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Then press the Next button to open the Destination Setup. Select File from the New destination drop-down menu. Then press Browse to open the Save file window. Choose a path to save it to, enter a title for your extracted audio file in the text box and press the Save button. That file title will then be included in the Filename text box with a.

How to Extract Audio From Videos With VLC Media Player

Replace the. Press the Next button to open the Transcoding Options in the snapshot below.

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  4. Click the Profile drop-down menu from which you can select a variety of file format options. I recommend disabling the Start and Desktop shortcuts as well as all the web plugins. But make sure file type associations and context menus are enabled. Type a name for the new file and make sure it ends with.

    Use QuickTime to Extract Audio From Video Files in Mac

    If you followed all the instructions your final screen should look like this:. Start by downloading FFmpeg from the FFmpeg website.

    How to Extract Audio from Video files using VLC Media Player

    Extract the archive and then enter the resulting folder. Feel free to leave a comment if you found this useful or if you want to suggest a topic that we should cover. Also, stay tuned for the next episode of our conversion series. With our 14 days hours trial you can add video recording to your website today and explore Pipe for 2 weeks.