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When it comes to paid tax software, two names probably come to mind: TurboTax and Ufile. Both have installable programs as well as online versions. My recommendation for the best paid tax software is UFile.

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It has a lower price than TurboTax, especially if you have a simple return to file. Those that are using the online version do not need to pay extra to file for their dependants. UFile is available in all the provinces, and the product and pricing structure is simple.

Another good option for paid tax software is TurboTax , which many Canadians still remember as QuickTax.

The name was changed for the version. If you are concerned about price, in most situations UFile will serve you better. However, there are some ; free tax software programs that offer a good experience while still covering what you need. My recommendation for the best free tax software is SimpleTax.

SimpleTax is a relatively new entrant into the tax application space. I like the clean design and the simple user interface. This is a program that allows you to pay what you want, if anything. For most tax filers, SimpleTax is likely enough for what is needed to prepare your taxes effectively.

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StudioTax is a solid program that you might want to try. I used it to file tax returns in the past, and found it did the job just fine. Carefully consider what is likely to work best for you, and make a decision based on your own needs. Tom Drake is the owner and head writer of the award-winning MapleMoney. With a career as a Financial Analyst and over a decade writing about personal finance, Tom has the knowledge to help you get control of your money and make it work for you.

I did have a difficult time getting the program to make the correct adjustments when I had to replace a nearly new notebook computer whose value was not totally depreciated. I used ufile last year and thought it was great; however, I did the full operation start to finish in one sitting. This year I completed the tax returns for my family members, paid and saved the information as I wanted to check one thing. I used the password reset funnction but never received the reset password.

The support for this software is abysmal. I now need to pay another provider in order to do my tax returns and start from scratch. If you need any support dont use Ufile. There is none.

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I have been using this software for the past few years and worked just fine. But this year there is a problem. It shows box 14 in red. But when I click for the next page again it takes me back to box I sent them two emails for help 2 wks go.

I am still waiting for an answer. I am going to use another software to do my tax this year and good bye for ever to Ufile. I also buy a thick tax book from KPMG every 5 years or so. Between the two and the the info CRA sends, I have my taxes down pat.

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Oh thanks for the review Tom. I was actually just recently wondering which program I should use to do my taxes. I have used the studio tax for 3 years and this year I am using the Studio Tax Enterprise version 20 returns free.

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So far so good. I always use VisualTax as its inexpensive and does a through job even for professional tax preparers. I feel kind of bad that the guys behind Studio Tax have done all that hard work and get nothing but our thanks and gratitude; but I believe really strongly in NOT paying to pay your taxes! It works very well for fairly complicated returns involving investments, multiple income sources, and even business income. It also typically allows you to file up to 8 returns so it is easy to share with friends and family to save money.

Overall though it went well and their support on tax and using-the-software matters was fantastic. I like having an installable version but obviously it is not an absolute necessity for everyone. If you are using web versions, I think that the major players work with Mac in cloud mode. I have used Studiotax for several years now. But both weren't good. I had to buy Ufile last year. You may Google for free tax software.

Did you pay a "retainer" essentially? Typically clients rarely have to pay up-front. Was the accountant you used designated? If they are designated, take a retainer, fail to do the work, and don't refund the retainer, they would be in serious trouble with their professional body and it would merrit reporting them.

That being said, I'm going to guess that he wasn't designated, and you were looking for a "deal" of sorts? To become a software developer for electronic filing purposes and to receive information on return specifications, you have to complete a Software Developer's Application for Electronic Filing. If you are interested in developing commercial tax preparation software packages for use with the T2 Corporation Internet Filing service, contact us at:.

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