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A free Windows utility called BabelMap is mentioned at the end of this post. This turns on the Input menu on the menu bar in the Mac Finder next to the date and time. If you only have one language selected, it will show a black-and-white icon. If you have chosen more than one language to display, the flag of the currently selected language will appear. Select Show Character Viewer to open the utility. On the left side is a list of glyph categories which you can edit as described below. When you select most categories, glyphs within that category appear in the middle section.

The glyphs displayed are based on the current Unicode Standard. Currently, there are more than , characters covering scripts. When you click on one of these glyphs in the middle section, its name and Unicode number appears at the upper right.

How to add bullet points to text in Adobe Illustrator

A Font Variation section appears at the bottom right. Font variations represent the way that glyph is displayed in fonts that are currently installed on your Macintosh. In the example above, I clicked on the Pictographs category, then selected the glyph called Black Spade Suit a black spade from a deck of cards , and you can see that many fonts on my computer include this glyph. If I click on one of the font variations, its name and a larger display appears at the upper right:. The first thing you should do is to customize the categories which appear in the Character Viewer.

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Click on the Action menu small gear icon at the upper left and select Customize List…. In the Character Viewer, click a Category, and scroll to find the glyph you want, then follow the procedure I outlined above. Examine each of the glyphs displayed in the Font Variation section, and pick the font that includes the glyph display you like. Search for a glyph by its Unicode Name for example, Question Mark.

It includes the results for all glyph names which contain Question Mark, like Inverted Question Mark:. In the InDesign Glyphs panel, when you pause over a glyph display, the Unicode name and number are displayed.

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Here is the result:. This article was inspired by a question on the Adobe InDesign forum asking how to find a font which used a particular glyph. It performs a variety of useful font-related tasks. I use it to enter primes for feet and inches and a multiplication symbol in the job info slug on all my projects.

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I have never seen anyone else do this or noticed it on a file. When I do I will divorce my wife and marry that person. I typeset math textbooks for a living. The character viewer and glyph palette are key and they certainly matter. Follow the steps below, and you can control the formatting and position of the bullets see Figure :.

Applying Bullets. If the First Line Indent is set to zero and your Text After is set to a tab character, the position of the text after the bullet is defined by the first tab stop. Default Bullets. If you choose a custom bullet character with the Add button in the Bullets and Numbering dialog box, InDesign remembers that bullet in the currently-open document. If you need that same bullet character in other documents, you can add it to the list of default bullets:. When Adobe first implemented the automatic numbering feature, we complained that it was anemic and useless.

They responded in the next version by adding so many features that its now not only extremely useful but also somewhat overwhelming to use. This gives you a basic numbered list, starting at 1. Continuing Numbering. The fastest way to accomplish this is to select all five paragraphs, turn on numbering, then select just the third paragraph and turn numbering off. Formatting Numbers. The default formatting applied to automatic numbers is dull as rocks: the number—set in the same font, size, color, and styling as the first character of the paragraph—followed by a tab. When the List Type pop-up menu is set to Numbers, you can adjust the following settings in the Numbering Style section of the dialog box see Figure Applying Numbering.

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Positioning Numbers. In the menu bar, select Type then Glyphs. Locate the check mark and double click on it in the Glyph box. The check mark will appear on your document. Click on the Black Cursor in the Tool Box then click on the check mark to reveal the bounding box.

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Resize as needed by pulling at the corners of the bounding box by clicking and holding on a resize box and dragging it with the mouse. You can also use the pop-up Dialog box and enter specific size values.

With the check mark bounding box still active, choose Type in the Menu Bar and select Create Outlines. The bounding box will disappear and an outline appears around the check mark.