Boot Camp lets you run Windows 10 on your Mac. Here's how to use it

If they aren't, check them by pressing space on each and continue. Tab to the choose button and navigate to the location where you stored the ISO file. Continue tabbing passed choose to select the hard drive to install windows content. Use your arrows to select the drive and continue. Once finished, bootcamp will ask you how you want to partition your mac's hard drive. Here, you can either divide it equally or resize it yourself. Use VO with your arrows to find where voiceover says "vertical splitter.

Interact with that to resize your drives if you so choose and hit continue. Otherwise, hit divide equally and then continue. When it does, you'll be on the first windows 8 setup screen for language and input. Press enter, and then enter again to install. Type in your product key without dashes and hit enter Press alt A to check the agree to terms check box, followed by alt N. Note: your alt key is the option key on your keyboard This screen asks you if you'd like a custom install or to upgrade from a previous version of windows.

We want custom, so hit the letter C Down arrow three times to your newly created bootcamp hard drive. Press alt F for format. Note 1: arrowing through this screen to many times will make it wrap up to select the top entry. Note 2: some guides tell you to hit alt A here instead of Alt F. If you value your sanity, do not press alt A. On the format screen, press your tab key to OK and hit enter. Now hit alt N Now you're installing windows. You will hear some hard drive activity while this takes place. Be prepared to wait a while. Your computer will reboot twice before landing on the windows setup screen.

Here you should be able to hit windows U for Narrator and go through setup with speech and sound. Your windows key is command. Once done setting up windows, open the external media that you used to install from.

How to Install Windows 8 with Boot Camp on your Macbook or iMac

Press B for the bootcamp folder. Open that and press enter on setup and follow the instructions to install bootcamp drivers. That's it. If you encounter issues with windows, try updating your mac. I would also be glad to try and answer any questions you have. Hope this helps someone. Disclaimer The guide on this page has generously been submitted by a member of the AppleVis community. As AppleVis is a community-powered website, we make no guarantee, either express or implied, of the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this guide.

Twitter Facebook. Where would I get a copy of 7 to put on my mac, and will these steps work if i were to? What model of Mac, and did your friend purchase the 32 or 64 bit version? Installing and configuring Bootcamp without sighted assistance Guide - December 5, - Christopher Hallsworth - 55 comments. Partitioning large hard drive for time machine and Windows Forum Topic - August 30, - Nickus - 5 comments.

Browse By Tags Accessories Apple TV 0. Apple Watch 1. Bluetooth Braille Gaming GPS 2. Mac Apps So I just want to know if you think VMware is worth playing with, can I keep my operating systems in their current states and just add this to maybe switch the operating systems in real time or have them run in parallel? This may give me something else to do, but I may not want to have to reinstall anything and take a lot of time putting Windows 7 back on and upgrading to 8 and then Ubuntu adding … But I do have time on my hands.

Thank you again if anyone is really monitoring this forum any longer. Oh and I am not really having any issues with Windows 8 on the Macbook except the brightness is a bit dim or dimmer than the Mac side. Anyone knows why and how to fix? I want to test run Windows 8 as well. Anyways I got to clear my C: first and it is a very long process haha. Please can u post an update with a test of the public beta version just released at MWC? Could u test it and give a walk through as well as test some PC games as well? Thanks a million sir.

You are excellent! Perhaps spell check could not catch that one like I did. And I am the one unemployed or having a difficulty finding work in this industry due to my disability and being a new hire? Life just is not fair now is it? Thanks for the steps, I tried it on a Mackbook 4,1 running lepord, bootcamp 2.

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  • Step 1: Confirm your Mac’s requirements.

Only bootable dvd works with bootcamp 2. I have a problem. Tried looking it from the Downloaded Windows Support files but its not there. And after you put Windows 8 on your Mac, will you be able to keep both the Windows 8 installer in the USB and some other files? I was wondering if one can use the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade disk to install or update Windows 7 partition on the MacBook without damaging anything.

I do not want to open the software if I cannot use the upgrade disk for this but have to have a full version. Yes Terrance, you can for sure. Parallels also stated that upgrading now may damage your virtual machine, causing you to lose all your data, files and Windows applications. I meant not damage anything in reference to the Mac partition as I used boot camp to install full version of Windows 7 Ultimate.

I may not care if I erase the Windows 7,but just not affect the Mac side. So can I successfully upgrade using Windows 8 pro upgrade disc and keep the integrity of Windows 7 in tact keep programs Office ,chrome,Firefox, etc. Finally, should I try the free trial version from Microsoft before I open the upgrade disks package in case I am not satisfied and can return what I just bought unopened?

