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The things i like are Ability to do whatever you want Funny narration that will make you laugh, and also think about the philosophy of the adventure. Apparently it has a plot twist as well in the end.

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It is one of my favorite games to ever been created. I honestly love this more than overwatch and that is a great game too. Available for PC, Linux and Mac, this game is an exploration adventure in which you will become Stanley, a bored employee of a great company whose only function is to press the buttons following the orders he receives. He does it every day, with no need to know why he is doing it, or for what reason. However, he is happy with his job. This is your boring office.

The Stanley Parable Demonstration

One day, something happens; his computer's screen turns off and he does not receive orders. After a while, he decides to explore his office, just to figure out that he is alone, and there is no one in the building. Here is where you take control of Stanley. A voice, that is the narrator of the adventure, will tell you what you have to do, but you are free to obey him, or just do whatever you want. In regards to the technical aspect, especially the graphics, The Stanley Parable is OK, it neither stands out nor is unacceptable.

Basically, it is enough for this game, because the graphics are not the important thing. Speaking of sound, the music is almost inexistent, but it does not matter because the narrator, Kevan Brighting, has done a marvelous job, and he steals the show. Stanley is not the protagonist of his own game; rather it is the narrator.

The Stanley Parable Full Version

Anything can occur. Once you download and start playing The Stanley Parable, you will see that there is almost no gameplay. Your only mission is to make decisions and figure out which of the multiple endings it has is what you reach.

The Stanley Parable - Mac OSX Gameplay - Setup and Intro.

You will not shoot, run, fly, or other things typical of videogames, you can only choose where you want to go, and at best, press some button or a simple thing like that. If you choose to follow the words of the narrator, you will reach an ending, but you can choose to disobey him. This will lead you to a funny situation, because the narrator will be madder at you as you disobey his orders.

The Stanley Parable - Download

He will hand out gibes, ironic things, etc. All this will lead to a hilarious nonviolent fight among you and the narrator. He will start to ironize about the language and the rules of the videogames. For example, he jokes about why in the first person games; the player never sees his or her feet. Depending on your decisions, you will reach different endings. Completing the whole game can take you no more than a half hour, but if you want to see the multiple endings, you will have to play a bit more. Every time you make a choice, the narrator will adapt his speech to your decision, and each decision leads to a different adventure.

Kevan Brighting gives the voice to the charismatic narrator Ability to do whatever you want Funny narration that will make you laugh, and also think about the philosophy of the adventure Multiple endings depending on your decisions Well developed graphics.

About This Game

You are free to visit the official website to read more information about The Stanley Parable before you download it to your PC. System Requirements. The minimum system requirements that your PC needs to download and run The Stanley Parable are listed below:. Home Downloads Blog User Reviews. Do you dare to disobey the narrator? Test it and see what happens Paloma D. REVIEW This game for me it is very boring because of the obvious simple reasons as there is no simple mission in this game and when you download this game you will be having a narrator who will be able to guide through the game but that will also depend on whether you are going to decide to obey him or not and in this game it is all about making various decisions.

There is a narrator in the game who will be able to guide you through. Pros You can decide to go where you want. The game has cool graphics. You will follow a Mac OS X. The Mac version of the first-person. This download conveniently installs and launches the Mac OSX version of the stanley parable. Half Life 2 is still required. Both the description on steam and a couple of websites say that the Stanley Parable is available to play on Macs, but there is only a PC demo.

If you had already downloaded the game you don't need to download the whole thing -- just restart Steam and if it still doesn't download. Galactic Cafe's critically acclaimed adventure game, The Stanley Parable, has finally made its way onto Mac.