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You can also create content that can easily be accessed for people with disabilities on CD, DVD, and million web users with Macromedia Shockwave Player. User rating. Development Tools. FirePath for Firefox.

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If Havok scenes are created in Director, then the physics of the 3D world needs to be set up through Lingo. The Xtra comes with a library of behaviors to simplify this process. This can be done through the behaviors supplied by Havok. Note: Havok and Macromedia had an agreement to ship the Havok Xtra with the standard install of Director. This contract has ended prior to the release of Director MX The Windows version of the Havok Xtra can be downloaded here.

The Havok Developers Site Archive, which had 3D demos with downloadable sources files, has gone offline.

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Email me if you would like a file from that resource. Working through this tutorial This tutorial made up of two parts. The first creates content with 3D Studio Max 4. The second part of the tutorial involves stimulating the 3D content in Director using the Havok Xtra. If you do not have Max or necessary plugins, you can still work through the tutorial starting from the Director stage. In Director, we will look at how to use the Havok Exporter file made with Max as well as using a Havok cast member created in Director. You can find the necessary 3D files at the start of the Director component of this tutorial.

Make sure you read through the Max section so you understand what was done. All files used in the creation of this tutorial can be found at the bottom of this page. Working with Reactor in 3D Studio Max 1. In Max, create a scene similar to the one I created shown below , which includes a ground plane made from a box rather than a plane primitive and a number of other 3D primitives.

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Add an omni light to give some light the scene. You will notice that all my 3D objects are placed slightly above the ground. Click on the Helpers Icon in the command panel and then select reactor in the Helpers drop-down menu as shown to the left.

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Click in any of the view planes to place your rigid body collection symbol into your scene. Once this symbol is created, you should move it away from the other models.

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Its position is not important how reactor will work, but it keeping it out of the way, will make your scene less cluttered. With the collection still selected, click the Modify tab and make sure the RGBCollection Properties rollout is expanded as shown to the right. Click the Add button, then in the dialog box that appears, select all the models and then press Select.

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You can also add models to a collection by picking them from your 3D view panes using the Pick button. Next we will assign physical properties to our 3D world. Click the Utilities tab in the command panel. Download for Mac.

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