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Wireless Access Points. Other Business Products. When a method works only in one of these three operating systems, it is highlighted appropriately. We have ordered the methods based on how fast they give you the information you need. Obviously, the fastest is the first method, while the slowest methods are the last.

How to Get the MAC Address of a PC: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

This is the fastest method we know for finding the MAC address of all your network adapters in Windows, including virtual ones that are installed by virtualization software like VirtualBox or VMware. First, open the Command Prompt. In the Command Prompt , type in the command getmac and press Enter. You will see the MAC addresses of your active network adapters in the Physical Address column highlighted below. To find the MAC address of a disabled network adapter using getmac , you must first enable that network adapter.

Then, type Get-NetAdapter and press Enter. This command shows the basic properties for each network adapter and you can see the MAC address in the MacAddress column. The beauty of this command is that, unlike the previous one, it shows the MAC addresses for all network adapters, including disabled ones. For each network adapter you can view its current status, alongside its MAC address and other properties, which is very useful.

The ipconfig command is designed to provide detailed information about the network connections and network adapters that are installed on your Windows computer or device To run it, first launch the Command Prompt. To find your network adapter's MAC address, identify the network adapter's name and check the Physical Address field shown in the screenshot below. If you prefer clicking on things, another way to find the MAC address is by opening the Network Connection Details window for the network adapter that interests you, from the Network and Sharing Center.

Obviously, the first step towards doing this is to open the Network and Sharing Center. If you are not sure how to do this, go ahead and read this tutorial: What is the Network and Sharing Center in Windows? In the Network and Sharing Center window, go to the "View your active networks" section on the top-right. There you will see the name of each active connection and, on the the right, several properties of that connection.

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  • Look for the line named Connections. This line will have the value Ethernet if you are using a wired network connection or Wi-Fi followed by the name of the network you are connected to, if you are using a wireless network connection. Click on the link near Connections , as shown in the screenshot below. The Status window for your network adapter is now displayed.

    Click or tap the Details button. The Network Connection Details window is displayed.

    3 Ways How to Find MAC Address on Windows 7

    It is easy to use, supports remote queries, and can display results in a structured format:. You could redirect the output to a file and then store it in an environment variable with the setx command. This query extracts the description and the MAC address from the extensive information that WMI provides about the adapter. The advantage of wmic over other tools is that you can access exactly the information you require. For example, if you only need the MAC addresses of the physical adapters and not those of the numerous virtual adapters, you could run the following query:.

    You can use this fact by first connecting to a remote computer and read the MAC address afterwards with the arp command. For this purpose, a simple ping is enough to find the machine in the arp list:. Win the monthly 4sysops member prize for IT pros.


    Nice article. I have never run across the getmac command, so that was a bit of a revelation. I had always used arp -a, however it has some several limitations. Since ARP functions at layer 2, you have to be on the same subnet for it to work. Is there a more generic mechanism, for systems other than Windows?

    Although the MAC address is burned into the card at the time of manufacturing, some network cards allow their MAC addresses to be arbitrarily set through the device driver software. MAC addresses should not be relied upon solely for access control filtering and MAC address spoofing is a well-known security risk. Hi, is there any way to check if device is connected to the network, when you know only MAC address? In case no device IP set, so it is unknown.

    MAC address in Windows 7 and 8 from cmd (Command Prompt)

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    How do I find my device’s MAC address?

    So far, This post has 1 likes 5 hours, 56 minutes ago. Exactly Michael! Of course, to be able to delete it you need to remove the "Allow remote server management through WinRM" Policy. Server Manager relies on default WinRM listener settings on the remote servers that you want to manage.