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She was hooked. Meg went to Full Sail and felt that the program was fantastic giving her a sampling of what the real world is like. Meg worked for AIS for a little over a year, mainly providing sound systems for electronic dance shows. Matthew Edgar and Nathan Short of AIS were completely supportive of Meg, giving her a solid foundation, and always took the time to answer all of her questions.

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She will be heading back out with Fleetwood Mac on their European and Australian runs. Meg has found that she has met some of the most incredible and inspiring people touring and would eventually like to become a monitor engineer. She has been fortunate to work with side some pretty talented engineers and says it is fascinating to watch their different approaches, from how they interact with the artists to mixing.

Meg believes there is still a stigma that comes with being a woman in the industry. She has lost count of how many times she has heard backhanded comments about not being able to understand or do something because she is a woman. Meg says there were many moments that she felt like she had hit a wall and would never achieve the goals she had set. A good work ethic, being approachable, and easy to work with are incredibly important skills. Those skills will be extremely important for mixing monitors.

Meg is a history buff and enjoys spending her days off exploring with the help of an App called History Here. It pulls up your location and tells you what historical events happened in the area. One of the highlights was the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

Fleetwood Mac - live at The Forum, Inglewood CA, 12/6/2014

She also enjoys having amazing meals. Meg is still amazed that she gets to work in live sound and every day wakes up realizing there is nothing in the world that she would rather be doing. She looks forward to seeing what the next chapter brings.

Org does too and looks forward to hearing about it. Hope was introduced to live sound through the youth band at her church. She says when the church found out she could sing and play guitar they threw her into a room full of PA gear, cables, and chord charts. She soon found herself as the leader of the youth band and soon became frustrated with their soundman.


That is when she decided to pursue a career in audio. Hope says the Belmont program is very thorough and covers the history of recording, how to record to tape, how to use a digital audio workstation, microphones, mixing and mastering techniques, acoustics and room treatment, and electronics and circuit theory. Belmont offers a class called Tour Production, which teaches the logistics, politics, and etiquette for life on the road. Hope says the class saved her from making a lot of mistakes and is grateful for it.

Lindsey Buckingham Vs. Fleetwood Mac: What We Learned From His Lawsuit – Variety

The live sound department at Belmont is where Hope called home. They ran an entirely student-operated sound company. They booked their own shows, maintained the gear, staffed the gigs, drove and loaded the truck, and did gigs. They even installed a sound system in the campus cafe. There she would spend half the day working in the Clair shop for whoever needed help. She would move between cable world, prep world, and speaker world. Then she would spend the rest of the day in class learning Clair approved methods for system building, AC power, PA rigging, and proper RF design.

Hope has learned a lot about touring in the past few years such as breakfast makes a happy roadie, a productive crew always takes a break for meals even if it is only ten minutes. Take your time during load in, ensuring everything is done right the first time and makes for productive load outs. Learn how to balance all the personalities on tour and know that sometimes it is better to hold your tongue. She has picked up tricks and shortcuts from other roadies and has become particular in the way she does certain things.

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