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The new design has some instability or we're just getting more crap attachments. We are still chasing this down, but it's been a thing in our organization and clearly Microsoft made a tool to help people reset their indexes.

Office 2011 for Mac: Organize and Search Outlook Calendars

That's like calling a tow truck, at some point you get tired of being rescued from the ditch and want a car that doesn't drive there so often. That means: Backup! Outlook will prompt you to repair your database. Click "Repair". Outlook is now forced to restore its database and rebuild the index, etc. In my case this took about 2—3 hours on a speedy MacBook Pro.

Outlook for Mac search returns "No Results," and task items are not displayed

To free some disk space you may want to archive or delete this. I ran this too but it didn't work for me: Friday completed, today missing lots of messages again. I didn't do a thorough check on Friday and can't testify to the short term benefits. But it also took several hours for my 6GB box. We do two things when this happens: Validate that search works for us in the online version of outlook we use O for our exchange servers so YMMV if you don't.

If you can't find it on Micsosoft's servers - then the mailbox content itself has issues. Validate that the search fails in Outlook and in spotlight and then works in both immediately or after 5 minutes if your outlook store is large and indexing into spotlight takes more than a minute to complete.

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Contact Microsoft for assistance. The mail that user has some attachment, some calendar invite, some mail is corrupt and if you find and delete those specific data files - the indexer will stop crashing or being corrupt or incomplete. This just was bad luck and the index stopped one time and you won't have to run the repair tool again in a day or week or month. Your Mac has storage or stability issues with the filesystem or spotlight in general.

The link provided now suggests this issue was resolved in Mojave Should this answer be updated with this new information?

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How To Fix Outlook for Mac Search Returns No Results - TeckLyfe

When I looked at it myself I found emails from when searching various internal users. The user demonstrated for me and I was able to determine that external email address are affected by this.

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I had a user with a similar issue and I tried rebuild, reinstall everything. In the end I had to flatten the Mac and reinstall a clean image and put the users mail account on and it let it re-index and it worked. Forcing the Spotlight search to rebuild resolved the issue. The missing emails are now populating in the search. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. How can remediate this problem? Not having search functionality is not acceptable. Please help. Posted on May 13, AM. However, you then need to highlight the 'Office Identities' folder and click the - sign which removes it.

To Repair A Corrupted Spotlight Search index:

By removing adding and removing it, its a bit like the classic IT solution of switch it off and on again. It forces the spotlight to re index everything and therefore including outlook for when searching using spotlight. Depending on your outlook file size, it could take hours or even days so be patient. If you run a search for something to do with outlook in 'spotlight' you should see its indexing with a blue progress bar.

Its working. Lastly, incase your wondering why this answer involves spotlight and you just wanted a fix for the outlook search and filters, its because outlook for Mac actually uses spotlight behind the scenes. Dec 23, PM.

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Page content loaded. If Outlook, the attached article is your only hope - if it doesn't work you should contact Microsoft as their Spotlight importer for Outlook has issues. If Apple's mail, then you can do the same thing for your whole hard drive privacy pane , or open a terminal window and paste this triple-click and paste it :.