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I found the new templates to be well designed and easy to use; yellow notes on certain complex templates explain exactly how to use them. Technical types will love the new Engineering category, with over 20 engineering- and computer-related functions. Existing categories also gain new functions. A new Function Browser offers greatly expanded help on every function. Variable definitions, usage notes, examples, and links to related content can all be found here. Adding functions to a table has gotten easier.

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As before, an Insert Function button places the formula on your table, complete with placeholders for the variables. To enter a value, click on a placeholder, then click in the table or type in a value. If you forget the function of a placeholder, hover your mouse over it to view an explanatory floating tooltip. When you click or type, the placeholder is replaced by a cell reference or your new content. A new Formula List feature displays every formula in your project, and shows you the cells used in each formula. You can print this view, which helps with both spreadsheet auditing as you can see exactly which formulas reference which cells and will aid students turning in assignments as many classes require formulas to be visible.

Hold down the Option key before pressing one of the arrow keys while entering a formula and the selection will change as you press the arrow keys. Release the Option key to enter the selected cell reference in the formula. However, the new Table Categories feature is a reasonable substitute, and is superior to pivot tables in some ways. Table Categories give you a simple way to group columns. Once grouped, you can add totals, averages, counts, and other summary data. Create table categories for the Team and Handed columns however, and the data is much easier to read and interpret.

On the left is a typical collection of columnar data. On the right is the same data, after applying Table Categories and collapsing a couple of the automatically created sections. Click to see a larger image. Categories and sub-categories are created via a pop-up menu in the column header. After assigning categories, you can rearrange sections of your data via drag and drop.

Table Categories work well, are very simple to create, and for many users, they provide all the pivot-table functionality required. The mixed chart type shows two different charts on one page—chart sales targets as a line, with bars used to show actual sales, for example. Trend lines can be fitted to a chart in a few seconds with a few mouse clicks, using several different methods of fitting a line to your data.

Error bars work in much the same manner as trend lines.

New functions

Error bars can be set as positive, negative, or both. Oct 6, PM. Oct 6, PM in response to sallyfromriver falls In response to sallyfromriver falls. Yeah, can see how that cost of a couple of lattes a month that permits installation of the entire suite not just Excel on multiple computers and mobile devices might be tough to swing.

iCloud App Numbers set print area

Seriously, the price of things has changed. And loading the software on the Mac is dead simple. Not like the old days. Jan 4, AM.

Really wanted this to work! But sadly complex calculation cells don't copy.

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Only get a red exclamation point when i copy over to pages. Too bad numbers doesn't work well on iPad. Jan 27, PM. Jan 27, PM in response to All user names are taken In response to All user names are taken. Question: Q: How do I set the print area in Numbers?

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