I will work on backups as well on both sides, but Windows is not a priority as Mac is more important to me. I just want an improved Windows environment if possible and giving Windows a chance again. Finally, Can I download a trial or evaluation version of Windows 8 Pro and if I decide to keep it and trust it if it successfully installs on the boot camp partition of the MacBook , can I then use the disk I bought from the store to keep an official version without having to uninstall and potentially losing the Windows 7 data, applications during the first upgrade?

I hope this all sounds right.

Installing Windows 10 with Bootcamp On MacBook Pro A1502 MacOS Mojave Issues and Fixes

Please understand my concerns. I want to make this go right and not risk anything booting on the Mac on the Mac side and to have a successful upgrade to Windows 8 if that is possible. Hi Terrance, I tried upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on an iMac and I have no problem, all data and applications are kept and run properly. I just recommend you to back up the partitions just in case. You can try the Windows 8 Release Preview first to see if it works well with your Macbook. If it goes well, upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, otherwise, return your package for refund.

Good luck! I am sorry to perhaps ask this again… I just want to confirm… If I should use the Windows 8 Release Preview to upgrade from 7 Ultimate, 1st: will I be able to port or transfer all programs and data over to Windows 8? I will assume I can. Since I have bought the Windows 8 Pro upgrade, will I be able to keep my current settings files, programs in the migration to the version I bought or will I have to reinstall all over again and losing the data? I do not mind this, but just want to be informed of this or perhaps try to find the best way to preserve the data if possible — or even use a recovery to go back to Windows 7 Ultimate then use the disc I purchased if I like the demo.

I may end up just wanting to start fresh, and put the files back slowly and re-download any applications and reinstall software I own Roxio, DVD Maker, Garmin software, etc. Microsoft informed me that Preview of Windows 8 is no longer available. I really struggled to find it and tried not to ask you here. If it is still out there, please guide me to it or I may just end up returning this software I bought if I cannot get a guarantee of a refund if I do not like do not trust Microsoft Windows 8 Pro. Microsoft told me to return the product and the agent may not have had faith in the product from what I understood given my disability.

I thought you represented Microsoft here. I now see, the Preview was available for a limited time and I was thinking it was still out here or there somewhere online in some archive. Already there could be potential problems, but I will be hopeful. Hi Terrance, Sorry for the late responnse. I believe it is still available somewhere. I am not representing any company, just a normal user like you. I will try to get the link tomorrow when I can connect to Internet. I said good luck because there are some problems like I mentioned earlier when you run Window 8 on Mac.

It will take some more weeks to get it run properly. I really do apologize. I most sincerely hope you and your family and all are safe first and foremost. Best to you and get back to us when you can. I am pretty much okay with things with Windows 8… and if you can find and put up that link that would be beneficial. I will return what I have unopened and get it again the last day of the promotion buy more time for a 2nd return if necessary or I can just take the risk. I have the following problem. I installed W8 PRO on my 24 inch imac. How can i solve this problem?

Yeah we will have to wait until Apple updates drivers for Mac. There is nothing we can do right now. Anyone could help? I contacted Microsoft Support department and I asked why I could not locate the Windows 8 Pro preview software or download as I had trouble finding it and help guide me to its location. The Microsoft agent, who would not give his name, told me that the Preview is no longer available.

So now I am even more discouraged to try to give Windows 8 Pro a try since I am having difficulty finding the preview version and maybe there was some confusion, but the Microsoft person almost rudely told me to return the copy I have unopened yet. What am I to do to give Microsoft Windows 8 another chance as I have struggled with the slowness, non-responsiveness, lag of other Windows products in the past and even Windows 7 just now? Can I open this , try it and perhaps return it to the store or even to Microsoft with complaint? Hi Terrance.

I will try my best to find the link to download Windows 8 release preview for you, as soon as I get electricity back. You should not open the package as you will not be able to return later. If the preview runs well on your Mac, then you can do the upgrade without worries. I am sorry for my impatience. I hope you and your family, friends are well where you are and please take care.

The first call to Microsoft did not clarify that this Preview was offered before the software was released and I am sorry I did not realize that. I would appreciate if there is a link to something out there on the net, but my fear is that Microsoft may disable that if there is some activation dependence via the internet and connection with the parent company even for the 15 to 30 day limited demo software.

In other words, Microsoft may have cut this off or its access to be activated for a few days, who knows? I just learned the store is offering the promotion I got this past Sunday up until November 11th. I will return what I have and perhaps re-purchase again Nov. Or is it 30 days, I am not sure. You did mention to wait for some updates or something coming out with a different release in the up and coming weeks. So , will someone help me. I have a disability and Microsoft did not seem willing to help me locate this Preview or it may have been disabled.

