MAC1105 Quiz: Review for Exam #4 Notes

In this lab, you will:. Education Majors:. These courses combine for a total of the nine credits of math that will provide a good foundation for future educators. Linear and Quadratic Functions. Functions and Graphs.

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Polynomial and Rational Functions. Zeros of a Polynomial Function. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions. Systems of Equations and Inequalities. Sequences: Induction; The Binomial Theorem. Counting and Probability. Analytic Geometry. Love his teaching skills and definitely will and would take him again. He really knows the subject, takes his time explaining, and don't uses Power Point.

Final Exam Review

Be ready to do homework, he gives a lot but do it. If you don't understand something he will explain it until you do.

In addition, he is always available in lab hours. He is the best math teacher I've ever had. He makes hard topics look easy. Be ready for lots of homework. Great professor!!! He's amazing knows what he is doing at all times, explains and goes through each question!!!

Welcome to you math site.

Easy class to pass just pay attention and study. He's great!

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He's a good choice. He's a great professor, he gives extra credit for all 4 of his exams except for the final. All the exams are 20 questions and the final is 30 questions. The midterm is online like all the homework. He thoroughly explains his lessons and he will go the extra mile to explain things to you.

He also gives review sheets before every test. He is a very caring for his students, gives extra credit.

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The physical text book is not necessary only the online code to do the homework. His class is very slack if you do the work. He explains perfect and in a easy way. He takes 5 tests and he drop the lowest grade at the end. Extra credit and take home tests.

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He explains the material excellently despite his accent. He really wants you to pass and succeed. Lectures aren't bad and he always reviews before tests very well and online homework counts a lot too. Drops lowest exam at the end.

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Manuel Rodriguez. Rate This Professor Share. Rate this Professor. Submit a Correction Learn how ratings work. Overall Quality 4. Would Take Again. Level of Difficulty 2. Lots of homework 21 Skip class? You won't pass. Rating: All All Ratings.

MAC 1105 - Course Introduction

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