Capture a window

There are different ways to get this to work, so we'll try a few to help you figure out where it's failing.

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If your sound is on, you should hear a shutter sound like an old-fashioned camera and the file should appear on your desktop. The file will have the name along the lines of "Screenshot and the date and time.

Lost without Print Screen? Here's how to take a screenshot on your Mac

Inside the Preview app, go to the File menu and find the Take Screenshot menu item and select any one of the three. Use the new app included with macOS Mojave and later , called Screenshot. Once you open that app, you'll have options to make screenshots and video recordings just like you could if you used the keyboard commands listed above. It's rare that this feature doesn't work, so a few steps should reveal why this isn't working.

It could be a software conflict or, rarely, a hardware issue.

Screenshot on Mac Not Working? 4 Ways to Fix It

Let's see if we can pinpoint the problem. This is perhaps obvious, but before you spend too much investigating the issue, is your keyboard connected to your Mac and, if it's a wireless keyboard, does it have power? Check your keyboard shortcuts. If the shortcuts are turned off, just click the slider to turn them back on. At the bottom of the window you'll see a Restore Defaults button that you can click to have the system start over with keyboard shortcuts. It's sometimes possible that going for long periods without shutting down your Mac can cause it to run inefficiently, or can cause certain apps to work improperly.

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  8. So if the screenshot on your Mac isn't working, it might be worth shutting it down and switching it on again. Apple advises that you hold these keys down for about 20 seconds, but if you're using a Mac that produces a startup sound, you can release them after the second sound.

    And if your Mac has an Apple T2 security chip so Mac Mini, Mac Air and Mac Pro models introduced in , you can release them after the Apple logo appears and disappears for the second time. If you have Dropbox on your Mac, it might be the case that you've set it so that screenshots are saved to your Dropbox rather than to your Mac's Desktop. For the latter, once you use the shortcut, your mouse pointer will turn into crosshairs, and you would click on one point of the screen, then drag and release your mouse to take a capture of the selected area.

    By default, a new image will be saved on your desktop, whether you took a full-screen capture or just a selection of a specific area. Open the image in Preview by double-clicking it.

    Insert a screenshot in Office for Mac

    You can also take a screenshot of one application's window only. Using the same keyboard shortcut as for a selection, press the space bar after you see the crosshairs. A camera icon will appear, and you can click on any app's window to take a full capture of the window only. Follow the same steps to save the image as JPEG or other formats.

    Note that the process for saving screenshots changed in Mac OS Lion However, it can be brought back. Also, the way screenshots work has changed in macOS Mojave The video instructions in the download come from the University of South Florida's Educational Technology Clearinghouse website.