I am really trying to trust Microsoft Windows and give it yet another chance from the the sluggish type operating system it is. Can someone please guide me where this Preview is or with the copy copies of the Windows 8 Pro upgrade discs I have, can get rid of them for some type of recovery if I am not happy with the product? I am waiting.

I am really bored here and want to get something started. I went to the link to the Microsoft website for this Preview of Windows 8 Pro. I did a google search for it and clicked. I only see how to purchase the operating system and the free downloads are for other software. I was hoping to get something downloaded and burned to a DVD or whatever so I can start this process. Do I have to wait?

I am not sure how much longer the promotion at the store will last to get the discounted operating system in case I return my current copy to buy me more time if I want to re-purchase it at a later date. I have lost money before I guess it is fine and who knows I may be happy with this potential loss. Oh my, when I used boot camp to install Windows 7, I was a lot generous perhaps.

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  8. I later put Windows 7 back on but this time allotting GB. Maybe I will just start all over and reduce this size and use more of my disk space for the Mac side. Maybe I will just do a nice number such as 50 GB. I have windows 7 on a bootcamp partition, and I have paid for, downloaded and burnt a windows 8 upgrade DVD. If I erase my bootcamp partition and re-partition, can I then install Windows 8 on the new partition? Do you have a solution for me?

    I mean I ran the Upgrade Assistant. Hi Daniel. So I think you just need to expand the boot camp partition. I would recommend at least 50 Gb for the Windows 8. So I was wondering if I can run the upgrade while I am logged into the Windows 7 partition and not go through Boot camp from Mac? Does this make sense? I was afraid that boot camp would not take an upgrade disk or rather Windows would have problems since it is an upgrade disk and not the full version?

    What do you think? I am looking at the box I bought and I am not sure if it is an upgrade or the full version. After I determine whether or not to keep Windows 8 Pro it is still in the bag with the receipt and I have not really looked at to see if it is a full version or just an upgrade , I may put it on one of 2 other notebooks that are running Windows 7. I guess I wanted to install on the Windows 7 partition on the Macbook since I am using that machine more the other Windows machines are either servers or the one my mom is using —she emphatically said she wants to stick to Windows 7 and is not sure about any upgrades.

    So I will search for one I can download if it is still out there and I am not overlooking it until Tuan gets back. Are there others who are experienced with this? Best of luck all , I will start searching again this weekend and explore this package i have more examining it externally to see if I really want to open it or return it and pick it up again Nov.

    It seems like you will have a lot of problems installing Windows 8 on Mac. I just see another comment here mentioning his issues and there are even more than what I had. It is just not ready. All people said drivers are not working well. It is horrible here in New York. I hope everything will come back next Monday and I can support you then. Oh please do not apologize as I have done to you if you got to read my other posts here.

    I said before take care of yourself, family and all others as that is most important is your safety. I pray for all affected by the storms. I hope I was not being too aggressive with this and just thought others had or have the excellent technical knowledge that you have with this stuff. It is decided, I will return what I have and try to purchase again the last day of the promotion and I have another 15 days for either a miracle to happen or just go with the flow and put the upgrade on a Sony notebook.

    I was just not sure how Windows 8 Pro would really work with older systems that are not touch screen since it seems to be more focused on that I think. Or who knows, maybe once or if I install it, some miracle will happen and I will be able to touch the screen and get response. Thank you so much, please try not to focus on this computer stuff and handle the things to make you safe there priority.

    I appreciate what you have done. Hope it helps. Backup and try it on your Bootcamp drive. If there is any problem, then you can decide to return the package. Let me know the result. I am thinking the Sony is a better machine for my mom to use anyway and will have to convince her to swap :. I have already backed up the Mac Partition and may get to the Windows one or just overwrite it as nothing important there anyway.

    Wow, which Acer monitor will you buy. I tried some touch screens from Asus before and they are just really bad. Totally different and much less responsive than when you touch the recent tablets. Ah, good point. I was just considering. But it could be cheaper to get a new notebook with the technology in place.

    I guess this monitor is obviously for those who get desktop systems but that is a bit outrageous. Thank you for this little comment to jog my brain a bit to think this over more, but trust me, I would not have jumped into doing something like this in haste. Perhaps I would just be interested in trying it out to see how it works and return without any additional cost to me.

    Whatever, the case, I have the. I have backed up Mac and Windows partitions and will double, triple check to make sure those are done right back ups are everywhere … 1 to 3 hard drives and may even do one on Blu-Ray or DVD. Oh yes, I was considering a Surface …. I guess this was to see if it all works with the touch screen and not commit to it long term. I just want to do it and see how it works on my own time… Oh, my what was I thinking or getting into?

