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Keep in mind that performing this process with a disc you don't own or attempting to distribute the MP4 to other people is illegal in most places. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Categories: Video Conversion Software. Learn more Method 1. Go to HandBrake's download page.

HandBrake is a free file converter for both Mac and PC platforms. Click Download HandBrake. This red button is on the left side of the download page. HandBrake will begin downloading to your computer. Depending on your browser, you may first need to confirm the download or select a download location. You should see HandBrake's current version number e. Double-click the HandBrake setup file.

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It resembles a pineapple. You'll find the setup file in your computer's default downloads folder e. If you're having trouble finding the setup file, just type "handbrake" into Spotlight Mac or Start Windows and click the top result. Follow the setup instructions.

How to Convert DVD to MP4 Video Free on Windows and Mac - WinXDVD

You'll click Finish to complete the setup. Mac - Open the setup file and drag Handbrake into your Applications folder. Insert the DVD into your computer. In most cases, you'll accomplish this by sliding the DVD into the disk reader on the right side of your laptop or in front of the CPU for a desktop computer , though you'll need to first press a button on most Windows computers to prompt the disk tray to eject.

Some Mac computers don't have a built-in CD tray. You may have to close your computer's default audio program once you begin running the DVD before continuing. Open HandBrake. This app has an icon resembling a pineapple to the right of a drink. You should see HandBrake on your desktop by default. If you don't, search for it in Spotlight or the Start menu on Mac or Windows, respectively. Click the DVD icon.

How to rip a DVD disc to MP4 with a MAC

It's the circular disc option on the left side of the window, just below the File tab. You'll likely see the movie's here as well. Change the conversion settings if necessary. Click the Save button to confirm. Make the needed video and audio settings.

How To Burn DVD on Any Mac-Data DVD or Video DVD

Click OK to confirm all the settings. VLC is undoubtedly a robust media player that also supports video conversion and DVD ripping features. A wide range of other formats for conversion are also supported. There is a complete video editor that allows video trimming, cropping, cutting, adding special effects, and adding watermarks before converting to MP4 format. The program works on both Windows and Mac systems.

From the Convert tab, click Load DVD and from the drop-down menu, choose the disc that you have inserted. Choose as desired and click OK button. The added disc files will appear on the program interface. To trim, cut, crop, add special effects and other editing features, click one of the editing icons under the thumbnail image.

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  • Make the needed changes from the pop-up Edit window and click OK to confirm. Once editing is done, open drop-down menu at the Convert all files to: option on the top-right corner. From the Video tab, choose the MP4 format and the resolution of the output file. If corrupted, we have multiple ways to repair MP4 files. MP4 is compatible with almost all electronic devices, including computers from different brands, Apple iOS devices, Android phones and tablets from Samsung, Google, HTC, Microsoft, Sony mobiles, tablets, game consoles, and so on. No, there's no default DVD ripping program.

    So it's quite a complicated process to kick them to one side and rip DVD to MP4 or other formats on the computer. However, HandBrake and the peers fail to rip copy-protected DVDs natively and pop up error messages like " no valid source found ", "cannot scan DVD title" depending on different encryptions. That's the most concerned.

    Part 2. How to Convert DVD to MP4 with VLC Mac

    When we need to manage a large DVD collection, we hope the ripper can perform conversion process as fast as possible. Certainly, DVD ripping speed not only lies on the performance of DVD ripper but is influenced by computer configuration. The faster processor the computer has, the faster the encoding will be. On a modest machine, we find that HandBrake takes minutes to rip a feature-length movie to MP4 while the peers need more time.

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    It is a bit slow in my opinion. Sometimes, firewall and antivirus software may give a warning message of spyware. Even there is not an alert, we should be careful as well because some adware like Ask Toolbar is probably installed on the computer silently. The parameter settings are improper, like MP4 HD option with kbps the lowest bit rate, which leads to a 11GB file.

    4Videosoft DVD Ripper for Mac Guide

    Besides, part of the output images in the top and bottom area are removed. Seriously, we don't get it why this software ranks NO. Sometimes HandBrake makes it, but unfortunately, the output video is full of pixel blocks. Another bug is the wrong selection of Frame rate.

    The best free DVD ripper 12222

    Intel QSV encoding mode requires you to fill in the Avg. Yes Remove black bars or cut off unwanted area to fit for any screen. How to rip Disney DVDs. Apart from MP4, it also owns many other outputs of video formats and devices, e. Step 1. A dialogue box appears asking you to select source disc.