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You can create a folder that only lists articles that contain specific words, or from specific sources, that were published in the past 3 days. Vienna is the only open source RSS Reader on this list. The design language is still from the pre-Yosemite redesign phase and on Sierra, and it sticks out.

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Design issues aside, Vienna is a solid, stable and feature rich RSS reader. The main reason to choose it is arguably its price tag of free. Read More using the Subscriptions feature. Click on Subscriptions and then select Add Feed. Leaf is a visual RSS reader.

It has big and bright UI elements as well as eye-catching icons for websites. Do you still use RSS to read your favorite news sites? Which RSS service and apps do you use? Share with us in the comments below. Your email address will not be published. I had no idea that was a thing. How is the app? The iOS one hasn't been updated for 3 years now. Rob Nightingale.

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  7. Trimming back direct support makes Reeder 4 feel more consistent and focused. Reeder has long had the ability to sync your read-it-later queue from Instapaper and read your queue right within the app. Read Later acts much like the Instapaper integration — you can add items quickly and easily to Read Later and, well, read those articles at a later time. As it stands, the Read Later function is likely best suited for those who are looking to keep their RSS articles separate from their larger read-it-later queue inside Instapaper. RSS is all about text, so if the best RSS reader is going to be worth its salt, then it should provide a great reading experience.

    Appearance handles everything from a theming perspective. These layout options will keep Reeder in your selected layout choice no matter how you navigate through the app. While all of these settings can be overwhelming together, they grant the ability to fine-tune the Reeder experience. Reading is a hodgepodge of more font settings, allowing you to customize font size, spacing, and the alignment of titles and body content.

    New in Reeder 4 is a Bionic Reading feature, designed to help reading comprehension by bolding specific segments of individual words. Per the sales pitch:. A higher dimension of reading. With Bionic Reading you read texts with more focus, awareness, and sustainability. Navigating Reeder can be lightning fast. In addition to customizable and nearly endless keyboard shortcuts, the application supports numerous gestures for trackpad users:.

    Once these gestures and keyboard shortcuts are ingrained, they make skimming and reading articles lightning-fast. In fact, the gestures in particular remind me that Reeder started out on iOS. While that may sound like a problem from an old-school Mac fan, the reality is that the best apps on the Mac should be flexible and powerful while easy to use.

    The Best Free RSS Reader for Mac OS X is NetNewsWire

    While Reeder has been around since , it took the developer some time to re-group after Google shuttered Reader. On the surface, ReadKit looks a lot like Reeder. However, it lacks a lot of the polish found in our favorite app. Once my account was set up, it was noticeably slower to fetch my test library of 4, unread items and took considerably more CPU to do so.

    Community and Support

    Read Later, RSS News new unread items , and RSS Starred are the three default folders, but creating new ones to act as filters on incoming content is pretty straight-forward for anyone who has set up rules in Mail or smart folders in Finder:. While Reeder can only send items to services like Pocket or Instapaper , ReadKit doubles as a client for these services as well, putting your Instapaper, Pocket, or even Pinboard articles in the same application as incoming RSS content.

    This makes ReadKit a bit of a trojan horse — the Greek kind, not the scary computer virus kind.

    The Best RSS Reader for Mac (Updated for and Reeder 4)

    It looks like an RSS client, but in reality, can serve as a local Instapaper or Pinboard client just as easily. This is a very popular RSS app that features a tagging system for organizing content into categories. The design is clutter-free for easy reading, plus it integrates with most of the popular social media and Read Later apps for easy sharing.

    You can also add custom sharing services to share content via non-supported apps. The best feature in Feedbin is its advanced search function that allows you to search content by keyword and save your search criteria, as well. With this feature, you can set up a folder that produces a fast overview of specific topics, and use the saved search API for more options than just viewing it in the reader.

    The tool also allows you to write more sophisticated rules to sort content automatically. Unlike other RSS tools that cache content temporarily, Inoreader offers unlimited archives.

    Best RSS Reader for iOS, Android, Mac & PC

    The most outstanding feature on the Newsbar is the ability to add a news ticker on your Mac or iOS device that is similar to those on the bottom of TV news stations. The tool also allows you to hover over a seemingly interesting headline to view the entire post; or to set up notifications for certain keywords and conceal the Newsbar so it only alerts you when there is new content about your preferred topics.

    This popular RSS reader app automatically syncs feeds and integrates with the most popular RSS reading later tools and other services on Mac desktops. The tool features an elaborate search and sort function that lets you create custom rules to save articles in the right folders. The app syncs RSS feeds automatically, allowing you to maintain a local database of your favorite articles on your PC. You can then access the topics you want using its search feature.

    RSSOwls search function allows you to use logic expressions to find anything in the articles. As its name suggests, this PC reader focuses on providing the user with technical options whilst keeping the interface simple and clean. It has a user-friendly interface, as well as lots of great features including notifications for feed updates, search function, and the option to filter your feeds.

    What is the RSS feed?

    Clicking on the icon should display the XML code. You are done!

    How to Use RSS Reader in Mac

    With so many RSS readers for different devices, you should be able to find one that suits you perfectly. Over-subscribing will defeat the merits of RSS. Like email, RSS can also become overloaded. So, start small with just a few feeds of the sites you are really interested in, and then grow your subscription list gradually.