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Toggle navigation. UD Central Exchange: Desktop Client Setup Once a central Exchange account has been set up, it can be accessed in a variety of ways - from a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone device. Certificate warning If you see a window indicating that a secure connection cannot be established because a root certificate cannot be found, follow these steps: Click Show Certificate. Click the arrow in front of Trust.

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Click the drop-down menu after the statement When using this certificate. Click Always Trust.

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  • Click Continue. Type the password for your Mac computer if requested.

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    • Click Update settings. The certificate warning message should not reappear.

      UAConnect365 Configuration Settings - Macs

      If you use Outlook for Mac instead, you can simply set up an Exchange account. If you would like your Exchange UAConnect account set up on your Mac for you, use the following website on the machine you want the account on:. Thank you to IT staff at the College of Fine Arts for developing this tool and sharing it with campus. If you would like to set upon your Mac yourself, from the Apple menu, click on System Preferences.

      You will see an error message: "Unable to verify account name or password.

      How to Add Exchange Office 365 Email to Mac

      You will see the error "Unable to verify account name or password" again, but this time instead of Sign In the option is Next. Click Next. For both of these, enter outlook.

      The Autodiscover wizard has not worked

      Outlook If you use Outlook for Mac instead, you can simply set up an Exchange account.