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If you ever run into this problem, you can simply do the following: Open Terminal as a user with Administrator rights Type: defaults delete MobileMeAccounts Press enter to finish You should now be able to go into System Preferences, iCloud and see the below iCloud login prompt. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

Part 2. How to Reset the iCloud Password

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How to Delete an Apple ID / iCloud Account from Mac OS

Tap Delete from My iPhone. Click Sign Out. If you want to a keep a copy of your iCloud data on your Mac before you sign out, make sure that you select the appropriate checkboxes.

How to Sign out of iCloud

Then click Keep a Copy. Select Sign Out.

Click Sign out. Yes No.

How Do I Log Out Of iCloud On My Mac?

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Adding an address here does not result in any change. Still lists none. Removed it from iCloud but still signed in acc. Vogler Jun 28 '18 at Why am I getting a downvote for offering a fix for that problem?

Disabling iCloud on Mac OS X Yosemite

Vogler Jul 4 '18 at I have been trying for 10 days to sign out of iCloud with no luck. I will try your way and see if it works for me. For PeterJ 3 3 gold badges 4 4 silver badges 10 10 bronze badges.