Turn on FaceTime

If your Mac has a Touch Bar , you can use it to accept a call, decline a call, decline and send a message, or decline and set a reminder.

Apple FaceTime bug lets people eavesdrop on your iPhone or Mac without your knowledge

Note: When you switch a phone call to an RTT call, the microphone remains active — click the Mute button or use the Touch Bar to turn off audio for the call. Click to switch between calls.

FaceTime Setup

Transfer the call to your iPhone: When your Mac is near your iPhone, tap the Handoff icon that appears in the bottom-left corner of the Lock screen of your iPhone. In these apps on your Mac, do one of the following: FaceTime: Enter a phone number in the search field you may need to press Return , then click the Audio button or use the Touch Bar. Safari: Click a phone number on a webpage, then click Call.

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Answer calls on your Mac On your Mac, when a notification appears in the top-right corner of the screen, do one of the following: Accept an incoming call: Click Accept. Decline a call: Click Decline. FaceTime uses your Address Book contacts to make calls. The righthand panel lists or your contacts directly from the Address Book.

Apple pulls Group FaceTime from iOS 12 | Cult of Mac

Select any of your contacts and their details will appear on the right along with the phone number and email address. Once the call is connected, your own video image is shown as as a small window overlaid on the main display. If you move your mouse away from the call, the controls i.

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The FaceTime window can be resized or even switched to fullscreen mode. If the iPhone user rotates their phone the display also expands to match the sideways-on aspect ratio as shown below. FaceTime is undoubtedly a very well-implemented and slick video calling app which works seamlessly between Apple devices and the Mac.

Making and receiving calls is a breeze — just click the contacts you want to dial and FaceTime makes the call.

How to Turn off FaceTime on Your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Click the desired contact, and then click the Add to Favorites button. To display your favorite contacts at any time, click the Favorites button in the FaceTime window.

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Mute: Click the mute icon to turn off the sound coming from your MacBook. FaceTime displays a reminder that mute is enabled. To restore your audio feed, click the mute icon again.

How to Make and Receive Phone Calls on MacOS