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After the millionth crash for no reason I literally threw out all my PCs and replaced them with Apple. Never looked back and have significantly less issues.

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I do find the Mac OS user experience far superior to windows. That being said, windows is a pretty powerful platform for running three apps. Believe me, I understand your frustrations. I''ve used Maya exclusively on Macs. Never tried it on Windows actually so I can't speak too much on the platform differences. Maya updates are handled differently though.

On MacOS there is no Autodesk update client. You have to go directly to the Autodesk website and hunt for the latest service pack. You're simply dealing with the less popular operating system. Developer support is something to look into. I'm just an animator so I can't speak too much about the technical stuff but I do no about Mac hardware a bit. There have been rumors that Arnold will soon support GPU rendering in a future version.

There was supposedly a beta version for it a while ago.

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But those are only rumors. The iMac Pro does not have the best thermal performance however. It simply won't perform optimally over long CPU workloads I say long as in multiple hours.

I need hardware I can trust It is certainly better than any other current gen Mac hardware though. It will undoubtedly have better thermal performance and overall performance. But its release date is unknown.

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Apple has simply said it is in development. So if you need a machine soon, the iMac Pro would have to be it. I'd recommend waiting though. Especially if you already have the high end display hardware to plug in to it. The last workstation Mac you can actually service and change components. There is an entire sub reddit for us weirdos that try to keep these machines running though. This is fantastic info, thanks!

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Not using it for a video card to feed a display , but dedicated solely for rendering. This may be a no-go. I am bound to current hardware and cannot wait. That being said, there is a chance that I will get the new hardware when it becomes available. There is still no drivers for Nvidia cards on Mojave.

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But again, so far no support from Nvidia on Mojave. That could be Nvidia fault or Apple not approving their release. Nvidia and Apple are like Oil and Water right now. Apple quit using Nvidia cards after and have shown no signs of going back. In my experience, Maya's user interface breaks way too often on osx. Simple things like moving and resizing UI elements is near impossible. Maya crashes and bugs out plenty often on both systems.

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I'm just left with a feeling like it was never meant to actually run on macs. I love osx, but wouldn't pick it over windows for Maya use. Not if I had the choice. This is my greatest fear. I may download a demo version and install it on my MBP to see how well it works. Macs are actually widely used in animation just like PC computers. Pixar uses a lot of macs onsite. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


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