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I clicked the shutter button, but the displayed shutter count did not change. It is necessary to power cycle the connected camera turn off and on in order to see the updated shutter count value.

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This is due to a technical optimization that minimizes battery power drain when a camera is connected to eosmsg. Why not use the picture filename to determine shutter count? Using numeric suffix of filenames written by the camera on a flash card is not equivalent to camera's shutter count the suffix resets to 0 after Here are examples when the filename does not indicate the true number of pictures taken with the camera.

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A new flash card is inserted containing a picture file with higher numerical suffix. The numbering then continues with this higher suffix. JPG, this indicates that the shutter count is The shutter count in this case will be only JPG when shutter count is The file name is edited to lower the numerical suffix.

16,717,257 shutter actuations on D200!

Read This First! It's no secret that iOS is a secure operating system, but Apple's latest firmware update adds yet another level of protection for consumers. Read More , cameras are easy to sell too. Before you buy any used camera, be wary of signs that it might be stolen. Is it extremely cheap? Thieves want to get rid of their stolen goods ASAP and nothing sells quite as fast as a camera priced way below market price. Not every sale is illegitimate, but the cheaper it is, the more suspecting you should be. Is it missing peripherals? No reputable seller will only sell a camera body and lens.

Is the seller urgent? Yes, some people just want to get rid of their stuff and make a quick sale. However, when combined with the other warning signs, it should raise your suspicions. If you suspect that the camera is stolen, consider using a tool like Stolen Camera Finder or Stolen Equipment Registry or Camera Trace to check the serial number against a database. Buying a digital camera is a big deal, so we've made it much easier to understand the kinds of cameras out there. What do you look for when buying a used DSLR? Have you ever been burned or deceived?

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Share your tips and stories with us in the comments below! Your email address will not be published. No reputable seller will sell only a camera body and lens? Are you serious?

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This is second hand stuff you are talking about. Many people don't keep all the boxes. Or in some cases it's simply not worth the extra price of shipping the box. Yes it is nice to have every little thing, but that is usually reflected in the price. I would pay about ten bucks extra for a box, if that. Are you seriously saying a seller who doesn't have a box is not reputable? I agree with photog, saying missing peripherals or a missing box means it's not a legit sale is ridiculous.

These are used products.

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Besides, as long as the seller tells you they aren't included, then you already know what you're getting. If possible I would always take a few pictures, focus test it and check it out properly on the computer. If it's Canon, then it's worth checking out the Canon Loyalty Program. I think it is still on. I have seen some pretty nice video from GOPros. My own opinion is that GoPro cameras only serve a particular niche: high-action shots where handhelds would be problematic.

How To Find Out ALL DSLR Camera Shutter/Actuations/Shot Counts 2016

If you aren't going to be filming in that kind of scenario, I wouldn't even consider the GoPro. However, that's just me. Rob Nightingale.