under it.

We can check or uncheck any folder, according to our preference. Unchecking a specific folder avoids media from that location from being discovered. Similarly, the Auto rescan checkbox should be activated.