Disabling Guest User in OS X Lion, Mountain Lion

Let me explain as I've read elsewhere. The Safari-only guest mode is a way to allow the thief to use your computer without logging into your account and seeing all your files.

How to enable/disable the Guest user on macOS

Why do we want thieves to be able to use Safari online? Because that's the only way Find My Mac can determine the location of your stolen Mac. The theif logs on to Safari only mode because thats the only option she has Unless you have no password on your personal account. Don't do that btw. Then she connects to either an unsecured or secured wifi access point. We need them to do that or else we won't have a geo-locaction for your Mac! The Wifi she connects to tells us where she is. Yes you can disable this mode and technically Find My Mac is still enabled but without the human element that connects it to wifi the featuer is dead in the water.

I hope that convinces some of you to tolerate an extra icon on your login screen in exchange for the recoverability of your machine. Dec 2, AM.

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How to disable that “Guest User” from appearing at the OS X login screen

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How to enable/disable the Guest user on macOS

When it switches to the Guest Account, the screen is a grayish beige not good with colors. The mouse is visible, but nothing else. Only remedy is to power down and restart. Tried disabling and reenabling the guest account, repairing permissions and reloading Lion took a lot longer to download and reload it than it did originally! See this article:.

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