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My fav font is myriad pro and it's in every single document I use. So how am I supposed to overcome this problem as waiting for Apple to fix it is really not an option at all. Frustrated of Farnborough. You should certainly not attempt such a thing without a good backup and I'd make sure to have both Time Machine and a bootable duplicate , but in theory, you should just be able to boot from the Snow Leopard DVD and reinstall the OS, then download and use the It's non-trivial, but is the only guaranteed workaround for the In my experience, the problem can be reduced to ligatures no longer being prased.

All "liga" features in opentype and truetypes are ignored. This is completely unacceptable. The proposed conversion hacks are simply for butchering perfectly good fonts. The only acceptable fix is for Apple to unbreak what was broken! Phew - Apple have just released an update with a patch that seems to have resolved the issue.

Glad I didn't roll-back to But I will think twice before I automatically download any updates for anything ever again.

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Sounds like you are confusing a private fix with something released by Apple. If not, please provide some reference or url. Sorry, I should have said. This was an auto update from Apple for But I will say this seems to have worked on my macbook pro but I have an identical set-up on another mac iMac and it still has issues.

I can't find any references on the web to Apple having done anything at all to fix the font problem.

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There was a patch for Macbook Airs to deal with a different issue. If that really did fix fonts for you, I think you should let MacFixit and everyone know, as they seem to be in the dark about what you are describing. There is indeed no fix by today, neither from Apple nor Adobe.


Apple does not offer any statement or even acknowledgement of the problem, which I think is really unkind and inappropriate. I have exactly the problems described in the article and I wonder how Apple was just not capable to get known of this bug before they released the so called "Update" to Sorry, as far as I can see there is no update from Apple at all by now which fixes that problem.

I checked all the updates, and also the Adobe update today does not fix that problem, so the issue is still unresolved—though almost a month has passed now. May be a quick bug fix can be more expected from Microsoft than Apple. Since MS actually admints they have bugs sometimes. I just installed this and it still does not resolve the problem - cannot save as pdf from the print menu. That sounds like a different problem - people weren't having trouble making PDFs, they were having trouble with the fonts in those PDFs not displaying correctly. Perhaps try logging in as a different user; I can't think of what other aspect of the system could be tweaked by the user to test a fix.

Kati, which program won't let you create a PDF file from the Print menu? Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Email Address. Steve Werner. Adam Engst.

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David McNamara. My two cents Will ONeal. I could see that working until we get a fix from Apple - good sleuthing!

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OK, another workaround, and this one works, if the resulting file works for you. Anthony Reimer. Joshua Yeidel. Daniel A. It is bug I agree with the bitmap work around Kaleb Wyman. Betsy Rubinstein. Jefferson Le Blanc. Leslie Kinsland. Don Moeller. I am guessing that its all OpenType PostScript fonts, or is just a select few? Nick Plumb. FWIW, the same smart playlist would help eliminate the dupes in either case tho. In my experience with this great hint, the files are converted to MP3 about twice as fast as re-ripping them straight from CD. Add to that the fact that you don't have to keep loading new CDs and going through those motions, but rather can select the desired files, hit convert, and walk away.

This is the way to go in my book! On the audio quality issue, I can't say. It seems fine to me My entire music library is Apple loseless, all GB of it. This is a great way to put a bunch of music on one CD for the road, and an easy way to get rid of the MP3 files once the CD is burned. From Apple Loseless files, I am getting a conversion rate of x on a 3.

Sound quality isn't as good as CD but like a poster above said, at 70mph its hard to hear the difference.

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Lost your password? Paul, Excellent article. Picked up a few things. After reading this, I'm going to give TIM. Joe; Thanks ''" Nothing can match the capability for imaging and mounting found today within the current version of FTK Imager but I have really been impressed with the shear speed of TIM with its support for SMP and its optimization for the block size of the Tableau write blocks the performance it provides vs other imaging software is clearly evident.

Best; Paul. Nice article, thanks! It covers many useful details about imaging Macs. I recently imaged an iMac in a different way; I booted it with a forensic Linux distro and used FTK Imager for Linux to write the image out to an external hard drive. I hope you find my notes useful. Peter Read your post nice work! I have been down the same road with boot CD's on Mac's and while yes I was successful with Raptor I moved to Target mode to both eliminate the "potential" issue and to take advantage of the speed of firewire vs USB when writing the image.

In my practice I try to first go with the process that affords the least chance of altering data then second the method that works fastest. Target mode with a write block like the T9 eliminates the risk of any fat finger issues and works reasonably fast. Do you have an opinion on booting the mac with a live cd such as raptor and imaging to an external drive?

Matt; Imaging with a boot CD such as Helix has not always worked for me on Apple products ''" it seems to be a roll of the dice. That being said, I have not had a single acquisition that I started with Target mode that I could not complete in a reasonable time successfully so for now that is my first choice. Paul: Nice article. I know you mention it in your "conclusion", but I would add a photo earlier in the article showing what happens if the user's computer is "boot camped", and if so, you must shut down and use a hardware write block.

My two cents''''. Greg; About midway through the article I do have a paragraph on it ''" unfortunately the MacBook Pro in the example is my personal laptop and I run Fusion not BootCamp so no picture of anything BootCamp related was possible for this post ''" from the blog post: Using Windows as the host ''" Boot Camp considerations If Windows was installed on the Mac in a Bootcamp partition that you will be imaging, when you connect the Windows PC to the Mac it will automatically make changes as it mounts it altering data.

Great article, thanks for sharing your insights. I've not tried out TIM, despite frequently using Tableau write blockers. May test it out and compare against other imaging tools. Very, very comprehensive article. I have to say that I've seen a few articles on imaging kicking around, but nothing quite this comprehensive. Great images, as well.