How MAC Address Filtering Works

Unable to connect from a non whitelisted MAC Address.

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Even if we use the right password is does not allow us to connect to the wireless network. We end up in an endless loop without authentication. This tells us the MAC filtering is active and working like a charm. Airodump-ng now shows us a list of all connected clients at the bottom of the terminal.

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  5. Bypass MAC filtering on wireless networks;

The second column lists the MAC Addresses of the connected client which we will be spoofing in order to authenticate with the wireless network. One connected client with a whitelisted MAC Address.

How to bypass MAC Address Filtering on Wireless Networks

As you can see we have managed to connect to the wireless network using a spoofed MAC address of a connected client. This tutorial shows us that it was extremely easy to bypass MAC filtering on a wireless network and that MAC filtering is generally useless to protect your network from hackers.

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Hacking a WiFi Network with MAC Filtering Enabled

Spoofing a MAC address is pretty easy actually. Plenty of wireless sniffing software that will give you that kind of information for active WLAN's in your coverage area. Still a good idea to enable MAC filtering but if you get someone who really wants in, MAC filtering is little more than a speedbump. You do all that and your pretty safe. Many cards make it easier than a reg hack.

Why It Doesn’t Make Your Network More Secure

It's a simple gui change in the drivers properties itself, directly from the network properties in the control panel. You must log in or register to reply here. Wireless Networking 8 Feb 22, Question Can I get my IP address working again as there is now no internet connection?

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How to bypass MAC Address Filtering on Wireless Networks

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Wifi hacking mac filtering

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