    Limited availability. May not be in stock at time of order. No back orders. I really want to try to give Windows 8 a chance. I think it could be good but I may have to get a new machine that is fully compatible with the touch screen monitor and all. I was just trying my best to work with what I have presently. First try on the Macbook Boot Camp partition but I hear there could be problems so it is not so encouraging and that is fine, I expected this. I do not think I have the benefit here with the touch screen monitor unless a miracle happens.

    So it was potentially a crazy thing to do just to give Windows 8 a chance using my existing equipment and maybe I was not thinking straight and that is why I mentioned this monitor. And even that needs some extra thought. I thank you so much for that link to the. Now I need to price how much a desktop model would cost and see what the difference is to even consider getting one of those special updated monitors. If you decide to go with a touch screen monitor, I recommend you to try it in stores first before ordering on eBay.

    I tried many but honestly all of them sucks and are overpriced. I am using Windows 8 on There are smart gestures so that you can do stuffs easier. It is difficult to get discount on the tablet but I hope Microsoft will lower the price of Touch Cover.

    How to install Windows 10 on a Mac

    So can I connect this monitor and get the benefit of the touch screen or would special drivers be needed on the Macbook windows side…??? There are just so many questions to try to give this a fair chance with the existing computers and hardware I have and trying to to waste money if something is not going to work. I will just have to be content with the MacBook and perhaps consider Windows 8 on a machine that is fully compatible in the future after one of my existing computers malfunctions.

    I will just have to be patient… will wait for the monitors as you suggest. And I guess all my comments here have been for naught. ISO you supplied and just open the package I bought and put that on either the MacBook if it will work or just put it on the other computer and deal with it going forward as at least one computer will be running Windows 8.

    I tried Win8 on mac via bootcamp. You have to hunt for the wireless drivers. I found them, but after that, the trackpad works like garbage. No right click no, not even a combination of click plus any key will work. At some point, after trying to update drivers, I lost the mouse entirely. I used bootcamp to kill my bootcamp partition and will wait until this is fully baked.

    Sounds or seems like a headache for Mac? The store confirmed I have 30 days not just 15 to return, but my concerns are probably all for naught as I may keep Windows 8 pro upgrade to install on a Sony Vaio and get a touch screen monitor if that works using the HDMI video port. I may not install on boot camp partition on MacBook after all and will continue to monitor the logs here on the progress if there is any of things. Thank you for the warnings. And so why do I want to do this again?

    After this struggle, am I really going to suffer from compatibility problems? I even had some problems getting the Bluetooth to work within Windows 7, but I managed to do something to make it work.

    Navigation menu

    Oh I really and truly want to give Windows 8 a chance and I am willing to go through this and I hope in the end there is some benefit like the non-responsiveness I seem to experience with Windows 7 and others prior or when I click something it does not register immediately but there is a delay or my characters are not all shown or are buffered causing misspellings and having to backspace and retype or the scroll down gets lagged and just other quirks I have patiently endured for the past 11 years being outside a UNIX environment Sun Workstation being laid-off is really bad on your computing environment and options.

    I am so so very happy with the Mac kind of back to Unix since the migration and just use Windows 7 at home as 2 to 3 laptops have it, I use 2 of them as servers and just mainly remote desktop into them at times to retrieve data or send print jobs when I am out. I will rest and reinstall Windows 7 using boot camp and try the preview upgrade from within Windows. I am sorry I meant some benefit like the non-responsiveness will vanish or go away… my run-on sentence somehow overwrote that … I want the lag and the repositioning of the cursor or the eating of the characters when typing and other things to just go away.

    I am praying Windows 8 is the answer this time. I really want to make this work. So far not a success and I am tired after seeing a client for several hours assisting with a cable TV and internet installation. I attempted to install Windows 8 I burned Preview I guess and I got blocked by some request of video drivers and I was not sure which to choose if any as they said there was some incompatibility.

    I am tired. I did not state that correctly. I am blocked as it is saying some media drivers or files are missing. I created a windows assistant image or think those files are on burned on DVD and are on a USB flash and I located those but I am not finding or it is not finding some media drivers. I should have installed this via Windows 7 when it was on the separate or created partition I have since deleted. Oh well. Maybe I will put Windows 7 back on and try executing the Preview disc from that environment and not using boot camp, if that makes sense or is the right way.

    And maybe I am doing something wrong and thus not too encouraged to putting Window 8 on the macbook if this and other problems that have been discovered.