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You cannot create a movie DVD with iMovie A movie link will appear in the iDVD screen.

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I have burned it to a DVD and watched it on our television about an hour ago. I also have done a search for iDVD and it does not exist on my computer. I watched it on a DVD player using our television as the monitor.

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It worked beautifully Sep 23, AM. I guess I'll have to take to a professional and see if he can help.

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This DVD is honoring our deceased classmates for our 50th class reunion so it is important to have 1 copy that loops so I don't have to go start it again every 33 minutes. Well, I'm puzzled, because what you are telling me sounds impossible. And iMovie does not make DVDs.

How did you make this DVD? To save it, I clicked on "File" in the upper left corner, then "share" and then to my computer via a "File. Then it will play when you're not using your computer. You can also use QT player on loop and enjoy for as long as you like.

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As CJ said, rip it and edit yourself a loop. Get the whole world of DVD "chapters" out of your way. B : If you're prepare to delete the entire ripped movie and save only the clip, use something like kbps VBR 2-pass video encoding at full original frame resolution to eliminate any quality loss.

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Gadget at PM on October 8, You only need Handbrake and QuickTime Player to pull this off. Assume the answers above are sufficient to extract the clip to a file, have you considered putting the file in a digital picture frame and hanging it on the wall?

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They're very cheap these days, and they pretty much all support video clips. Some apps like VLC and MplayerX allow for looping forward and back and back to forward again, but QuickTime Player only allows video looping in the regular forward playback direction.

Thus, when the video ends in QuickTime, it loops back to the beginning of the video and plays again from the start. The QuickTime Player looping trick obviously requires a video to be stored locally on the Mac hard drive, or accessible through a network volume.

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Of course if the video you want to loop is online and accessible from the web, many web based video players allow the same playback features, and you can easily loop YouTube videos directly in the browser without any added software, and without downloading the video to the computer. Enjoy this tip?

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