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These will be called project tasks and they form the basis of your Gantt chart. In Excel , , or , enter your data by listing the Start Date and Finish Date of each task, and also it's Duration count of days required to complete that task. Also include a brief description of the task.

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Make sure to sort these tasks in order, by placing the earliest start date first and the latest start date last. From the same worksheet that your Excel table is on, click in any blank cell. In the Charts section of the ribbon, drop down the Bar Chart selection menu. Click on the Add button to bring up Excel's Edit Series window and here you will begin adding Task data to your Gantt chart. First we need to name the data Series we will be entering.

Click and place your cursor in the empty field under the title Series name , then click on the column header that reads Start Date in your table. Staying in the Edit Series window move down to Series value. This is where you will enter your Task start dates. It is easy to do. To the right of the Series values field you will see an icon which looks like a spreadsheet with a red arrow on it.

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Click on it the one by Series values and Excel will open a smaller Edit Series window. Now simply click the first start date in your task table and drag your mouse down to the last start date.

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This highlights all of the start dates for your tasks and inputs them into your Gantt chart. Make sure you have not mistakenly highlighted the header or any extra cells. When finished, click on the small spreadsheet icon again the one with the red arrow which will return you to the previous window called Edit Series.

Click OK. Your Gantt should now look like this:. Here we will add the duration data to your Gantt chart. In the Edit Series window, click in the empty field under the title Series Name , then click in your Task table again, on the column header that reads Duration.

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Staying in the Edit Series window move down to Series value and click on spreadsheet icon with a red arrow on it again. Select your Duration data by clicking on the first Duration in your project table and drag your mouse down to the last duration so all durations are now highlighted. To exit, once again click on the small spreadsheet icon with the red arrow to which will return you to the previous window. Click OK again to build your Gantt chart which should now look something like this:.

Right-click on one of the blue bars in the Gantt chart, then click on Select Data again to bring up the Select Data Source window. Select the Edit button to bring up a smaller Axis Label windows. Again, click on the small spreadsheet icon. Be careful not to include the name of the column itself. When you are done, exit this window by clicking on the small spreadsheet icon again. Your chart should now look something like this:.

You have really built a Stacked bar chart. Now we need to format it so it looks like a Gantt chart. As there are formulas in the "Hours" and "Pay" columns it's best to select the row of an existing employee, right click and select "Copy", then select the row where you'd like the new employee, right click it and select "Insert Copied Cells". For Excel to interpret shifts and calculate your totals correctly the shifts must be entered in a clear and consistent format, e.

Shifts that cannot be interpreted will be ignored when totalling hours and pay. You're free to enter any amount of time you like too, as long as you end the entry with the word "break". Employee scheduling Time and attendance Reporting and payroll Reminders and notifications Time off management.

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The data needs to be entered manually in the orders sheet. Thadues Joseph. Hi, Do we have the resource forecast model template? Paul Ralijo. Hi , could you help me with client data base excel sheets.

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