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After that, check Keep on Top and set 1 or less frequent value in the Refresh every X s text field. Now you can customize all the other properties as you want, like font, color and background; I like to use it in Lucida Grande 14 pt the same as the system digital clock in the menu bar.

Desktop Clock - Accessibility & Styles

Download the widget If you want, you can download my Geeklet by right-clicking on this text and selecting "Save link as It has enabled a white shadow that makes it visible over dark pages without having to set a opaque light background. I didn't know it was on the Mac App Store, so if only for that, it's worth looking at. It's come a long way since I last used it, with some really interesting possibilities and much easier configuration.

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Big Clock free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Search Advanced. From our Sponsor Latest Mountain Lion Hints Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld. The following screenshot shows a desktop icon named "My Files" that was just double clicked on to open up the folder, which is shown on the left.

ClearTime is completely configurable. The following two screenshots are of desktops on a by pixel display reduced in size to fit on this web page. The first shot shows the ClearTime clock in ClearTime Mode set up as a huge clock, taking nearly the size of the screen itself. The second shot shows ClearTime with all of it's configurations panels opened up and the clock configured to use a title bar.

Case Study

The second screenshot should give you an idea how large the dialogs for ClearTime are. Clicking on one of the entries shows the content and settings for the alarm as shown below.


When you want to create a new alarm or edit and existing one, you simply click on the appropriate button and the alarm configuration dialog as shown below will drop down to allow you to set up the alarm. The alarms can be configured to be large, medium, or small. The following three screenshots greatly reduced in size show desktop screenshots of a by pixel display to illustrate how the sizes of each alarm compare to one another. The size of the alarm is based on the size of the display, not fixed pixel sizes.

The alarm will always appear on the screen showing the dock if you're using a multiple display system. These screenshots were taken by clicking on the "Test" button shown above that allows you to test the alarm to see if it meets your satisfaction before using it. ClearTime can use one of its two built in sounds, or you can select a music item, a voice recording, or whatever you want even a silent alarm.

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The screen shot below shows ClearTime being configured to use a selection from iTunes. Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc. Intel is a trademark of Intel Corp.

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The colors of the hour and minute hands, second hands, clock face, window background, and clock markers can all be configured using ClearTime's preferences panel, with varying levels of transparency. It can be configured to be a standard window with a title bar and window controls, or it can be configured to have no title bar and controls, and yet you can still easily control ClearTime to move it around the screen and resize it as needed.

It can be configured to be a "floating window" that's constantly on top of all other windows, or it may be configured to act as a normal window that can be covered by other windows, just like regular applications. I have the app set to open at startup and frequently the preferences window opens and it will not close. I wish that that the app had some type of alarm clock function or timer so that I could set it to remind me to stand up and walk around. That is the main reason that I put it on my desktop so that I would stop sitting for hours at a time without realizing it.

Otherwise it is a very good program that does exactly what it advertises.

Timer for Mac

I have an analog clock right where I want it. All I needed was an analog clock face to be on my desktop, readily available to glance at. It just works for all I need it to do. As soon as you tap any key the clock retreats to its normal position, behind everything. So, five stars. If I were to use more features built in to the clock and of course, pay for them if need be, then my rating might be better or worse; we may never find out.

But for now I am pleasantly satisfied that I got what I wanted.