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Log in Register Partner Portal. Record up to 64 channels of pristine audio from your Dante network using your favorite DAW such as ProTools, Logic, Cubase or others Playout audio from any application like iTunes for background music, theater sound, and effects. Presentations and Conferences Amplify your message with high quality audio that everyone can hear, using the network and Dante-enabled sound equipment that is already in place. Share VoIP calls from Skype with your entire audience Play sound from any application to enhance demonstrations and videos Send rich, powerful audio from your PowerPoint or Keynote slides to any Dante-enabled sound system Multichannel Powerhouse Dante Virtual Soundcard gives you as many channels of audio as you need.

Route audio to different destinations and devices with any number of channels, including splits 64 channels of uncompressed, bidirectional audio means no-compromise multi-track recording Virtual Sound Check up to 64 channels of playout for live shows No Compromise Performance - It's Dante Dante Virtual Soundcard delivers the legendary audio quality that has made Dante the leading choice for audio networking by sound engineers, manufacturers and installers the world over.

Download the datasheet:. Already own a copy of DVS? Click here to manage your existing licenses. New Trial License Get a free 14 day trial today You must login to get a trial license.

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Dan R Employee November 10, Hello Aaron, Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you're having trouble! What version of Logic X are you running? I believe Dimitrios Geddes December 16, Hi Dan R, I am also having a similar issue. The controls all work fine whilst in 'auto', but Logic won't recognise any presses on the keyboard unless 'bypass all control surfaces' is checked.

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Is there not a way to use the keyboard and the control functions concurrently? Not a problem Acknowledged In progress Solved. How does this make you feel? Add Image. I'm e. Gerard Trouborst November 29, Hey Dan R. I'm dealing with a comparable issue. I also use an Oxygen 49, It worked well, with and without the directlink drivers.

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But a week ago I opened Logic Pro X version So it's obviously recognized. But there no signal recognized in the transport bar "No In", "No Out" it says. Using GarageBand gives no problems: everything works fine there.

If I put a monitor after the keys and I click on the keyboard icon with my mouse there it produces sound and there also data registered. But, if I press any key on the Oxygen, everything keeps quiet for example: I put a monitor between the physical input and the keys, bot nothing happens, see: image. Moreover, the physical input mentions the Oxygen, but it seems that it is not 'really' connected.

Switching between Sum and Oxygen makes no difference either. I hope you have any advice because I searched for a couple of days and this is the only place I found someone with a comparable problem. This reply was removed on ZioFlat December 25, I have the same problem. If I select "Oxygen 49" as input port in the control surfaces setup panel, the transport bar and the faders work in auto mode but the keys are not working. If I select "Midi Port" as input I have to manually configure the faders and the knobs but at least the keys are working again.

In Garageband I can confirm everything is working fine. Ezra Hinds December 31, I installed direct link and now the buttons and faders work but not the keys. How do I uninstall direct link? I'm having the same exact issue. If i turn the keyboard off and then turn it back on, the keys work until i hit OK on the midi input dialogue box notifying me the inputs have changed. Once i hit OK the keys stop.

I have exactly the same problem and i cannot delete DirectLink. My folder "Preferences" does not include any file named "com. Is there any other way to delete manually the DirectLink? I have Logic Pro x Thank you in advanced! Philip Na-Nuke January 01, Roded Leviathan January 31, Can someone help I don't have any apple. Valerie Smalkin October 28, Oh thank you Oh thank you!

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