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Below are the environments the proper run results are reported so far for your information - MacOSX Below are the environments the proper run results are reported so far for your information - Windows XP with Music Studio Producer. Version history Vibrato function addition. In using for other purposes the redistribution for example , you need the permission by the author Yokemura YMCK and also the agreement on the conditions to use it.

Term 1 above is also applied to the program or document etc. Terms of prohibition It is prohibited to analyze this plug-in by reverse assemble or reverse engineering etc.

If you need the source code, ask the author. If your purpose is not against the author's profit, the author may provide you the source code. The algorithm used in this plug-in is the one the author originally developed considering the general processing performance limit of 8bit processing system, and not based on an illegal analysis reverse assemble, reverse engineering etc.

Somebody mentioned fiddling with the USB hub power settings in XP but this didn't work and yes I am using the latest drivers for all hardware. The solution is to insert a midi interface between the controller and the PC. I did this last night with my Kore 2 and X station and it worked like a dream. You have to be careful though to disable midi data being recieved by your host from the controller itself, if this is still attached to the USB for power or audio processing so midi data is only recieved from the interface.

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Means using up another USB port and carrying an extra bit of kit but its worth it to solve this issue. Plugging and unplugging the device can cause problems with recognition by the host when switched back on, this also doesn't work if the device is processing other audio signals either, as with the X station, although loud pops followed by silence could work in some breaks sets.

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Tue Aug 05, pm Ludwig wrote: I head ya Dave, makes sense. Wed Aug 06, am ES2 is very versatile, and the most complex of all of the Logic analog-style soft synths.

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It has a definite sound to it -- the waveforms are very bright and have more of a "hi-fi" quality than some of the other Logic synths. Not everyone realizes this, but its oscillators have built-in sweepable wavetables think Wavestation, PPG. There are two filters which can be used in series or parallel. MacPro 8 Core 2.

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I really want to love the ES2, I know the synth inside out and have made many would-be cool presets for it, but at the end of the day, equivalent patches punched into, for example, Rob's Predator just sound so more alive MacBook Core 2 Duo 2. Wed Aug 06, am cynetmedia wrote: That's what the links are for - they go directly to the page for each synth. Last edited by cynetmedia on Wed Aug 06, am, edited 1 time in total.