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I seem to recall something about not wanting to lose use of a printer that required AppleTalk? This now seems to be causing more trouble than it is worth. Then there are the security implications of still running Mac OS X PowerPC Macs have no choice, but they are arguably more secure than Intel Macs due to the "security by obscurity" of being a different processor and a less interesting target, e.

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It is only I'm surprised that Apple would not have it available for download any more. I don't recall it ever being available as a manual download or via Software Update, just an on-demand installation. Ah, good to know. I just had to deal with someone who had Yes, as I said, "You hav to install it off the system disk if you did not install it when you installed OS X.

You expect me to actually read ALL of your post?!?!?! Jones, C. If you you see a crossbar running through the icon of the application then and it won't open Rosetta is not installed. If you double click on Application and it does Open Rosetta was installed. Ant's client is running Mac OS X You are mixing up two system versions. The "no entry" sign appears on top of applications which cannot be launched on that system under any circumstances. If you are running Mac OS X If you double-click the application icon, the system attempts to launch it, discovers Rosetta is missing, then launches Software Update, which displays a message saying that Rosetta is required to launch a PowerPC application, and offers to download and install it.

In an earlier post, Lewis said that mechanism wasn't working any more, but I've just done it successfully: freshly installed Snow Leopard system with no customization, therefore no Rosetta , updated to It took about a minute to search for the update, then got it and installed it. The PowerPC application then worked when I launched it again. Did you still have the Last week I got a call from someone I do tech suport for saying they were trying to run Office X on a The machine didn't come with discs, so I sent them the 2MB installer off my I assumed it wasn't downloading because it was no longer available and obviously they had connectivity as they were able to get the Rosetta installer I emailed.

Glad to hear it was just a hiccough on their end and not that Apple no longer provided a dynamic install. None of these seem to work. I keep getting. Yes a copy of the DVD on a hard drive partition , so that could mean Software Update failed to download it, and found the installer by searching local drives, if it has a mechanism to do that which I doubt. If Software Update had sourced the installer package from another local volume, it wouldn't know what the code number was for the update unless Apple's servers told it that much but then said the file wasn't available for download, which seems unlikely.

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It also seems unlikely that Software Update would need to take another copy of the installer package - it could have just passed the path of the package on the Power equals energy People were stupid, sometimes. They thought the Library was a dangerous place because of all the magical books, which was true enough, but what made it really one of the most dangerous places there could ever be was the simple fact that it was a library. Energy equals matter Matter equals mass. And mass distorts space. It distorts it into polyfractal L-Space.

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Is there any way to take the disc as is from the radiology technician and view any images? It can read images from a CD or from a folder using the open images options. Thank you Marianne! In plain language what do you mean? That information looks to be at a level beyond this novice! Thank you Rady! Step by step what do you do to get set up to view the disc from the radiology technician? It looks like the information on the link is for a user with greater experience than this novice!

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When I've received IHE PDI discs, simply inserting them into a windows machine CD drive has been sufficient for the image data to be launched in a browser on the machine. I don't use a Mac and so don't know the ins and outs of the user interface - but if it doesn't autoplay, it would seem like you could open the CD drive icon and locate the index.

Web browsers do tend to behave similarly when launched with valid html and referenced files. If its DICOM formatted media only - then you'll need to get some dicom capable software there are a number of freeware viewers available or a conversion program such as the one Marianne suggests. This should not be the normal case: IHE explicitly discourages, for security reasons, the use of the auto-launch features. Portable Media Creators should therefore also avoid using automatic launching. Anyway the auto-launch feature is discouraged but not strictly forbidden, so it could be possible to find it in IHE PDI discs, but this is not the normal case.

Luigi Pampana-Biancheri Esaote S. The disc doesn't appear to have a file called Top level files on the disc listed for directory JS 3rd level files listed for directory Try to google on Mac Dicom Viewer. Results : e.

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One of the purposes of PDI was to provide an excuse for vendors to focus on implementing and testing DICOM media conformance properly, and at that the effort succeeded quite well. This was generally a failure, since this was optional and many if not most vendors did not really want to go to the trouble of doing this. I don't find this a problem, since I think the web content is a waste of time except for reports, if available , since the images are not windowable or scrollable in stack mode and are hence useless for anything meaningful. As mentioned by Luigi, auto-running applications is potentially unsafe, deprecated by IHE, though quite common amongst Windows users.

Frankly I prefer this methodology for all scenarios, since no referring physician wants to have to deal with the dozens of different auto-run viewers with different user interfaces that pop up depending on which system happen to record the media. Anyone who regularly needs to look at CDs should use their own viewer. Auto-run viewers also contend with any existing PACS or workstation application that is also running, for access to the drive and for screen real-estate.

For casual users like patients looking at their own CDs, web content and auto-run viewers are cute, but frankly they are not the primary consumers of images, their needs are secondary, and if they are really interested they can download their own viewer, since everybody with a computer is Internet connected these days.

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Ideally, the HTML index file would provide links to places to download potential viewers for different platforms. So, in short, insist on PDI by all means, since it means better DICOM compliance, but don't expect useful web content or auto-run viewers, since both, in my opinion, are a bad idea. Similar Artilces: Viewing dicom images I am a new Matlab user in digital image processing. I can read a DICOM image with dicomread command but when I try to view the image it is not visible and it appears the image is out of range. Fellow newbie here. However, the image has unusual appearance with rib cages appearing like tubes and white like.

In this form the image can not be accepted. I simply want to view some dicom images Hi-- My father brought home some CDs after his recent angiogram.

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  6. His doctor said he would be able to view the files at home on a PC, but I don't suppose the doctor knew much about that, because they don't seem to be in any ordinary format such as jpeg. Besides that there are fourteen regular files of average size about 15MB. What software would we need to view these files? I can install software on W Because of the size of Dicom files, the files are actually on our server, but all you really use to get to these files is MS HV.

    This way you can see what your doctor sees, and your doctor can see your other X-Rays. In effect - you would have your own real PACS system.

    Image Intensity in DICOM Images What is the image intensity in dicom image and what are the standards for that through which I can check wheather what i m getting is correct or not????????? Can anybody remind me? I am new guy to dicom and j3d. I am writing a dicom viewer. I am started reading of dicom books and all. I have displayed some dicom images from dicom files.