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Four additional front-panel knobs control the four main outputs in stereo pairs on the rear panel, the headphones output level, and the monitoring level when direct monitoring is activated. The Mono button mixes the inputs to mono for monitoring, which is handy when only one input is in use. The stereo output used for monitoring is determined by the driver settings, which are accessed from the mapping application and cannot be changed directly on the hardware.

A front-panel button toggles the output sent to the headphones jack.

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In addition to the aforementioned control surface, the top panel hosts status LEDs for phantom power, signals at each of the audio and MIDI inputs and outputs, USB power, and monitoring status. The control-surface mapping application's control panel has two modes: Display, to indicate what each control does, and Assign, for setting up the controls. In a very nice touch, controls can send either single-keystroke computer-keyboard messages or MIDI messages. In the latter case, you can configure the controls to send short strings for multiple-command MIDI sequences and SysEx messages.

Native Instruments GmbH Sound Card Drivers Download

When a button is configured as a modifier, pressing it changes the messages sent by the rotary control as well as the other buttons unless they're also configured as modifiers. Unfortunately, only one modifier applies at a time.

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When not used as modifiers, buttons can either trigger or toggle messages. In both cases press-release or press-press , the button is assigned two independent messages. Messages can be assigned a specific MIDI channel, or each button press can send 16 messages, one for each channel.

Although the knob rotates continuously, you can set it up to function as a standard MIDI controller with a value range of 0 to or as a rotary encoder clockwise to increment, counterclockwise to decrement. Despite its compact size, all the necessary controls and jacks are conveniently located.

Audio Kontrol 1 compatibility on Mac OS X Sierra

That, along with the control surface, sets this unit apart from its peers. Native Instruments www. How To. Home Gear. This means having to run the bit kernel though. Messages: I also upgraded to Mavericks and then the problems started My Audio Kontrol 1 is now not playing cleanly. It seems like the buffer is not played completely. When one sound is played e. It's really annoying.

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  5. Plus there is a lot of noise when these sounds are played. Listening to music from iTunes or the like works fine though. The problem is really only when short sounds are played and the interface turns to silence again afterwards. I actually have some info in the logs when this happens. Maybe someone can get an idea from those messages what exactly is going on. Suppressing duplicate attach notification. I've been getting that too. I didn't update my previous post cos I thought nobody else cared anymore. I've resigned myself to sticking with 2.

    The drivers have been a mess ever since they added bit support. When the time comes to move up to bit I'll just buy another interface with better driver support.

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    Are we really the only two persons on this planet who have bought a Audio Kontrol 1 and try to use it on a 64bit OS X system? I can not believe it I'll try to get answer from NI on this.

    Audio Kontrol 1 Driver

    Messages: 3. I can hear you - I have similar issues The workarounds for some users with similar problems switching the Sample Rate to 96kHz wasn't working for me either. Good to finally at least found someone suffering on similar issues I tried troubleshooting with apple and they concluded its a driver compatibility and asked to check with NI. Contacted Ni two days ago got the auto reply that expect delays I hope they are aware and working on this problem. When I read that ni announced their products are compittable I jumped on the bandwagon and moved to mavericks.

    Later on I caught on to an announcement of issues with sound cards but I think that maybe was added later not sure. Bad decision on my part :S.

    Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1

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