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You might also see a message that says your system is up to date.

What is Remote Play?

If that happens, go back to the Settings screen and scroll down until you see System. Select that, then select System Information to see what software version you have — as long as it says 3.

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Before streaming PlayStation 4 games you'll also need to make sure you have a PC or Mac that meets the minimum requirements for remote play. After making sure your Windows PC or Mac meets the minimum requirements Windows 7 users are out of luck, but at least the upgrade to Windows 10 is still free , head to the Remote Play website , where you'll find two buttons — one to download the software for Windows, the other for Mac.

Click the appropriate button and the software will download. Next, run the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Remote Play software.

Stream PlayStation 4 games from the console to your Mac with Remote Play

You'll now need to enable Remote Play on your PlayStation 4. If you've already done this to stream to another device you can skip this step. You may also need to activate the system as your primary PS4.

PS4 remote play: как играть на Mac?

Under Resolution select the setting that's best for you. For the best graphics choose High p , but note that you'll need to make sure your home network or broadband internet is up to the job. Under Frame Rate choose High for a smooth experience, but if you're connecting via Wi-Fi, or have a slow internet connection if you're using Remote Play when you're away from home, stick to Standard.

Guide: How To Use PS4 Remote Play On Your PC/Mac

Finally, click OK to save your preferences. The Remote Play software will search your home network — or over the internet — for your PlayStation 4. All being well, you'll then be greeted with the home screen of your PlayStation 4 on your Windows or Mac desktop.

You can make this full-screen, and use the connected DualShock 4 to control the PlayStation 4 remotely. As of early April , you can now play PlayStation 4 games right on your Mac. With the Mac installer and a PS4 gamepad, you can tap into the digital and disc-based games on the most popular game console on the market today. And it works pretty well—at least under the most ideal conditions. That feature was later extended to the PlayStation Vita handheld, but few PlayStation 3 games ultimately supported it. Now you can play top-tier PS4 games, along with digital indies and old-school reissues, on the Vita wherever you are.

How to stream PS4 games to your Mac or PC with Remote Play

And Sony has also brought the feature to some of its own Android smartphones and tablets, although not to other mobile devices just yet. All the computing is still done on your game console, with your interactions rapidly transmitted to the PS4 and the gameplay footage just as speedily sent back to your screen. But Remote Play is absolutely dependent on network quality, which can be a frustrating variable depending on your situation.

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  • Make sure your PlayStation 4 has the latest system software version 3. Click the button to connect to the PlayStation 4 over the internet, and voila, you should have the PS4 interface on your screen within moments. Still, every bit of bandwidth counts, right?

    From Preferences, you can choose between three resolution options—High p , Standard p , and Low p —as well as High 60 frames per second and Standard 30fps frame rate options. And games still look great at p, anyway.

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    I tried a handful of top PlayStation 4 games of varying genres and styles across multiple performance settings and connections—and by and large, Remote Play worked really well. At max settings on my home Wi-Fi, separately tested with the PS4 connected both wired and wirelessly, a fighting game like Street Fighter V fared well.

    The same goes for Rocket League, an awesome indie hit about soccer-playing cars—which is slated to hit Mac soon, but is still missing in action. The raucous Rocket League is headed to Mac at some point, but for now, you can enjoy it via Remote Play.