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I highly recommend getting configurations with at least 16GB though. Keep in mind that the better the specs you get now, the longer your computer will last. Think of getting a desktop or all-in-one computer as an investment. All-In-One computers look great and save space, but the downside is that they tend to use laptop-like components to save space and keep heat production down.

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Logic Pro X - Apple (IN)

The touchscreen has an IPS display for great viewing angles. You get 4 USB 3. Want a bigger screen? This thing is awesome. Especially when just getting started. In the area of computers, though, you can be a little bit more flexible than with your other studio gear. Especially if you are a newbie. Remember, we are talking about audio processing here.

Our checklist for computers for making music

Most modern computers can surprisingly handle the workload for recording, even many of the most basic consumer PCs. The benefit of a bigger, better, more expensive computer is simply storage and power.

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  7. Instant loading of programs, files, and seamless production, with the ability to render high quality audio without taxing your system. Yes, a lower budget computer will struggle a little bit with loading softwares and plugins. Nowadays, nearly every computer on the market is good enough to use for basic sound recording, editing and mixing. Heck, you can even use an iPad. But, if you are at the stage where you really want to buy a new computer anyway, and you know you want to get into, or extend, home music production, then here are a few things to consider.

    For more information, read our disclosure policy here. Is it really possible to base a decent home recording studio around an Apple iPad? Well, given the huge amount of recording gear and apps made specifically for this purpose, the answer is a tentative yes. An iPad is so portable, it can be the audio recording and mixing device you always have with you. What is more many of the major DAWs Digital Audio Workstation Software have an iPad app too so you can create ideas on your tablet on the go, and then work in more detail when you get back to your main computer.

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    And Garageband is simply an incredible music production app for beginners, that is completely free. For serious home music production, an iPad is just not enough of a beast. For sheet music apps, on the go recording, a scratchpad for ideas while your are mobile, it is excellent. And super-portable. However, if you are considering an iPad purchase specifically for home studio recording, do consider a Microsoft Surface Pro instead. The Surface Pro has the benefit of being able to run full versions of DAWs, because it is a full-blown Windows machine, and yet has the versatility of a tablet.

    Simply the most powerful, flexible and useful tablet on the market. Do think about this alternative portable recording option. How about buying a portable digital recorder so you can easily make high quality recordings while out and about? Then bring them home and edit further on your main computer.

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    Back in the day you would almost always choose a Mac. It became the industry standard for media production. In the old days, the key music production systems were Logic and Pro tools. And they only worked on Macs. The situation has changed more recently. Pro tools is now available for Windows. And there is a world of choice of DAW software now. Nearly everything is dual platform. Conversely, for 20 years FL Studio was only available on Windows.

    To screen record your Mac with audio:

    Nowadays, though, you can get a Mac version. Mixcraft is still Windows only. And while Mixcraft is not a massive pro DAW, it is a superb piece of music making software for beginners and those on a tight budget. In other words, either will do the job, mostly. Unless you are very specific about a particular piece of software that is limited to one platform.

    Recording Internal Audio on a Mac

    So, if you want to work in a professional industry studio, and you know that you have to familiarise yourself with their systems, a Mac might be a better choice. However, a Mac will almost certainly be the more expensive option. You can get a beast of a Windows machine for considerably less. Therefore, if budget is a huge factor, go with Windows.

    Laptop Specs For Music Production – A Complete Guide

    You simply get more for your money. And these days there is virtually no disadvantage. And it is usually very straightforward to share files between different systems, so you should be able to switch platforms relatively easily. Both Mac and Windows systems are reliable enough to produce, mix, and master any kind of music. The key thing is to make sure whichever you choose, you have plenty of RAM and the fastest processor you can afford. Remember that unless you want to get into serious video production, or use masses of plugins all at once, you can make excellent audio recordings on a reasonably modest machine.

    Audio production is nowhere near as resource hungry as video production and high-level gaming. Base Level System Requirements Here is one easy way of choosing a computer. Simply pick the software that you most want to use. Laptops Shop Now. Rackmounts Shop Now. Accessories Shop Now. Why Slick Audio. Contact Us. Slick Audio offers simply the best audio recording PCs on the planet! What Our Clients Say. Runs Perfectly Loving the Slick laptop thus far. Slick audio has provided me the most hassle-free month of audiogeekery thus far in my career! Build Your Dream Studio. Your Slick Audio Shopping Cart will be saved and you'll be given a link.

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