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I am unsure of the legalities regarding sharing this, as it is currently unsupported by Microsoft - somebody please let me know if sharing it is illegal. Dec 22, AM. Page content loaded. Oct 17, AM in response to letterhead28 In response to letterhead Oct 17, AM. Oct 22, PM in response to exus In response to exus. Yes, i have this same problem, It looks like apple is not working with microsoft anymore.

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I uninstalled me windows app because it could not communicate with my phone anymore and when I tried to re-install the windows app again from mac app store it said it is not available. Oct 22, PM. Nov 5, AM in response to letterhead28 In response to letterhead Let me just be sure I understand this. Apple, by not making the windows phone app available for download on the U. If this is right, that is so lame.

Ultra lame. Nov 5, AM. Microsoft have to make the app and submit it to Apple, just as they did for previous versions of OS X. Since the Windows Phone app is no longer available for download via iTunes App Store, does anyone have a link to the most recent Windows Phone mac app installer?

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I picked up a Lumia and don't have a good way to transfer my videos and music to the phone. I can use Microsoft's OneDrive but that's super slow. I can also use Nokia's Photo Transfer app but it doesn't allow me to transfer anything other than photos and videos to the phone's camera roll. I'm on a Mac Pro running Nov 8, AM in response to artwhore In response to artwhore. For now use Nokia Photo Transfer Google it , for transferring video just change its extension to jpg and moved to camera roll and import to Mac do the reverse for Mac to Lumia copy , for multiple files you can use archive on Mac and 8Zip Lite on Lumia.

Nov 8, AM. Nov 15, AM in response to letterhead28 In response to letterhead The only way for transferring files between windows phone and mac is using one drive at both devices. Nov 15, AM. Nov 15, PM in response to letterhead28 In response to letterhead Nov 15, PM.

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Yeah it works for Photos. For other files you can use 'extension changing' trick. I'm using Nokia Photo Transfer 1. Dec 20, AM in response to dalini In response to dalini. Dec 20, AM. Dec 22, AM in response to faddeevd In response to faddeevd. The Browse Device tab displays a list of all the content on your phone and allows you to import items to your computer, or delete them.

The biggest omission from Windows Phone 7 Connector is support for applications.

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If you want a facility for installing, managing and backing up Windows Phone 7 apps on your Mac, you should install a Windows OS on it and run the Zune software. Windows Phone 7 Connector is an essential download for any Mac owners who have a Windows Phone 7 device. What do you think about Windows Phone 7 Connector? Do you recommend it? Dreaming of an ad-free web?

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Browse with Brave. This question has been asked in this community couple of years ago, and Windows Phone 7 connector for Mac has been suggested as the answer. Now times have changed and this service is no longer operational. I am using Lumia with Windows 8. Sign up to join this community.

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