If you don't care about video smoothness but want higest loading speed as possible, turn this on. Each description is written in the language. TracklistCutHour : by default VirtualDJ will separate the history play lists at 9AM this is based on a registry entry titled TrackCutHour — change this value to have your history play lists split at a different time.

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Time is based on a hour clock, so 9PM would be This will keep the unseen video decoding at all time, so that when you start crossfading it doesn't have to needledrop which consumes lots of time on. VOB but of course the drawback is that it will spend cpu decoding two videos instead of one between your transitions 0 - disable 1 - enable VideoDeinterlaceWMP : if you assign.

VideoMemMaxUse : introduced in 6. If you have video loading issues, try to change the value of VideoMemMaxUse to and see if it helps then increase this value max. Sure I may be using an out of date VDJ 5. I'm not mixing video just playing them in a all day play list and loading the decks sometimes to DJ it but not often, nothing to serious no external drives and all the effects etc.

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Is Anyone out there using windows 7 home premium 32 bit as above with no problems on either VDJ 5. Thank you all!!! Thanks for all the info I placed another tread but i'm a little new to all this forum stuff so may well be replying to myself?

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VDJ forums don't make any reference to upgrading windows Home premium to professional and as you say it's to much to go into, im just a little surprised yours is the only reference. I'm by no means a computer geek but it would be nice to know if other VDJ users using widows7 home premium have had no problems using older or latest versions of VDJ. There are a lot of threads in the VDJ forums regarding Win 7 and the 32 bit vs 64 bit, as well as home vs pro.

It was big discussion last year for several months, that's why I said it was too long to go into. What really puzzles me, is that you could have downloaded and installed the newest version of VDJ Pro 7. Feb 11, 1, Elkhart, IN www. DJ Deuce said:.

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I'm onto it and have been having problems with the download, really bad inetrnet speed and connections in third world countries will let you all know when I have the latest installed and trials completed thanks. Thanks I'm trying to do this as we speak they don't know what broad band is in this country. I'm onto it and will let you know how I go with the latest version installed on my computer.

T-Bone, I've been using the latest version with W7 Ultimate 64 Bit and it's been flawless both in audio and video. DJ SVO said:.

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Virtual DJ playlists and mapping I will place a reply once I've received a copy of the latest VDJ 7 brought up to me in Bali next week and have installed it, Guys sometimes modern technology is just a pain in the you know what. The VDJ site wouldn't accept any of my credit cards and the info and details are correct as far as my bank is concerned.

I couldn't download even if I wanted to as they don't even know what internet speed is in Indonesia.

Now back to the point of this reply, all I use VDJ for is making around hours of a continuous playlists mon-sun, this works fine however you can only load so many tracks into automix playlist box at any one time, once I fill the box and save it, I open the VDJ document folder in my docs, go to playlists open one with VLC media player and ad more files using their menu, I save it and then re-open in VDJ that seems to be the only way I can make a track list in advance, any one of you guys got an easier way to do this? I've read the user guide many times and it doesn't seem to deal with this, maybe I'm blind as well as deaf these days huh!!!

OH and mapping maybe that's something to look forward to as well? Virtual DJ Pro 7 still having problems jokerswild said:.

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  • I agree I'm running the latest from VDJ on my Windows 7 32 bit home edition with no problems What's stopping you? It seems the only ones that work with some adjustments are the ATI model and up. Downloads this month: 30 Total downloads : 3 Rating: 4.

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    • This utility allows you to create and to choose various "profiles" in the settings of virtualdj 8 Enjoy! Toggle navigation. New PC-Optimizer. By Simbaleo. Skin Builder Extractor. By djdad. Application to extract creations made with Skin Builder skin into a new skin.